Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You want a piece of it ?

Just a super anyhow update!

Went to Seoul Garden yesterday ! ^_^

I also said I'll be doing the haul post in my previous blog post but I haven't did 'cause I want the photos to be of good quality but I don't have cammie with me T _ T

But this is one of the shoes I bought and I LOVE IT . Super comfortable.

Okay and some random nice craps.

I bought Samyang Ramyun for my sis!

She's not home yet and still didn't know I bought this for her though.
By the way, you must be thinking why the fuss over a stupid instant noodle right?
Watch this !~

I swear me and my sis was dying to try it 'cause we love the song so much LOL.

And got myself two packets of crab snacks. Omg I LOVE THIS SNACK ! ^o^
Got them from the korean fair thingy at wm in case you're wondering.

Oh and gladis gave me my dorayaki ! One of my fav dessert/snack too !

Okay that's all that I can currently blog about since I've got no more photos xD heh.
Promise I will blog someth smacking good aft I got the cammie.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My First BFTE Sets - Lights

 Ello lovelies! I'm delighted I've had the chance to do this post today as yesterday was my birthday AND my first day of uni (SCARY!). I thought i wouldn't get much time to blog this week and I'm pleased as punch that i actually do! This is the second part of my BFTE haul. 

Around a month ago i caved to my craving and ordered two sets from BFTE. I've got to admit that the lights is my least favourite of the two but it does have some stunning, more wearable and every day colours. So if brights aren't for you maybe these are!

The same as the Brights this sets comes with eight .5 gram sample sized jars. Which gives you enough to have a good play around and wear these a few times before taking the plunge and buying a full sized jar. These also make adorable gifts!

 Aqua - Riddle - Mint - Cornflower - Princess - Peony - Beautiful - Bliss

 Aqua - Riddle - Mint - Cornflower - Princess - Peony - Beautiful - Bliss
Taken in direct sunshine to show off the stunning shimmer!

Overall again i think this is a fantastic little set. I've written all about Beauty From The Earth in my last post so if you want to know any more about the brand or see their gorgeous Brights collection click here.
You can also visit the Beauty From The Earth website here.

A short and sweet post from me today. But I've got some exciting birthday pressies to blog about over the next couple of days (when they eventually arrive!).

Let me know what your favourite BFTE shade is!
Thanks for reading!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trip to Johor Bahru !

Last .....saturday !

I went to JB with my mommy daddy and sister to watch Johnny English Reborn.
It's the second time for me and it's NOT boring! ^_^Y

It's super funny but I think it's not worth it to watch on big screen but if you die also wanna win your friends and watch as early as possible, then.... yknow.

We got to City Square Mall.
JEB was the #1 movie there so the first two available slots are sold out T _ T
We gotta wait till like 5 plus for the show and it's only 1pm then :/

Walked around the mall. QUITE boring lol.

Went to check out shoes at E-MAX !
A lot of you asked where I got my black strip shoes from!
It's from Malaysia , JB , City Square Mall , E-MAX !
RM 50 for that pair so it's considered pretty cheap ! ^_^

None of the shoes caught my eyes so off we went..

Crazy cheap it's only RM 4.50 for a crepe but it doesn't taste anything like a crepe.
it's super crunchy and nice, but nothing like a crepe lol.

After the movie, we got to a ramen shop to get RAMEN for dinner ! YOOHOO~~

Mommy & daddy

Called for this Nori Ramen ^_^

Sister called for another ramen which idk the name and taste pretty bad xD

And I swear I look SO YOUNG AND SMALL BESIDE MY YOUNGER SISTER. *k i actually bent down for her though*

So that's kind of ALL for the jb trip.
Bought 3 pairs of shoes from another shop called mix-it ! ^_^
And a SUPERRR cheap top and it look very cao lao on me -__-
Will show you all in another post about all these hauls thingy.

Then on SUNDAY!
Went out to study with Wanteng.
To daiso and bought some stuffs too.
Will post in another post as well ^o^ hohoho.
Then to IKEA to..EAT and play. lol




My breakfast just now.


kbyex ~ ♥

Friday, September 23, 2011


No. I could never resist the temptations.

Of purikura. AKA neoprints.

Seriously, don't you think? They are SO fun.
But the moment after you finished taking everything.....
Mind = Blown.
You just spent freaking $6-$15 bucks on these stickers.

And ...
I still can't take the fact that I spent like nearly $200 bucks (wtf I WAS insane) on neoprints when I was younger.
And worst of all ,
I was SO UGLY.

