Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Blue (Sponsored)

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Today I have a Circle lens review to share with you thanks to LoveShoppingholics!!

So cute! Wonder what's inside?? ^-^ /

Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Blue

14.5 mm is my ideal enlargement :D

~Here's what I thought~
Unique! There are so many unique circle lens designs now, these lenses are not fully "Blue" but has an alternating Blue and Brown pattern and has a barely visible gray-ish outer ring.  Looking at it closely, I didn't like the alternate blue/hazel design but once I put it on it wasn't as obvious and blended well with my eyes. These lenses are vibrant in the light and the design looks really unique. With less light has a cloudy, glazed look instead. The design is more noticeable close up in the light and shows up well in pictures! 

The 14.5 mm is just the perfect size for me.
Enlargement is just perfect!

I'll give this a 4/5
I wore this for my 20th b-day party and I was busy socializing I wore these for a full 8 hours. I didn't have any problems with it but it did feel a bit dry around 4 hours of wearing. 

Affordable ^-^
Get it HERE for $23.90

Once worn the design looks even better. The colors are just to pretty especially in the light!

I will give these lenses a 4/5
I grew very fond of the design on these lenses.
It's so gorgeous!! I love the dreamy look it gives and I find that some lenses are too vibrant to wear everyday but these are perfect! I have my eyes on the Gray lenses from this Lucky Clover line, and I bet the Brown lenses would look really natural.

Did you like these lenses?
I highly recommend you to try these, I'm sure you will like them too :)

Thanks for reading!

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