Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Top 3 Fragrances

Ello lovelies!
So i definitely have a "type" when it comes to perfume, and that generally comes in the form of super sweet floral or fruity fragrances. I managed to whittle it down to my top 3 loves, which would of been a little trickier had i had a bottle of Clinique's Happy to hand (MEGALOVE).

   Vera Wang - Lovestruck
This one is a little bit special due to being the first and only perfume i have ever purchased myself. I'd been lusting after it for quite a few months when i managed to bag a bargain in boots on boxing day. (Wow try saying that fast?!) Its a little more of a "grown up" scent for me but i absolutely adore it. I'm rubbish at describing scents so I'll leave that to the experts!

Britney Spears - Fantasy
I like to call this my "Chavvy" perfume. Although having a Britney Spears perfume may seem a little less sophisticated i have never been without a bottle since its release in 2006. And there is only one other perfume (Happy, again LOVE) that has been a firm favourite of mine over the years. No matter how much i use it, i never get sick of it. If your not a fan of super sweet scents, id steer clear of it.

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy
 So if you're an avid youtube watcher you would of seen this beauty pop up time and time again on perfume hauls and favourites. The boyfriend took note and purchased this for my last birthday, bless him! And it pretty much lives up to the hype, its not AS sweet as my other favourites but its pretty damn beautiful. One little complaint, i just wish it lasted a little longer on the skin. 

Super sweet fragrances, love or loathe?


Today's Mani ~ Lakme Color Crush 18

  • Since i bought Lakme Color Crush 05, i have been wanting to try other colors too. I am not a big fan of Lakme but this particular color range has made me fall in love with them!! The colors are so vibrant and cheerful and perfectly right for this coming summer.
  • With those white chiffons or even cotton kurtis, these colors would totally stand out and sure to attract eye balls. I can't wait to get other colors from this range *.*
  • Exactly a month back i tried Lakme Color Crush 05, you can view the post here and i kind of experimented it with some black dots. It was so fun!!!
  • And today i used white for a change and wanted to try doing some valentine day nails. Keeping it simple for today with just a white heart i might re-vamp it a little for a change tomorrow. So do check back *.*
  • Btw this mani is very much inspired by the bangle i bought @Lagos
  • Check my post on ~UT Black Box changed Storage Box~ and see if you can spot the bangle that inspired me to copy it *.*

So here's the swatches ~

Base Coat - LAGirls
Lakme Color Crush 18 - 2 coats
VOV Nail Art precision tip - for white heart
Lakme Color Crush 18 is a pretty bubble pink, very rich and creamy. And if not generous with first coat of nail color, it might look little steaky. 2 coats give it a perfect opaque finish. Its so shiny(not shimmer) that anyone using top coat for pure shine purposes can skip it. 
Only the applicator brush not being my fav one, else i love this color range from Lakme way too much *.*

Which numbers/shades have you tried from Lakme Color Crush range??
Me only 05 and 18 so far *.*

Thanks for visiting, till next time......


Nailwear Colour Selection by ASK Cosmetics Inc. - Part 5

As February is coming to a close I would like to show two of my personal go-to shades today.  As far as drama is concerned they are at separate ends of the spectrum - bold and vivacious versus subtle and sophisticated.

Now, if you have seen my natural nails before you would know their colours are very intense due to the use of TIPS Nail Conditioner.  So when I am wearing the first polish I get lots of comments about my "French manicure" thanks to the Nailwear Polish called "Sheer French Pink".
Apart from being extremely sheer, this polish can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood or occasion.  I have tried it with glitter and various other top finishes, which I will feature later on in March.  Adding a bit of bling looks amazing with this lacquer.

I think this is the ideal polish for a bride on her wedding day, or a business woman who wants to look manicured and put together but without attracting too much attention to her nails, or those of us who just want a little something on their nails but can't decide on the right shade.

Do you ever wear such sheer polishes?  If so, do you dress them up at all or leave as is?

The second of today was part of our Valentine's Giveaway in February.  "Perfect Red" is what I consider to be a medium red, neither too dark nor too light.  As far as application is concerned, I love the way both "Sheer French Pink" as well as "Perfect Red" glide on your nails. 
In both photos I have two coats of each on my nails.  Many customers of ASK Cosmetics who, due to their jobs, are not allowed to wear polish on their hands absolutely adore this shade on their toes. 
On what occasion would you sport perfectly red nails?

