Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monthly Finished and Favourites - January

Hola! Annyeong! Konnichiwa!

Here is my January Favourites and Finished Products!  With some short review and comments to give you an idea of how I like these products. READ ON! :)

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[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Pioom] Pioom Steam Cream, Moist Cream for all!

After you wash your makeup before bed, or when you wake up look closerly at your skin. Congradulation to heaven-gifted-skin if you have a moisty shimmering face.

I have a very sensitive skin, so even however clean I wash my makeup or if I myself every morning I find my skin darkened and dry, sometime pimples and redden skin is hear and there after washing off makeup.

If you have the same worries like me I'll introduce you a makeup you'll like.

NOTE: This Pioom Steam Cream is for skin that need moister, people who have rough skin, who is looking for products made for sensitive skin, to thouse who gets their skin red because it's dry.

Ingredients: Albutin(whitening), Soybean extract(Protect you skin from Melamin), Night bark extract(get rid of Exfoliate), Mountain tree extract(Antioxidant activity), Pomegranate extract(Helps Skin circulation flexible), Wine extract(Makes your skin bright and freshed looking), Water-soluble Collie Gen(Keep moist balance and tighten your skin), Cows with hyaluronidase Nate(transfer air to your skin and keep your skin moist)

I like the the smooth feeling of this, and also your skin hungry absorbs this cream that you have to keep apply it on until your skin finally filled its thirst

Does it look whiter? does it look Moisty?

[Korean Cosmetics Makeup Blog / Tony Moly] Tony Moly Face Mix Package

Every thing has a first step so does makeup it is important to chose the right basic primer makeup that goes well with your skin.

Tony Moly made it easy to first time makeup doers, by bring out Face Mix packaging that covers all skin type and yet make your skin look spotlessly clean and white and beautiful.

First there is the skin makeup base with SPF 20 & PA +++

Second the Basic Primer

Third Skin Foundation with SPF 30 PA ++ (making total SPF 50)

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Pioom] Pioom 2NE1 Secret Whitening Cream

Have you heard of 2NE1?

This was the most normal like cover picture I could find, I'm not a big fan of Crazy, over the edge unique, Sorry 2NE1 Fans!

They are group sings make of 4 girls. They are Hip Hop girl group with powerful sound and music. They all have unique fashion type that is unique as in Lady Gaga unique but I feel this cream does not relate really to their performance.

Secret Whitening Cream has whitening ability, if you are girls who wished their skin was whiter this is the product you want.

If this whitening cream makes your skin white, it must be full of chemical, not good for sensitive skin.
Nope, this product is special because of it's natural ingredients that even sensitive skin could use it.

Ingredients: Arbutin(whitening), Gold extract(clean your skin tone and whitening), Garlic Sat Mrs. bacteria(This is use to make alchole, balance your skin tone and tightens your skin), Squaw Alin(this is from shark, Keep your skin moist), Peony root extract(Anti-inflammatory), Snail slime extract(Whitens your dark skins), White Willow Bark Extraction(Skin Trouble Care), Adenosine(Activates your skin's growth)

This product alone cleans your moles and make your skin brighter and gets all your wrinkles gone, making this a mircle product of science for woman.

I don't know if you can see the difference Left is not applied Right is applied, sorry about the picture not clear enough

[Korean Cosmetics Makeup Blog / Etude] Etude Nail Stickers, Time to play Pokers

We've all played pokers or at least heard of it. You hide your cards and do all the math calculation, unless math is not your strong point and you play with luck (like me). Hiding your cards can be hard as more card you hold more harder is it to hide it.
Can you hid it if it's all on your nails?

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Tony Moly] Tony Moly's Kiss Lover Lip Stick

The first sign of illness is the dry cracking lips, you'll become a ghost if you do all your makeup except your lips. Just like that your lips is the flower of your makeup style.

Tony Moly defiantly knows that and brought out enormous amount of lipstick color fit for all style and skin color.
From the left to right (PK01 Candy Pink, PK02 Romantic Pink, PK03 Fiona Pink, PK04 Milk Pink, PK05 Mood Pink, RO01  Lovely Orange, RO02 Spring Orange, BE02 Elegant Brown  ,BE03 Coco Basic, PC01 Milk Peach ,RD01 Shin Purple, RD02 Real Red, RD03 Apple Red
This is the few of the 28 colors of the collection.
I got this from their website

You can see all the colors they have, also they say their lipstick has a high shine effect, giving your lips enough moisture to keep it wet and smooth. 
Well if you check their product's ingredients you can see they used plant oils that melts well on your lip temperature. This oil also give the product a smooth feeling. Of course keep your lips moist as well.

