Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Beware of the Toxic Trio in Nail Care Products

What price are you willing to pay for nice nails?

Consumer Awareness is essential when it comes to cosmetic products:  Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene are 3 harmful ingredients you want to avoid at all cost!

In our attempts to look and feel beautiful we subject our nails, skin and hair to countless cosmetic products.  Unfortunately, not all of these products are 100 % beneficial for our bodies and may affect our health down the road.

My reasons for writing this article are two-fold:

Firstly,  I want to encourage all consumers to become knowledgeable and ask questions about the products they are using.  Be pro-active, contact the companies, demand answers to your questions!

Secondly,  I would like to highlight 3 potentially detrimental ingredients – known as the “toxic trio” readily found in nail care products and warn consumers of these, but at the same time I am offering links to well-written articles on the subject for all to read and form their own opinion.

Number 1 “Nasty” - Formaldehyde can be found in so many household products that you really ought be aware.  It is often listed under several other names, perhaps to mislead the consumer into thinking that the product does not contain this “nasty” ingredient.  If you read the following names listed in the ingredients, you can be sure that they contain formaldehyde: Formalin (found in nail hardeners), Methanal, Methyl Aldehyde, Methylene Oxide, Morbicid Acid, Oxymethylene, Formalith, Formic Aldehyde, Formol, HCHO, BFV, Fannoform and Paraform.

Number 2 “Nasty” -  A chemical with the abbreviation DBP – Dibutyl Phthalate is used in a wide range of beauty and cosmetic products such as shampoos and conditioners, body lotions, hair growth formulas, antiperspirants and sunscreen.  It was even found in gum, candy and pharmaceutical items taken orally.  However, the most common products which contain DBP are nail enamels and nail hardeners.

Number 3 “Nasty” - Toluene is yet another chemical that can have very harmful effects on your body.  This organic solvent should not be inhaled as it can cause a number of health risks such as weakness, nausea, confusion and memory loss to name a few, if inhaled at low to moderate levels.   Toluene may appear on ingredient labels as Phenylmethane, Methylbenzene or Toluol.  For further information on this read -

So, be an educated consumer.  Do your own research into what you are exposing your body to.  Take a conscientious approach by contacting cosmetic companies to inquire about their ingredients.  Demand answers, otherwise avoid the product.  I have listed some of the most informative articles found online, that will shed some light on the discussion and controversy surrounding cosmetic ingredients. 

Here is a website that features an article entitled: “Beauty Secrets: Phthalates in Cosmetics and Beauty Products”/Environmental Working Group

Read the following article to hear both sides of the story regarding nail polish chemicals:  “Cosmetics makers under fire on nail polish chemicals”

Finally, I would like to direct your attention to an article that I found during my research of harmful ingredients found in nail care products.  It suggests the following:  we, as consumers, should constantly be on the look-out for less-toxic brands of nail polishes, practice BYOP – Bring Your Own Polish – on salon visits.  A further recommendation is to skip the mani and just get a pedi, limit polish use by children and pregnant women and ALWAYS apply and remove polish in a well-ventilated area.  In order to read the complete article entitled” Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:  Nail Products and Salons”  go to

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clarke quay

I guess if you read my blog ever since last year, you'll know my favourite place to hang around is Clarke quay -__-

So anyways, I was pale + eyes swollen so I didn't take much photos of myself.

First stop was Liang Court !
If you don't know this place, you're super slow. LOL
It's a Japanese-themed shopping centre so quite a lot of japanese hang around there.

There's Meidi-ya and kinokuniya and saizeriya ! xD

Went to Kinokuniya to get my popteen!
NOVEMBER ISSUE GOT "What's in my makeup bag" section ! OMG hell yea.

Saw kutusitanyanko . OMGGG

"Whaddup niggas I'm kutu." LOL

Then we went to Meidi-ya, wanted to get Rohto cube eyedrop but then its $8 , only can use for a month so I put it back. T __ T


Off to Freshness burger at Central for dinnn.

Pricey for burgers but they are major yums in case you dk.

Shared a teriyaki burger with my cousin because I suddenly feel like eating something else.

So we got back to Liang Court for Saizeriya ! xD

Minestrone soup.

Spicy fried chicken wings... I sacrificed my spicy spinach for these! hurhur.

AND Escargot!! :D OMG it's so yummy I LOVE THESE.


So we headed back to central!

And there's so many bubbles ! :D

Then we ran down to Dhoby Ghaut to see...

Wu zhun -___- because we were late.
Squeezed like an ass just to catch a glance.
I feel so bad.

I'm not his fan but I guess my cousin is so .... *huge sacrifice*

Worst of all, this couple kept talking shits about me behind like as if I didn't know.

But he's quite cute though.

The best shot I got of him is...


That's all.

Alright, bye. xx


Not really because of the hunks on the beach...okay part of it but I just love Sentosa XD

But then I got bored of it after this trip so I guess I wouldn't go there again soon.

Went there with cousin as she came over my house for a sleepover.
People who saw me on ustream that day should know she came :)

We went there with my brother so we hang around Candylicious / accompanied him as he was waiting for his friend.

I didn't know I'm tall, or prolly jelly bean hates me so he smacked my head.

By the way, it was RAINING wtf :(
That means no BEACH, which also means... NO ANGMOHS TO SEE. :(

Oh oh , PEEPS duck. :D

Can only show you all these photos because I really have nothing much to say LOL.
We were practically stuck under the shelter so we couldn't go anywhere :(

My eyes are really swollen these days though ;/

FINALLY like FINALLY the rain became less heavy and we walked over to Victoria's Secret ! ~


Then we headed down to Hard rock hotel lobby because the rain got too heavy T __ T

Then went to Ramen Play for dinner.

Had tonkutsu ramen and it sucks.

Too oily !!

This is...what? Erm...soyu ramen or something.

The little red riding hood's damn nice and sweet !! Hontoni kawaii~ ♥ _ ♥

My cousin thought this guy is goodlooking...your say? :)


Humpty Dumpty.

FML I realised I didn't change my pose at all.


LOL we didn't really do much in Sentosa other than walking around and take tons of "act-style" photos.

Then we got to Vivo ! :D

Gorgeous tree! It's madddd big and tall!
You can even walk into the tree.

Went to Daiso after that and bought some craps.
Sorry for the photo spam but no words but I guess you wouldn't mind since you NEVER read the words right!!!!!!! T ___ T DAYUMMMM.

Will blog about today's trip tomorrow~ ^_^
BYE xx