Saturday, December 31, 2011

Greetings Fellow Bloggers!

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year filled with colourful, gorgeous lacquers for healthy nails and loads of great swatching!  Thanks to a great social network community - bloggers that is - for their support, help, advice and comments, all of which are genuinely appreciated.

I will be starting the year off with more "tips" about T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner and all the other line-up by ASK Cosmetics.  We have an exciting year approaching with new product launches, great monthly giveaways, a brand-new "Bare Naked Nail Challenge" for all those who want to improve the condition of their nails and cuticles using our products - details coming the first week of January. 

Now, I realize this challenge might not be so enticing for nail bloggers as you all like to sport the trendiest colours on your beautiful nails, but in case anyone is interested be sure to keep an eye open for the details on how to become part of this event.

Here's to the most colourful, brilliant nails in 2012!  All the best from Lisa  and ASK Cosmetics Inc.



I'm so happy I finally had my FB cover changed ~ :D
Spent quite a while to get the proportion right.
See the speech bubble ? :D

Alright have a great year and I hope to see all of you HAPPY in 2012 ^_^ Chu.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Last day of 2011

I believe everybody thought time passed really quickly.
But in fact, I thought it felt like 3 years gathered into one.
Or maybe it's so fast that I thought some stuff that happened in 2011 are actually in 2010.
Okay mind blown, I don't know what I'm trying to say but still, 2011 is actually the year that I improved/changed the most. Like, in terms of looks and the way I speak or portray myself on the internet and/or in real life.
I thought I was awesome UNTIL I read how I speak half a year ago.
Not that I'm awesome now, but you CANNOT deny how much more awesome I had become in 2011 HAHAHAHAHHA xD

So these are what I did in 2011.
Awesome shit I didn't know I did so much in 12 months.

1) I joined Ganbatte! Japan Charity event~


It's not exactly a good experience for me because I was stuck between famous bloggers, I felt worse than shit. -__- But at least I've seen all of them in real life and I HELPED JAPAN.

2)I won SANA eye make up contest, 1st.

And got myself a lot of sana cosmetics.
But the collection of these cosmetics KILLED ME.

3)I started wearing contact lens and changed my life forever.


I started wearing Maxi eyes. I always thought it's big until I started wearing 16.0mm recently. LOL

4) Joined SHINE festival and made a lot of new friends. :)

LOL and it's my first time seeing derrick hoh. And no, I didn't zoom for this photo lol.

5)Joined Estee Lauder's Makeup worlshop.

It's nothing much big but then I received awesome sponsored products. HAHA.

6) The first time ever in a club in spore.

For Maybelline fashion show event. Not a good experience. But for hampers, yes I don't mind. #kiasuauntie

7) Tried out tons of popin cooking from a blogshop.

I added this in because it sounds cool.

8)Tried Fish & co first time in my life.

Food tasting event or something.

9) Went to Harajuku event.

Ugly me got approached by Nth magazine and got a mini interview by NHK T _ T ♥
Also saw Xiaxue and Utt in real life, the , first, time , ever.

I'm satisfied. lol.

10) Did my first makeup tutorial.

AND BUBZEAUTY WATCHED IT. My life is ....perfect.

11) Met a lot of new friends.

And more but I doubt I have any good photos with them..


Sponsored trip to Kuala Lumpur for Nuffnang Blog Awards.
OH YA 2011, I met cheesie thrice! OMFG.
Also met Audrey for the first time ever, and Xiaxue!

Thank you nuffnang!!

I skipped quite a bit of interesting things but you can always click the archives to see what happened in 2011 ! ♥

Well, 2011 had been pretty good for me as I thought I improved a lot, and even managed to overcome all the obstacles like O levels even though I doubt it will turn out good or what wtf T _ T

I hope 2012 will be even better so I can laugh at the 2011 me . LOL
That's all for this post! BYE, let's countdown for 2012 tonight and pray for a smoother year! ^_^

P.s. I'll pray that my o's result wouldn't be THAT bad. x

What did I buy recently?!!

