Sunday, September 30, 2012

*Giveaway* 400 Followers ~ feat ♥ Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick of Choice ♥ Open Internationally

Its festival time in India and whats best than to share some joy and happiness around!!! I sincerely thank each and everyone of you for being so nice all the time to me and encouraged me and my blog. And as a token of my  for you, am giving away Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick in shade of your choice!!! Its the new launch of Oriflame and looks gorgeous in its gold color packing. So keep that love for me always and enter this lovely giveaway ~

Guidelines / Rules ~
  • Giveaway is Open Internationally
  • Anyone can enter Blogger / Non-Blogger (non-bloggers just let me know in comments section that you don't blog so i can add those extra entries which you will earn only through posting on blog and placing an image on blog)
  • That said, Non-Bloggers you do have to follow me on GFC (thats mandatory for your entries to be considered )
  • Refer Oriflame India site to view the available shades or check the catalogue here
  • Any issues with Rafflecopter, you know where to reach me ~
  • Giveaway goes live on 1st October 12.00 AM EST / 1st October 10.30 AM IST.

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Good Luck Beautifuls ...


♥ Myntra Haul ~ Colorbar Goodies ♥

I have been going crazy for Colorbar stuff lately and this is my recent haul from Myntra. 
Once i saw EOTD using this Spicy Brown shadow by Neisha @Indian Beauty Forever and then i decided i wanted this. Though if you know me i am still bad at makeup, esp Eyes.
Exclusive 15 was used by Bharti @  Crazy Pop Lock recently and i fell in love with the color, so that came in too.
And Blue Lagoon was used by Bombay bubble for a NOTD sometime back. Though i fell in love with her ring which was in same color as Blue Lagoon, i decided this would satiate my craving for the color now ^.^
And i am always short of eyeliners and top coats so had to include them you see (i can never have enough of anything ^.^)

So what did you haul recently??? Anything from Myntra???


My Skincare Routine

Ello lovelies!
Over the last few months I've had quite a few requests for a skincare post so i thought it was about time i got one up! I'm pretty boring with my skincare and more or less stick to the same staple products with the odd new thing thrown in every now and again for good measure. For reference i have quite dry / sensitive skin and over the past year or two my skin has been slightly problematic with breakouts every so often, nowhere near the severity of acne, but still enough to get right on my nerves! I've found a routine that is more or less perfect for my skin, i just need to find a way to battle pesky blackheads! So onto the products!

Simple Cleanser & Toner
I've been using these two for absolutely years! Having a beauty therapist lecturer as a Mother has meant I've been cleansing, toning and moisturising from my early teen years. These aren't very glamorous and are cheap as chips, but they do the job. I generally only use the cleanser on my lazy days, when i can't be bothered to cleanse and polish or whack out the Clarisonic. The toner i use on a daily basis and if my skins being overly problematic i add a drop of tea tree to a spray bottle mixed with toner to help calm it.

Soap and Glory Fab Pore Minute

This second or third tub on this little beauty. I use it twice a week on my nose to try and combat my blackheads, it helps temporarily but has no real long term effects. But it makes my pores feel and look smaller in the short term.

Rose & Co Apothecary Rose Petal Salve

One of the only good things i received in a beauty box. Feels so much nicer on the lips than Vaseline and i find it a lot more nourishing. Has its place permanently next to my bed before i go to sleep to banish dry or cracked lips.

Oilatum Natural Repair Moisturiser
This really does live up to all the hype. I've been using this almost constantly over the past year and i really would not be without it. If you suffer with dry skin, you need this. Again its not a fancy product but it does the best job at moisturising the skin. I picked up an Embryolisse at IMATS and it does not stand up to Oilatum, its just not as moisturising. I really could not recommend this product enough.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
I really don't need to say much about this do i? Its so hyped online and I've got to agree with all the hype, its a fantastic product. Works great with a muslin cloth and with my Clarisonic, i love it!
Etat Pur Salicylic Acid
A new addition to my routine. I'm using this at night in an attempt to rid my nose of blackheads, I'm not sure if its having a huge effect yet, but I'll be sure to do a full review once I've given it a good ol' testing!
Elemis Fruit Active Mask
Its a good mask, but its not my favourite. Elemis is on the pricey side for me and I'm currently out of my favourite Papaya Enzyme Peel Mask and desperately trying to be good and use this one up. On the plus side Fruit Active smells AMAZING, maybe even better than Papaya Enzyme, i just prefer the results with the peel.

