Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Biore Aqua Rich UV Face Mousse

This has got to be my favourite sunscreen of the moment. I briefly mentioned this as my favourites a few months ago.. So here's the full review of this baby!

Biore's latest addition to their family, the Aqua Rich sunscreens. There are watery base kinds, mousse like one, as well as a gel type formula. I was recommended to try this out, and I bought it when there was a introductory price at Watsons, at SGD 16 (instead of usual price at $19.90).

Biore Aqua Rich UV Face Mousse Claimed Benefits:
  • SPF 50+ PA+++ 
  • Long lasting sun protection against UVA and UVB rays
  • Light weight 
  • Hydrates and softens skin
Check out their list of ingredients here as well: 

Squeeze the tube to release the product, thus keeping the product sanitary and hygienic. One thing great about their tube is that, it is soft and light. 

When your product is finishing, you can simply snip it into half and find so much product left in the tube! Great saving xD

So here's the product out of the tube: 

When swatched slightly, you can see how it really looks like the mousse we use for our hair haha. It has a very light and refreshing feel, as it is very watery. 

It dries matte, and does not leave a white cast on my face. 

So does it do what it claims?
YES. It is a very light weight sunscreen, that does not leave my skin feeling or looking greasy and oily. I really thank Biore, because this product leaves my skin MATTE. My skin is combination to oily type, thus I really need it to control the oil production.

The oily only starts appearing a few hours later, which is fine, because I know I can only delayyy the oil from showing. 

The high SPF does not create a white cast on my face as well, though I feel that it makes my complexion brighter and more radiant. 

And it does not aggravate or irritate my pimples, which is a huge plus point for acne prone skin people! 

What can I say more... 5/5
I really love this product! I recommend it to all of you to try this out! If you have dry skin, I would suggest for you to opt for you to try this series as well, as it promises hydration. The slightly steep price for such a small tube does not deter me! Because I have been using it since March, and I am only halfway through the tube! 

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