Monday, November 5, 2018

Dress Natal yang Cukup Mahal dan Mewah di Tahun 2018

Gaun dress natal banyak bertebaran di toko baju online dan market place. Diluar baju yang mungkin dianggap biasa oleh kalangan kelas menengah keatas tersebut, banyak dari kalangan ini yang mencari baju dress dengan kualitas premium.

Tak jarang mereka sengaja memesan dari desainer-desainer ternama, baik dari dalam negri maupun dari luar negri. Namun, bagi kita yang pada saat ini sedang mencari Dress dengan kualitas premium dengan harga yang masih di bawah 300 ribuan, terutama dari kalangan muda yang mencari model baju natal remaja 2018, berikut ini adalah beberapa inspirasinya.

Para remaja ini masih tetap suka mencari ala-ala korean style. 


Dress dengan bahan lace atau brukat akan menampilkan kesan mewah dan premium, berbeda dengan dress yang berbahan katun standar. Oleh karena itu, kita dapat memilih bahan ini untuk dijadikan pakaian saat acara natal nanti. Sekedar saran, bahan ini cukup berat, dan jika tidak terbiasa dengan bahan yang kasar, ada baiknya kita melapisi dengan furing, hal ini berlaku juga bagi yang tidak ingin terlihat terlalu transparan.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

IU (Lee Ji-eun) cute Photo collection

IU 이지은 (Lee Ji-eun) cute Korean singer and her various role as a songwriter, a singer, actress, guitarist, dancer and television presenter. She born May 16, 1993. Lets see Ph Cuteoto Galleries Lee Ji-Eun.

Photo Gallery Lee Yo Won Beauty Forever

Lee Yo Won born April 9, 1980, But she is still look good her face like 20+ girl. I really love her when play in tradition Korean drama. Especially Queen Seon Duk.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bae Su Ji 2014

 Su Ji 배수지 another young and talent Korean girl that we met her in the KBS2 TV series' Dream High. She come from Gwangju, South Korea and become model in online shop before.

In July 2010, Suzy made her debut as a member of miss A, a girl group managed by JYP Entertainment, with the single "Bad Girl Good Girl"

Bae Su Ji 2014 is currently preparing for her comeback as a singer with her group miss A and is rumored to have a full album in the last quarter of this year.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Doll Me Up: Everyday Korean Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hello, notice the new title again, I really wanted to organize things on my blog lately. So I have created a few labels, unique to myself (I hope). 

Travel with Me series are the footsteps that I have laid, around in Singapore and abroad. 

Recently I have been doing some research, and thus the increased in interesting beauty articles are surfacing in Beauty Talk~ 

Furthermore, not forgetting the Munchkins! series, probably my favourite, because I really enjoy eating, if I could eat eat eat all day and not grow fat xD

So today's Doll Me Up Tutorial is on Everyday Korean Inspired Makeup, and also to show you how I would usually apply highlighter or blush for that special occasion. If you are into Korean Ulzzang makeup, stay tuned to the upcoming makeup as well! ;)

You guys probably could guess, I usually don't apply face makeup because I prefer in allowing my skin to "breathe", and also I was getting used to being me. I did not really want to hide under the layer of face makeup because of my acne scars or budding acnes which annoyed me to the max!

But once in awhile, I would like to feel extra special, so I love to use a light weight foundation with light to medium coverage foundation or BB cream. Laneige's BB cream is great for those with oily skin as well, because they do not feel greasy after application, and it has light to medium coverage.

I am using my own makeup sponge as I am using a trial kit of this Snow BB Cream which I got from my StyleXStyle box

Sooo, I simply applied a light layer of the BB Cream only on areas that I have redness, or pores. Applying it from the center of my face and outwards, so that it blends in seamlessly with my neck.

My naked eye as always, looking so tired ._.

Primed my lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion, honestly this is quite a decent product =D But the solution separates if you don't use it often - but nothing a "shake" wouldn't resolve.

With a light brown shade, dust it all over your lids

Using the darker brown, I applied it near to the lash line, but applying it from the outer corners inwards. This ensures that there is a slight gradient effect.

With a slightly darker brown, I concentrated it on my lash line and created a small flick at the end. That is going to guide my eyeliner ;)

Using my favourite SANA liquid liner, I lined it thinly, creating a small flick which follows the earlier curvature created. 

Applying some shimmer powder from MicaBeauty, it helps to brighten the inner corners and allow that ageyo sal to appear more full~

Curl and apply your favourite mascara, which mine is Sasatinnie's Super Dolly Mascara? It is featured frequently, so I think you can guess ._. Because that's my favourite mascara for volume and length!

Groom the brows, simply draw 2 straight lines to create that full and youthful looking brows

Using the spoolie, blend it in, and make sure it does not look too harsh.. 

After much blending, my eye makeup is completed <3

As for the lips, I simply applied a lip liner and used a red lipstick with a lip brush to apply it precisely in the inner portion of my lips. But it did not appear too obvious, but nonetheless, gloss it up to create a beautiful kissable lip!

Now as for highlighting, and adding blush, see the white arrows - highlight, and pink arrow refers to the blusher. That's how I achieve a slight slimming effect with just a blusher, as I seldom contour these days. 

For the highlighter, I used The Body Shop's Brush On Radiance, which has a lot of balls with different colours! Love it~

Try it out and let me know if it works for you! Till then~ <3