Origins Drink Up Mask
I recently reviewed this beauty, you can read that here! Again its another corker of a product, great for dry to normal skin.

Clarisonic Plus
I'm a bit naughty when it comes to using my Clarisonic Plus every day, but when i remember i really do love it. Do i think its worth the money? Meh probably not, the Mia or Classic is a much better choice although still an expensive one. With regular use i really see a difference in my skin, it feels smoother and i have a lot less break outs, i just need to be better with using it! I really don't use the body brush in this either and would of done fine with the Classic model, but no, i had a Veruca Salt moment and wanted the PLUS! Hehe.

So that's it! My entire current skincare routine.

What are your skincare staples?


Makeup Tutorial - Inspired by Mooncake Festival

Happy Mid Autumn Festival~ Hurry indulge in some yolk-rich mooncake with tea! 

Today I have a look inspired by the mooncake, plum colored mooncake with yolk. It's a fun look, so try it out with your favourite mooncake design.

Read the cubes from the Top to Bottom, then Left to Right! 
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Advertorial: The Smitten Girl (Jipaban)


The Smitten Girl!

The Smitten Girl is the illustrated alter ego of the girls behind Smitten!

The Smitten Girl is not just your average girl-next-door!
She is the girl with the sunny smile, wearing the equally bright dress, with a spring in her step and a constant twirl of her flared skirt.

Look at the smile on their faces!

Yes! The Smitten Girl is happy, spirited and vibrant.
Here's me, wearing Smitten's outfits.

Their clothes are colourful, and colours make me happy!

Clothes that make us feel comfortable will naturally bring a smile to our faces.
Smitten clothes are extremely soft!!

You can shop at Smitten here: (

Here's a video showing The Smitten Girl:

The Smitten Girl's instagram is full of HAPPY, SPIRITED AND VIBRANT photos.

I think The Smitten Girl is very pretty because happy girls are pretty girls!
Don't you think a smiling girl looks a lot better than a frowning one? :D

Look at all the happy pictures posted by The Smitten Girl!

Being a Smitten Girl makes me feel fresh!
A smile a day keeps the troubles away! 

Follow The Smitten Girl's instagram (@thesmittengirl) to see more of these photos!
If you feel that your photo describes The Smitten Girl, post it up on Instagram and include the hashtag #TheSmittenGirl! :D


Are you like The Smitten Girl? :D
Check Smitten out now!
There is a 20% off Smitten with a minimum purchase of 2 Smitten items!

Instagram: @TheSmittenGirl

~ Oval Shaped Statement Ring ♥ Pink ~

I love a contrasting color effect than a matchy matchy one. I love the way the both colors compliment each other, making each other to stand out!!!

Bought this one and two other rings from Ketakee Indap on FB.
Pics of other rings, coming soon....... ^.^

What do you think of this beauty???
And whats your style? Matchy or contrast??


Make-up Tip #2 - Safe Tightlining of Your Eyes

I've always wondered whether tightlining was ever safe for the eyes, because the waterline is just a few milimetres away from our eyeballs. Seems like the chances of getting eye infection would be high if you tightline... I used to think....

But then I realised that tightlining does not mean lining your waterline.

Make-up Tip #2 - Line your lashline, to have fuller lashes
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Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm no camwhore.

...Just for this post xD
I'm trying not to camwhore as much because the next few posts will be FULL of my face.

Anyway, I went to Vivo and it's so pretty there today!
The sky is very blue and the clouds are very pretty lol. (Sounds like some primary school composition wtf.)

And yes! I'm going to Genting tomorrow! Can't wait!
I'm soooo tired now. I haven't really packed what I need. So many things to do, so little time.

BUT! I'm still happy 'cause I went out today (finally)....AND, I ate ice cream. Just as I was craving for it. :D

Look at the clouds! Effect on the left is from my camera - Dramatic tone.
I took the photo on the right through shades haha.

I couldn't resist so....

Just two. Really. And they are not act pretty one.
..My nose looks weird.

It's more like a picture post but I thought I should type something or else it will look like I didn't put in any effort LOL.


