Friday, June 21, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Tony Moly Lacquer Glitter Nails, Sweet and Bright Ready for some Ice Cream?

It's getting Crazy hot in Korea
Every day I think of Ice cream and Ice cream with cream and sprinkles on top

Ace our beloved Fashion Assistant Puppy
Also crave for something Ice and Sweet XD

Since everyone is hot and need something cool~
I also mind my outfit be as COOL as possible
I can't stand seeing my self looking "HOT
(Hey! as a temperature Of course I like to look HOT fashionably~)
So NO reds, oranges
YES Blues, Greens, Silver, Gold, and 

I was looking for something cool and bright
that matches the melting hot summer and I came across THIS!
Tony Moly Lacquer Glitter Nails

Sprinkles Collection has 7 colors
I'll be introducing 
**~Gold Sprinkles and Silver Sprinkles~**
(If you loved these get those other colors too!)

Look at these Glitters Sparkling and Gorgeous!

I love how thick the brushes were
You can catch all those glitters well but you might has some splash around your nails

Just applying Glitter may work for some
I thought it would look better on top of other colors

**Used Tony Moly Khaki and Glitter on top**

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