This product no matter how much you apply does not have much difference, proving strong pigment. I think this is why you can keep this on for a long time.
This is PK08 Honey Pink color

You won't need pearl to keep it bold and sparkly, the moist and the oil itself makes your lips stand out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ABTM2 Gala night

...Kind of killed me because I am so dead tired now I have to skip school today.

Don't have much to talk about yesterday. I had a fun day at Little India with my classmates for the very last field of the semester.
I love field trips!!!

Rushed home to change and met up with Haocho at Clementi to head down to Harbourfront for the gala night with Nic, Janice and Nao.

The movie was really good - I find it a lot better than the first one but it really depends on your personal preferences.
It was funny and touching at the same time. I can't stop laughing throughout the whole movie and I'm dying to tell you the funny parts now BUT I don't want to be a spoiler so go watch it yourself when it's out tomorrow!

With the girls. First time meeting Janice! Such a nice girl! :)

Crazy guys, photobombing everybody's pictures yesterday!

Apparently, we were roaming around the air-conditioned area to camwhore while waiting for the ah boys to come out.

And lo and behold....

Janice the hantu HAHAHA. The shutter speed on my cam was too slow!!

Top from Jipaban/Smitten

And I only managed to take a picture of the guys on stage so here it is lol.

That's all for the night.

Last night, I thought about certain things and had a long talk with my mom.

I am so tired of everything.
I ever thought of giving up everything I have now and move on. It's not that I can't take criticisms from people, but really, there is a limit to everything. How much can a person take?
It's really tiring to feel like there is a NEED to please everyone. Worst of all, we all know it's impossible for anyone of us out here to please everyone, especially when everything I do seems to be wrong to most of the people.
The thought of having to tolerate comparisons, having to be self-conscious all the time, having to feel inferior to everyone else irks me so much I want to puke.

I have to be constantly in fear that people might dislike me when I want to do something that I will love to do.

Don't get me wrong - I love everyone and is thankful for all of your love and support. I know I shouldn't be bothered by people who does not matter to me.

It's probably just a bad thought at a bad time (prolly pms wtf).
I know I'm doing this because I like it. And I know it's not right for me to stop doing something I like just because of what others' think.

But then again, if we're fighting for something that isn't going to make us happy, I guess it's time for us to let it go and move on to strive for something that will truly make us happy.

Just saying. Or ranting.

Love you all. xx

♥ Forest Essentials ~ Sunscreen Lotion ♥

Forest Essentials ~ Sunscreen Lotion

Its one of the samples i received in Vellvette Box sometime back. Am not particularly fond of Sunscreen Lotions as i hate the way the skin feels later. Little sticky, little greasy and sort of covered up with some lotion layer. And most important, in such a case i always ended up spoiling my expensive clothing which instantly showed absorption of that greasiness a bit which undoubtedly stained my clothes. Yes, i love Silks and Satins alot, and they and sunscreen lotions don't go hand in hand. But this one surprisingly stood out!

I really love the packaging, its very travel friendly (atleast the sample bottle). Its a plastic bottle with golden color plastic cap. So no worry of breaking it even if am clumsy like i always am and drop it on the floor often! Not sure if the Original size bottle can take my clumsiness so much though :)
Smells so good and the fragrance lingers on skin for quite a good time(almost half the day... am like what???), which i love the most!! And the next best thing i really really loved is, its a very light formula. No greasiness or stickiness, doesn't feel layered up on skin and when applied absorbs quite quickly into skin. 
Skin feels well moisturized even without using a moisturizer underneath which is a plus here! Its got Aloe Vera and Sandalwood, both very very good for skin for maintaining the moisture levels and protecting skin from harmful rays of Sun. So overall a perfect Sunscreen Lotion that suits my taste and needs.... 

This one surely won my heart and am so looking forward for the other products to try from this brand. And undoubtedly am going to purchase this product soon as i see i need this one so badly as the summer is soon approaching India.

So what have you been loving lately?? Have you tried Forest Essentials Sunscreen Lotion yet??? Take my word and just try, like me you'll love it too..........

♥ Sangy

Gemstone 710 by Sally Hansen

This will be a very short post to show you Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails - Gemstone 710. 
This shade truly reminds one of gemstones.  It has a rich depth to it and a sheen that allows it to sparkle.


After applying 2 coats of Gemstone, I decided to try Essie's Pure Pearlfection, and what an amazing effect it gives most polishes.  It adds a subtle bit of bling to any shade.