Lesson learnt.

kbyex ♥

My First BFTE Set - Brights

A little while ago i placed my very first order with Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics and they did not disappoint. They have possibly the biggest shade selection i have ever seen, with over 350 shades of multipurpose minerals to choose from. I spent literally hours on the website desperately trying to decide which shades to pick and found myself well and truly stuck. After some debating with myself i opted for both their "My First BFTE Sets". These consist of eight of their popular Bright and Light shades. As per usual the packaging on these swayed me quite a bit. Super cute pink polka dot casing, whats not to love?! Today I'll be sharing the absolutely stunning Brights collection.
Each of the samples come packaged in jars with sifters and you get .5 grams of product. It is quite a small amount and priced at $14 each the set isn't the cheapest. But taking into consideration you're getting eight shades and super cute packaging i think it's definitely worth it. After buying TKB Trading pigments any other sample size is going to look small! 

Above is picturing the amount of product you'll get with these sets.

Now for the best bit, swatches!
Raspberry - Tangerine - Lemon - Green Apple - Blueberry - Grape - Whisper - Gem
This picture just shows exactly how vibrant these shades are! Raspberry has got to be my favourite and I've really enjoying wearing that as it goes (or clashes nicely) with my bright red hair. Whisper is a bit of an odd one out in this collection although it does work lovely blended with other shades or used as a highlight.

Raspberry - Tangerine - Lemon - Green Apple - Blueberry - Grape - Whisper - Gem

Both these pictures were taken without flash but the above one was taken in direct sunlight. This picture really does these shades justice. They are vibrant, gorgeous shimmery shades perfect for any bright lovers collection.

All in all i would wholeheartedly recommend BFTE. With such an extensive range of colours and excellent colour pay off i think they are well worth the money. When i get through these i will certainly be repurchasing full sizes of most of these shades. In fact I'm already plotting my next order I'm that impressed!

You can visit and buy Beauty From The Earth from their website here.

Which shades are your favourites?
And if you've got your own review on them please share it!

Thanks for reading guys.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chocolate spoons

Yay ! I made chocolate spoons!
I saw this choc spoon thing on violetlebeaux's site and they look easy and delicious!
It's obviously for lazy people like me who don't feel like doing much stuffs but just to eat TASTY chocolates !! ^_^

So I took out my hershey's dark chocolate chips in the fridge, pour some in a bowl and pop them in the microwave for 30secs ! :D

Added some milk in and stir ! :)

Crush some Ritz biscuits and prepare our favourite NUTELLA~~~ ♥

Put them in a spoon in any sequence you want , decorate it with anything you like.

I decorated with white choc chip and sprinkles ('cause that's whats left in my fridge)

Lastly , EAT IT .

It's gone within a minute .... T _ T
But well,
At least they ARE delicious.( * _ * )Y

So seeya till the next post loves~ x

And this is how I grow up.

Been thinking for a while what I should actually post up.

But whatever it is, I decided to just talk about what I feel on the INSIDE..okay not really but somehow.
Well first, I shall bring you along my life.


So this is me, when I was secondary one.
Like some typical secondary one students,I had fun. LOL
It was a soso life when I was sec one, I remember I started to do private blogging that time for my friends to read.
Yknow, like those common private blogs that ppl only share among their friends. It was like a trend to have one back then , so ya.


Then I grew up. lolwtf.
Sec 2.
Actually, my secondary school life was NEVER good.
I bet yours too , like , who have a darn good sec school life?
So sec 2 was kind of a hard year for me. To think of it, it's kind of childish to play along with those haters you have in school. Look, who doesn't have haters? Even God has got haters. Who are you to have no haters?
Just like how childish ppl do when they are in their lower sec lives, ppl hate , ppl backstab. Nobody knew how words could kill but we were young and we all grew up now , so , no hatreds at all. And I bet I never REALLY hated anybody even if they treated me like crap.

Around Nov/Dec of 2009 , I was sec 2 , I started out public blogging.
People told me about Nuffnang, so I was out to try.
Back then, public blogging was not really a trend and people just continued with their private friends-friends blogging , so I don't really know a lot of public bloggers.
I thought I was weird but it's kind of fun to share stuffs to people then to keep it to a certain people. So I continued. Thought it was a good idea since I love taking photos and now I found a personal space to put up.

