Monday, June 24, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Seatree Marronnier Poaless Ice Toner,

You may have notice I upload new post every day or every other day
I have a lot of post ready to launch
But I wanna let you guys savor my post 

So come back as often as you can
There is much to lose!

Anyways, One of my beloved followers reminded me
it is about time for summer-use skin toner

I went "Huh...I'm sure I wrote that wasn't published XD"

In the summer I like to find something
I know some of you are looking some of that too!
Than I found the just the right product to introduce!

Seatree Marronnier Poaless Ice Toner

They say it will squeeze all your pores
Whitens your skin
and make your skin moist and cool!

Well... let's find out if that's true

This was made in Korea but the makeup recipe is from FRANCE!
Oh and it's flammable keep those fire away from this product

It's a pumping type with bit of bumpy stuff
So your fingers won't slip and fall XD

I find the texture very CREAMY~
and you need to keep this in the fridge
or it will melt and become useless
Once you spray it on it melts into your skin...
It REALLY melts!
As watery melting stuff soaks into your skin
you are left with moist and shinny skin

See the Before and After difference?
It doesn't squiz ALL your pores but it does feel tightened

Because of the cool temperature
it is wise to spray it on a cotton and not directly on your face

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