All ASK Cosmetics' Nailwear Polishes are Big-3 free and camphor free.  These two bottles shown above contain 9 ml.

Thanks for reading.  Your comments are always welcome.  Lisa M.

P.S.  Our March Giveaway will begin soon and it is all about choosing your favourite shades, so check out the last few posts and tomorrow's as well so you are completely in the loop as to which shades are available.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Nuffnang is 5 !!

Nuffnang turned 5 yesterday! :D So happy for Nuffnang!
Thank you so much for your invitation, really enjoyed the party :)

The party was at Swissotel The Stamford!! 69th storey!
My god, my ears are blocked in the lift when we're on our way up.

Gorgeous scenery from there !

The first thing we did there? CAMWHORE ! ♥

I was there with Noah because Rachell was late. T _ T

So basically, all I did was camwhoring camwhoring camwhoring. HAHA.
Best thing to do to kill time before everybody else comes in.

With the mad gorgeous Valerie !! :D

She's soooooooooo tall (and I am so short) !! Man, she have to bend down so much to match my height. LOL.

Me + Rachell + Noah were assigned to table 4 ! :)

By the way, I was wearing my pretty heels, and yknow, pretty heels HURT LIKE A BITCH.
Huixian brought me to the toilet so I can save my pathetic feet. T _ T

And yes, the toilet is so...pretty. :O
It's a MUST to take photos lol.

Oh and this is HuiXian!! She's really really nice to all of us :') ! Love her to the maximum!!! ♥

Jayne!!! Another nice nuffie T _ T Nuffnang have all the nice people!

This....I can skip 'cause there's more to come lol.



One more (I'm really ugly in this but I wanna haolian so I still wanna post lol)



This, I'm very happy because all the photos I took with qiuqiu are clear and sharp :D

Nat Ho was there too, but didn't take any photos with him :(

One more thing that Nuffnang party SHOULD HAVE ....


The cakes!!! I was so sad I ate so little of these back in KL.


Okay la, not really.
I was just really happy hahahaha :B

*Le friend

Have no idea why he's pouting.

The hosts for the night~~

They can all sing so well :(

And of course, Boss Ming ! A speech to start off ~


From here, I'll bomb you with a lot of camwhore shots lol.

Claire! She's like a jiejie to me in G+ ! :D

New friend, Shine! :)

With Noah yap. Told you there's more. (And there's more to come wtf)

Please pardon my frizzy hair. Under the light = 348573734x frizzier.

My babylove have little makeup on (NO LENS wtf) so she don't wanna take a lot of photos with me :( I still think she's really pretty without lens. I'm hideous without D;

Here is her back, to satisfy y'all. HAHA. She's super shu nv last night. Like those girls that parents will want their son to bring home xD

Then there's a special guest for the night!!!

Chua En Lai! :D It's like The Noose LIVE for us !

He invited two bloggers to go up and do the pole dance hahahahaha. Damn epic!!

And his Thai Accent is really really hilarious.

I love how steady qiuqiu is !!!! Like if people single you out from the crowd, most girls will be like " Don't want la don't want la!" But qiuqiu wasn't !

Then we played some games. One of which is to draw Boss Ming in our own style HAHA.

This is what me + rachell + noah did. LOL Supposingly for Table 4 but then we finished drawing the whole thing.

Our masterpiece . I think it's damn nice lor hahahaha.

Our tweet!!!!!! :D

Table 4 ! :)

This is Boss Ming announcing the winner for the Art piece!

Then it's the cake-cutting ceremony! :)
The cake is mad effing cute !!!

The nuffies with Boss Ming~

AND MY BABYLOVE RACHELL. Hell yeah, finally managed to take a picture with her. :B

Oh ya, I forgot to insert this weird thing that happened lol.
Basically, Ling was singing "Marry You" , and then Noah, out of nowhere, sang.. "Oh Peishi, I think I wanna marry you." VERY LOUDLY. DAFUQ.

Not only that, he kneeled down (FML) and sang once more. -____-

Then everybody turned around and stared + all the camera on standby wtf.

Hahaha NuffnangSG's twitter said it's the hightlight of the night fml.
Actually, it's just Noah being stupid as always LOL , so ya.
HAHAHAHAHA damn funny but please Noah, it's damn xiasuey,

And that's all for the night!!! :)
Thank you Nuffnang for this party!!! We enjoyed ourselves there! ^_^

Happy 5th Birthday NUFFNANG!!!! :D