Then I'm sec three.
If sec two was considered a HARD time, I guess sec three was F.HARD then.
As you know, Sec three classes was arranged by the subjects you'd taken , so I parted with some of my hang-out-buddies during sec two and got to a place full of...strangers (?).
I was not a person who will hop on to random people and started talking to make friends.
Furthermore, everybody's with their own bunch of cliques so I was alone during sec 3 most of the time.
Fucked up things happened. Bitches everywhere. Love/ hate issues.
The fact is, I actually kept FREAKING quiet during sec 3.
Might be due to the hard time I had in sec 2 , I decided not to talk at all so I wouldn't attract haters.
So all I could do is to talk about my heartfelt words on the net, and blog about it sometimes.
People in school thinks I'm weird or something, and they started insulting my blog.
I was/am not an excellent blogger but I do felt that I should have my own personal space and was freaking out by how they are against my 'life' .
I got teased everytime when I'm in school.
For my height , for my size , for my blog , for my life.
I was, in fact, hated for who I am.
I was nothing close to the people who insulted/teased me in school. I don't hate them , since they didn't know who I am. (Like I said , I was freaking quiet in sec 3)
Not only that, there were certain misunderstandings between some people and me AND I turned out to become some bitch/slut you call it , since nobody's willing to listen to MY SIDE of the story.
School was like a living hell to me, and going to school was like forcing into a cage full of devils from hell.
The fact is, I ran home EVERY DAY and cried in the shower.
I hate how I'm in this world since everybody hates me so much.
I was, like any other people. I got verbal bullied , and cyber bullied every fucking day.
Family thought it was my fault and it must be for my attitude for getting haters in school.
Nobody understands. Do you know how it actually feels like..being so helpless?
Obviously , I wanted to just delete my entire blog and hide.
But sadly, who will actually care? And don't you think I'm just making everyone happy by removing my blog ? That's what they want in the end, isn't it?

Then I told myself,
since everybody was born for a reason , I must have been born to entertain people, by letting them hate me.
Yes, I detest myself for everything but what can I do?

Sec 4 was a smoother life in terms of friendships.
I started talking. And haters behind all these things aren't really that bad.
But sec 3 was so impactful because I didn't really do much things wrong, so I tend to not trust people that easily anymore.

But yknow.., I'm fine now :)

Haters, think before you speak as words could hurt somebody so bad to the extent that you can never imagine. You may think those words were really nothing, but you never know how huge that impact will cause to a certain person.

So , somebody asked me on formspring : "You're young, how did you manage to build a road to so many readers?"

Actually , I don't have much readers. I'm just like any other bloggers, blogging about my life, blogging about reviews for other people. (:

The thing is, no matter what, continue doing what you actually like.You can't please everyone, so why don't you please yourself first?:)
Hater's comments? DGAF.
Haters are just people who are unhappy that you're living a better life than them , so they're trying to pull you down. If you're affected , you lose. Raise your head up high , you know somebody still love you for who you are. And just be you. Everybody's gonna know that they are wrong and love you one day darling. ♥

I have no idea why it ended up like some counseling session but I just thought it would be good to add in some words like this in the end, for in case there's people who are having a life as sucky as mine. Just email me or formspring me if you're really having life as sucky as mine , 'cause I know how it feels. ♥

Good luck honeybees. xx ♥

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WEEK 4 of the Get Fit Challenge

Get Fit Challenge – Week 4     “The Final Countdown”

Well, most of us will begin Week 4 of the Get Fit Challenge tomorrow, Sept. 22nd.  We all know ties flies, but it seems like yesterday that we got started.  I think many of us have experienced some sort of set-back in our work-out routines during this time period, whether it was due to family commitments, holidays, injuries, lack of time, weather even.  Don’t forget that running is not for everyone, but power-walking can be just as effective and get your heart rate elevated too.  So, without further adieu I would like to post the final routine:  WEEK 4.

Day 22 – Jogging

Beginners – 55 min.

5 min. warm-up, 5 min. fast walk, 20 min. jogging, 5 min. fast walk, 10 min. jogging, 10 min. cool down

Advanced – 70 min.

5 min. warm-up, 5 min. fast walk, 45 min. jogging, 5 min. fast walk, 10 min. cool down

Day 23 – Stretching

30 min. of stretching are recommended for today.  Concentrate on your legs and hips as well as arms and shoulders.  Remember:  stretching prevents muscle pulls and strains!

Day 24 – Jogging

Beginners – 60 min.

5 min. warm-up, 5 min. fast walk, 20 min. jogging, 5 min. fast walk, 10 min. jogging, 5 min. fast walk, 10 min. cool down

Advanced – 75 min.

5 min. warm-up, 5 min. fast walk, 50 min. jogging, 5 min. fast walk, 10 min. cool down

Day 25 – Strength Training

30 min. of strength training are on the program for today.   Benefits of strength training: a) it helps to burn more calories, b) nothing helps to prevent against injury while running than strong muscles.