♥ Glitter Cocktail ♥ Glitter Bomb ♥ Be-Jewelled Nails ♥ Statement Nails ♥

Last time when i did my Glitter Cocktail Mani, i knew i had to do a much bolder version then....
So here's a bolder and highly explosive mani ^.^

Products used ~
Base coat ~ Konad
Base Color ~ NYX ♥ Girls Royal Purple
Glitter Polish ~ Dutchess, Fergie Collection, Wet n Wild
Glitter Polishes used ~ Camieo (Blue, Purple), Essie Luxe Effects, NYX Carnival, L.A.Colors (Silver glitter), NYX Funk

It sure blew your mind, isn't it??? So definitely its Explosive .... 
Would you love to wear bold glitter statement nails??


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nail art can be so easy, yet full of effect!

It's not too often that I get the chance to try out new and interesting nail art designs.  However, after seeing so many of the "cloud manis" I became fascinated at how such a design might work.  It certainly looked easy enough (as most of them normally do), but actually getting all the clouds to be perfectly round and even turned out to be more challenging than I expected.
For my first cloud mani I chose:  Maybelline's Colour Show "Pedal to the Metal" as my base colour.  Then I used two shades by ASK Cosmetics:  "Oh So Aubergine" and the lighter one called "Romantic Sunset".

My first impression of the finished product was "not too bad", but upon closer inspection one can see that the clouds are not as even as I wanted them to be.  After wearing this mani out and about for a few days I received lots of looks and compliments.  I also realized how intimidated most people are at "trying their hand" at nail art. 


I loved the colour combination.  The darker shade "Oh So Aubergine" seems to create depth and a kind of lining around the clouds.  Some might even say it looks like a storm is brewing. Nevertheless, this mani is super simple to do not requiring any special tools.  As the nail polishes (at least the ones I used) were very fast drying, there is little room for error.  You have to work quickly and place those cloud outlines perfectly.  Try it and have some fun!
Thanks for stopping by and have a memorable day!
Til next time, Lisa M.


Fly with me.

I have no idea how to start this post.
First thing's first, I'm sorry for the lack of posts (as always). I have a few posts lined up for you though. Please be excited....PLEASEEEE LOL.

Been really lazy lately. Stayed at home for the entire week and I did absolutely NOTHING PRODUCTIVE AT ALL :(

Next week WILL BE exciting....I hope!
I hope my friends will be less busy so we can all hang out.

I'm going on a vacation! Squeezing my brain juice out so I can schedule a few interesting posts for you guys. Need to schedule them so my blog wouldn't be dead when I'm away.

*This is the "Omfg my neck's breaking!" pose lol*

I'm going to Genting this weekend (Thank you Nuffnang!)! Just for two days but I'm so excited!
Genting's one of my favourite place to go! I've been there every year (or twice a year) ever since I was born wtf.
My relatives are mostly Malaysians so that's where we'll usually hang out during the holidays.

Oh yes, for those who are interested. This is my usual makeup when I take photos for adverts! Sometimes, I'll do it without falsies.

Don't have much to update you guys but thank you so much to those who are still reading despite the lack of posts!
What kind of post are you interested in? Tell me and I'll try to schedule them for you!
Comment below! :D


Makeup Tutorial - Shimmery Sand and Pink Eyes

Shimmers and glitters are all that we need in this tutorial, to achieve the glamorous look. 

Wear this to a ball, wear this to a prom, wear this to your date as well!

Shimmery Sand & Pink Eyes Tutorial starts now!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

theBalm - Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

My first theBalm purchase!

After my slight disappointment with lightscapade I'd been on the hunt for another highlighter and after being recommended this online i started searching for reviews, just after a few i was sold so started the hunt online. Again its another Feel Unique purchase they had 20% off at the time so i picked this up for £12, which isn't half bad. Although i do think Feel Unique package their cosmetics poorly, the first one i received was smashed to bits! Packaged in a thin Jiffy envelope with minimal padding, a bit stupid really. The second one arrived in the same packaging, but luckily it survived, hurrah!

Now this is my sort of highlighter! You don't need a lot of product to add a gorgeous pearly sheen, but its not at all glittery and i don't find it emphasises my pores too badly either. Its described as a champagne gold, but i think it would work well on most skin tones and it doesn't lean too warm for me. I've been using my Real Technique's contour brush to apply it and I've been loving it! Think Lightscapades actually going back in the stash as i think this is going to have pride of place on my dressing table, its gorgeous!
As per usual, rubbishy swatch but you can see the beautiful sheen it gives to the skin, its just stunning. Overall i think this is a wonderful highlighter, you get a ton of product and at £12 isn't horridly expensive. If you're in the market for a new highlighter, give this one a little try! Hopefully you'll love it as much as me.

Whats your favourite highlighter?