Here are the products I used:  ASK Cosmetics' Base Coat as well as their Top Coat, 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Gemstone 710 and Pure Pearlfection from Essie's Luxeffects Collection.
Do you like to dazzle your manicures with some "special effects"?
Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy the rest of your day, Lisa M.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

♥ Clarus Wet Wipes in Lime ♥

Clarus Wet Wipes in Lime
These wipes are my favorite of the wet wipes i have used till now. These come in a pack of 10 wipes (occasionally i found packs with more number of wipes too) and are extremely moist and wet. Smell heavenly in citrusy lime, these are easy to carry around too. For someone with sensitive skin and nose too like me i found these so very pleasant not to forget they do a pretty good job at removing the makeup!! Though for makeup removal, i particularly pick Himalaya Wet Wipes; Clarus wipes are good too.
My liking towards these wipes must be due to the citrusy smell they have. Citrusy fragrances and Lime remind me of Summers and right know when the weather is chilly, i can use a bit of that feeling to warm me up :)
Can find these in any local Supermarkets, esp Ratnadeep Supermarket. I need to have 1 pack in my handbag always. These wipes instantly soothe and calm my skin which often gets red when am out in Sun. Priced at  27 INR for 10 wipes, i find them a good deal for money. 
These are refreshingly cool with a lingering fragrance. And have a gentle moisturizing effect with mild anti-bacterial action. Do i need more to say why i love these??? 

What's your favorite Wet Wipes? Have you tried Clarus Wet Wipes in Lime ??

♥ Sangy

Review: Proactiv Solution

I tried the Proactiv Solutions before I went on to my previously raved about product Acne Clear. I have got to say you have to be patient and try out this product progressively.

This product can be too harsh on certain skin. Previously, I did not imagine my skin to be sensitive as I could use almost any cleanser, toner and moisturiser and all would be fine. However my skin reacted so badly to the Proactiv Step 3. 
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[Korean Makeup Blog / Natural Republic] Ultra Steam Cream (Moist Cream)

We all need moist on our skin. It's the best way to keep your skin look younger and healthy.

So this product is obviously the most haves in makeup world.

Because this product like the name Ultra Steam Cream!

It's uses steam as combining formula....Don't know what that means, but I know it means the pieces are small and moist!

Plus I like the African art design of this lid and not to forget to mention the amount! 200ml
On the lid you can see the signature of the star modeling this product. She's pretty as always

Price / Amount : 31,000 / 100ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

This product is pure white and I love the smell, it has that original refreshing cream smell. Love it.

When you apply it on your skin you can feel all the moist that your skin will absorb, this cream make you keep smoothing out your cream more than needed. Your skin will start to feel like baby skin.
see all the moist?

Obviously this product proves himself worth to call "must haves"

[Korean Makeup Blog / Innisfree] Innisfree Glitter nailpolish!

Who likes Glitters!
Here's a Gliterly nail polish by Innisfree

Like the nail art?

[Korean Makeup Blog/ Tony Moly] Luminous Goddness Aura BB Cream, SPF 37 PA ++ & Aura Beam

Tony Moly brand's Luminous Goddness Aura BB Cream, SPF 37 PA ++ & Aura Beam

I'm proud to say. one of the best cosmetic product is BB cream in Korea. Many wrote in their review "I'm not a fan of BB cream until I tried this Korean Cosmetic BB cream"

Well, I like BB cream as well, make the makeup much, much easier.

Today I'm going to introduce you to a  BB cream Tony Moly brought out this spring. This BB cream has give a glow to your skin. Making your skin look like model skin. Time to apply and go for a photo shoot!

There is two product
BB cream & BB cream Aura Beam.

First BB cream Aura Beam

you can see the pearl!
This BB cream give your skin the healthy glow + moist protector layer + hides Corneous + Long lasting.
This BB cream has little pearl to it making the smooth skin sparkle!
You can't ignore the natural materials like walnut oil, Brazil nut seed oil, cucumber, etc. helps your skin be less harmed by all the chemical makeup you've put on.

If you see the pearl although you can see the soild square it's not big enough for anyone to see when you apply it on your skin. Just give a stronger reflects of light.

This product give like you've applied oil on your skin. Not a very refreshing feeling like most Korean cosmetics. However the oil texture makes it more absorbent and last longer.
This is what it's like on your skin!

BB cream
Moisty + Covers all your dark spots + calms your irritated skin + protects you from ultra rays in one product!
Really for a lazy cat like me this product is a must have. Also I hate having to apply this and that feels like you have a some kind of mask on.
Just like the Aura Beam it has all the natural oil to keep your skin protected from getting old from all the chemical.

Tony Moly BB cream is lighter in color than other products. This is advantage because it give your skin a light tone and also more healthy brighter.

You don't need a log of the cream to cover your face. Because even little drops can easily spread through large part of your skin.

Now All you need to do it mix these two up to give your skin the front page model skin!
This is what it looks like when applied