It's not a good idea to take photos at night because the lighting's super bad and photoshop just can't help. :(

I went to Daiso yesterday and was hunting for this lower eyelash that I used in my makeup tutorial video....

But i think it's OOS :(

So I got this as a replacement instead.
Needa stock up on lower lash for somemore camwhores LOL.

There's this Watson Sale going on the day before so I got some stuff from there :)

My favourite Cream cheek blush was going on sale too ! :D

Sister picked out number 08 for me. The one that I already have is 07 :)

It's a pretty peach pink colour and pardon me for the horrible lighting LOL.

Also bought Kate Designing eyeshadow, omg popteen and vivi models use this SOOO much I need to have one.

They use the lightest shade and medium shade for brows and then the darkest to contour the nose , if I'm not wrong heh.^_^

Repurchased this Essential Hair mask. It's my third tub already and I love it ^_^

I used up my Love More masks so I got this sexy look to try out since it's on a sale!

I'm super desperate to get nice parallel eyelids so I can camwhore and do a video on how to put eyelid tape as requested but all the eyelid tapes doesn't seem to work on me T _ T

This is the double sided one. Got from SASA at $4.50 ! Damn expensive 'cause only got 22 pairs T _ T

Also bought this.......

Cousin told me its awesome but puffy eyelid me STILL CANNOT WORK IT WTF.
Waste my moolah. WTF it's like $3.90 for only 30 pieces.

Looks like this inside.

Also.....for those who are wondering which eyelashes I'm using now, it's this.

Rachell gave it to me because it doesn't fit her. ♥

Alright that's all for this post! :D


Thursday, December 29, 2011

The beauty goodies i got for Christmas!

Ello all! Hope you are all enjoying the holidays!
Whether i like to admit it or not, I'm a little spoiled at Christmas and this year was no exception. I didn't wanna show everything i got because i figured people aren't really interested in the socks and chocolate you get, lol.

So you've probably already spotted it, but the boyfriend got me something I'd be dying to get my hands on, the Clarisonic! I didn't actually get this on Christmas day because he didn't want to buy the wrong one so let me order myself on the day and it arrived yesterday! I already knew i was getting the Nars Damnari palette, as i picked it out but it was still SO exciting to unwrap, it's absolutely gorgeous and i can't wait to start using it! Although the Mac set is a release from last year, it's full of pretty pinks that i really love and was such a thoughtful pressie from my Mum who was scared to buy me makeup as i have so much!
And onto the smellys! Snow Fairy, well you already know how much i love that and now i have an absolutely massive one which is bound to last me months! Tigi Epic Volume is my holy grail shampoo, and i really begrudge buying expensive shampoo so it's really a wonderful gift to get! I have quite a big collection of Soap and Glory but minis are so handy for travel! And lastly Vera Wang Lovestruck, this was technically a present to myself as i spotted this beauty in the sale for £19 and treated myself as its one I've been eyeing for some time now!

The best part of Christmas was getting to spend time with the boyfriend and family.
Thought I'd keep this post short and sweet as i have a couple of series for the blog hopefully in the making for the new year that i want to get cracking on!

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and feel free to share any of your Christmas (or non Christmas, i like reading them) hauls!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Japanese Facial Skin Care Haul

i spent most of my christmas money on this haul, but it is definately worth it
i had been researching these products online and finally bought them!


From left to right:
1. JuJu Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Toner Lotion
2. JuJu Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Milk
( ~i really wanted to try HadaLabo but Nijiya Market[the place where i bought these] didn't have them, but it is also Hyaluronic Acid so JUJU will do for the moment)

3. Kao Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Cleansing Foam
(from the moment this facial cleanser came out i wanted to try it, Biore is one of my loved brands, i can't wait to try this :3)

4.Kracie Naive Cleansing Lotion
( this cleansing oil is suppose to smell like Grapefruit, yum)
5. Kracie Naive Cleansing Foam~ Peach

(i absolutely love this line, i have tried the soap before it it left a squeaky clean feel. i know it doesn't have a peach scent to it but has a mild baby like smell.)