Day 26 – Jogging

Beginners – 50 min.

5 min. warm-up, 5 min. fast walk, 15 min. jogging, 5 min. fast walk, 5 min. run, 5 min. fast walk, 10 min. cool down

Advanced – 75 min.

5 min. warm-up, 5 min. fast walk, 45 min. run, 5 min. fast walk, 10 min. cool down

Day 27 – Stretching

30 min. of stretching are planned today.   Tip:  when running never stop longer than 2 minutes, if you are tired or feel a cramp, it is better in situations like these to walk slowly.  If you take a longer break your body will cool down and you won’t be able to find your rhythm again.

Day 28 – Jogging

Beginners – 40 min.

5 min. warm-up, 5 min. fast walk, 15 min. run, 5 min. fast walk, 10 min. cool down

Advanced – 60 min.

5 min. warm-up, 5 min. fast walk, 35 min. run, 5 min. fast walk, 10 min. cool down

In case boredom sets in, run your route in the opposite direction or grab a partner to join you!

Day 29 – Strength Training

30 min. of strength training are scheduled today.  Have you ever thought of aqua jogging?  What about signing up for a (hot) yoga, pilates or zumba class in your area?

Day 30 – Jogging

This is the big day: today we should reach our goal, namely beginners achieve 30 minutes of running, while advanced participants will reach a full hour of running.  Yippee.....

Beginners – 60 min.

5 min. warm-up, 10 min. power-walking, 30 min. running/jogging, 5 min. fast walk, 10 min. cool down

Advanced – 85 min. in total

5 min. warm-up, 5 min. power-walking, 60 min. running/jogging, 5 min. walk, 10 min. cool down


Personally, I am very proud of our joint efforts to get fit and start an exercise program regardless of hectic lifestyles, time restrictions, families,.....  I was thrilled to become re-acquainted with old friends and met some new ones during this challenge.  Being active is definitely a way of life and a commitment on numerous levels.  I think the first and foremost commitment must be to ourselves to keep in the best possible shape, mainly for health reasons, but, of course, losing a few pounds and fitting into those jeans or that LBD again is a nice side effect.

Should you wish to pass on any comments about the routine, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Moreover, I would be pleased to continue this group in some form.  If you are interested, let me know. 

Thanks for taking part,

Lisa Mueller

Top few iphone apps I'm in love with!

I had questions regarding what kind of iPhone apps I usually use!

I saw how people recommend diff apps on their blogs, the most recent one is the photography apps xiaxue recommended!! ^_^ I find these blogposts pretty useful 'cause I will be soooo interested in which apps are really good since there's like SOOOO many apps in the appstore ! :D

Since I'm so free now *LOL* and thinking of what to blog about, why not just blog about what iPhone apps that I'm obsessed with ? :)

These are some of the free photography apps I downloaded! :)

I don't really like some of them but I still keep them for in case I need them!LOL~

First app is SNAPEE.
It was once under top 25 , that's why i downloaded it.
The good thing about this is that there's quite a lot of decorations for you to play with.

Something like a purikura iphone app but i rarely use this app though.

Then there's this app called meitu xiuxiu !

In case you don't know , there's meitu xiuxiu for desktop too! It works like photoshop and its FOC :)
My cousin recommended this meitu xiuxiu to me 'cause they didn't have photoshop and its an awesome dupe for photoshop too.

Was surprised to know iPhone have this app but it's not really like the one on desktop, it's just like a quickquick thing.

But I still love it ! It's the only free app I've found with good bokeh effects ! ^_^

Another app is the SMILE CAT.

It's just another purikura deco app but compared to other deco apps , I really like this one!

There's many cute decos for you to choose from and its FREE!! :D

Last but not least for photography apps, I have pudding camera! :)
I received a question regarding this and yes! IT'S CALLED PUDDING CAMERA!

It's awesome for they have 7 diff 'cameras' (which is diff styles) and 7 diff effects like vintage brown , noir and more!

Shall end this with a few games that I like on my phone and is NOT paid ^_^

Mega jump , i guess all of you should know!

And Smack that Gugl !!! This is addictive , must play with sound 'cause the gugls are so cute ! LOL xD

Like when they pop out like this...

You gotta click them to smack them. Like those classic smacking game yknow.


Been addicted to this like how ppl get addicted to tamagotchi. It's like a dupe for tamagotchi ! Quite fun and cute but after a while, I'm not into it anymore lol sorry megu :(

And that's all for a few apps I like! :)
If you have apps that YOU like on your phone, *especially if its cute* , do tell me on formspring okay?? Must share! ^o^"

Okay xx bye~ ! ^_^