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[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Magical color change, Mamonde Golden and Silver Flower Aged Vinegar Complete Care CC Cream

This product didn't brought out AWW I Love it!
It was more of....AHHH Is this some kind of magic?
What's it called?

Mamonde Golden and Silver Flower Aged Vinegar Complete Care CC Cream

I love magic, Magic Fantasy and Magic Tricks
I love the concept of how they trick your eye so you think the card disappear. You never can trust your eyes, sometimes your own eye can deceive you. Maybe that's why I always lose stuff...It's not because my room is messy!

If you have seen this product line some may wander...
should I use the Total solution BB cream or Flower Aged Vinegar CC cream
Well I'll make it all simple for you

Total Solution BB Cream is for

  • More of makeup person than Skin care person
  • Those who like BB cream that will make your skin bright
  • Those who like strong coverage
  • Those who like moist
  • Those who like their makeup to last longer
Flower Aged Vinegar CC Cream is for
  • More of Skin care person than makeup person
  • Those who like transparent creams that tone up your natural skin color
  • Those who like makeup that makes your skin look fresh and healthy
The biggest different is that BB cream has bit of it's own color while CC cream will bring out your natural skin color into a lighter color.

Mamonde Golden and Silver Flower Aged Vinegar Complete Care CC Cream

Price / Amount : 18,000 / 40ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

I enjoyed using Mamonde First Energy Serum so much
I use it for my everyday makeup item
I was more excited for the CC cream when I heard the increased
the effect of the aged vinegar 
So it's so much effective when it comes to skin care

You know how I love Tube type~
It was very sun cream type of white
The texture was unbelievingly light and very smooth
You can see it in the pic how easy was it to spread across your skin

You can see the texture better in this picture
Very liquid and light
I believe in the summer when you are sweating 
you don't want something heavy on your skin
Or your skin will heat up red!
Keep it light and cool~

By now you'll be like...
"so what's the big Magic about this?"
Well, watch this as I rub and rub and rub~

It's turned color!!! It turns close to your skin color as possible
I was all open eyes and mouth when I was saw this XD

Maybe this might be not the first time you see
the cream changing to your skin color
(So do I)
The reason I'm over the top about this
is because it was soooo easy~

If you have used these type of changing cream
you'll notice it doesn't change all the way through
and you rub your skin so much it irritate, making your skin red and itchy
This CC cream was light and changed the color so fast
my skin was my irritated

I love how it steeps into your wrinkles and made your skin so smooth!!!

I wanted you all the see the difference

when it comes to skin care

I know how CC cream and BB cream comes out as natural as possible
Mamonde focused on making it safe and healthy for your skin

This is the Picture of  CC cream and BB cream
dried for 40 min. and You can clearly see the difference

Flower Aged Vinegar CC CREAM / BB Cream
CC cream staied moist and even
While the BB cream lost it's moist and created masses
(We all hate masses)

Unused / Used
The covering is very natural and light
I believe the coverage is strong enough but if you want clear coverage
you will need concealer

Those who sweat a lot or have oily skin
You'll notice it doesn't easily wash off or melt down

You can see the before and AFter

Your skin will turn flawless
Sparkly and moist
Healthy looking and Natural
PERFECT for a base makeup

it also feel like I just got out of skin care massage
I guess it's all the fermentation effect!

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