6. Daiso Charcoal Peel Face Mask
(i love face mask, this is suppose to get rid of your dead skin, i hope it's strong enough to also remove whiteheads)

and lastly

7. Nano Hydro Mask Sheet Pack~ Super Hyaluronic Acid
( this is a korean brand but i purchased this from Daiso ^_^)

that's it folks ^_^
i will use these products and will give a review on them soon >3<

i purchased these products from
Nijiya Market, Daiso, Ichiban Kan~ Japantown, San Francisco


Out with naomi~

It's not a good day today.
Something super stupid cropped up, still thinking if I should talk about it or not..

So, I went to SP for a pre-openhouse thing (will blog about it real soon! ^_^)

And then I met up with my bbg Naomi ! ♥

Went to bugis to walk around ~

LOL we only took a photo T _ T

Okay bye. LOL I'm super tired and I don't know what to blog about.
So I'll just show you a photo of pretty naomi with the world ugliest creature, peishi.

Bye lovelies, not in a good mood but will blog soon ! x

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just another camwhore.

Hello nuggets ! LOL.
Been pretty long I did proper makeup, so I thought of trying out more of a darker look than usual.

Even tried red lipstick but it looks weird on me so I removed it xD
And did you background's NO LONGER A MESSY ROOM? ;)
Hell yea.

I think I don't really suit this style though :(

By the way, my eyelash drop and I didn't even realize. #wtf T _ T

OH I'm wearing new lenses from eyesation. I don't know what it's called but should be something along the "moonlight" line.

Stop telling me how eyesation lenses are not authentic because I don't work there, and I already bought it so I might as well try it out.

I thought my eyes look a lot smaller in this makeup.
So in most of the shots, I opened my eyes DAMN hard. But still failed.

Some awkward pose like as if I'm gonna take out my head.

I'm still thinking if I should put on double eyelid tape because I hate how it makes my eyes smaller but then I really like that deep set look :(

...... Or maybe I should try out mezaik fibre ? :(

Okay so that's all for this nonsense blog post.

Monday, December 26, 2011

What's my new year resolutions?

So basically, some things kind of got me to blog this so here I am.
It's like 6 days to the new year!
Have you gotten what you want for the new year?
No I haven't wtfml.

Okay so here are my new year resolutions.

1) I need to see four digits in my bank.

Okay because I had been spending like some whore now and I really need to feed my bank otherwise it'll be as skinny as me. (Wait no, it's skinnier than me now wtf.)
I'm gonna work work work!

2) Get a hair sponsor.

I want a HAIR SPONSOR so bad. Look at my grass hair...I guess grasses are even softer #okcan.
My hair can officially compete with metal wires. I doubt metal wires have any split ends T _ T
So yupp, I want to get a hair sponsor!!!! x__x

3) Increase blog hits.

Okay this should totally be on the TOP of this entire list because that's what it matters. Like without hits, who wants to give me nice hair right? Yea.

4) Think about my future more often.

I seemed to be neglecting my future recently. Having no fame so my blog wouldn't bring me anywhere far. Having no good results so my academics area won't bring me anywhere further either. Well well......

5) Eat a lot more than usual and get at least half of Hyuna's figure.

This is like the main of all main points. LOL. All skinny girls like me will be agitated and swallow ten cows after watching this.


That's pretty much all I can think of now.
So...what's your new year resolutions? ^_^


And so my IMATS countdown begins...

Ello all! 

So it'll be my first time at London IMATS in little over a month, and I'm incredibly excited to say the least! For me this is more exciting than Christmas! I'm only going for the day but i plan to get my epic shop on!

There are tons of awesome brands attending this year and still some room on the floor plan for some more gooduns to be added (I'm sad i check regularly). INGLOT and Makeup Forever are the two I'm overly excited about, since they aren't readily available where i live. So I've planned my budget, god bless Christmas money and student loan! And it honestly can't come soon enough!

Any of you been before or have any good tips for "surviving" the day?

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the holidays!