Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sponsored Post: Jipaban Papier Revier

Pretty stationary time!!

Look what I got from Jipaban, Papier Revier!

One of my favourite....

Their Alphabet/Number Stamps!!

Especially good for people who likes to do scrap-booking or card-making!

Some other stationary..

I LOVE this notebook with those crazy gorgeous prints!
I mean, how can anyone not love this!?

Shimmer Hardcover Notebook!!

You can get them all from
or you can just click into the direct links that I put for you guys! :)


Unseen Pics ~ Part 2

Lip Palettes (i made)
*sorry for the clumsy look, till lately i haven't been using lip brush; now i do*

One of my ugly manis, lol *.*

Want this Mascara, last found on 365gorgeous the price is bit above my budget right now. Am surely getting this by Aug *.* 

Avon Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Perfect Plum (which i lost, booohoooo........)

Do you have piled up unseen pics too??? Share, would love to see *.*


Friday, June 29, 2012

Sponsored Post: Hillsta Amazing Race

As promised, I'll be blogging about the other day!

Rachell and I joined Hillsta's Amazing Race!
We had to solve different task in different stations that were placed around CCK area!
Each station will give us Hillsta money. And the group with the most hillsta money will win the race!

You should have seen Hillsta's commercial on the TV :D
Hillsta's a luxury condominium that is coming up in Phoenix really soon!

Anyway, I wasn't dressed up for the amazing race because we'll be going to club avatar later, and I heard that Hillsta will provide us with T-shirts.

End up the T-shirt is way too big for me, so I didn't wear it lol.

(Pictures stolen from Rachell wtf)

Off we go!
We were so damn excited that we screamed/sung titanium in our own version.
Rachell was like "Diamond is the strongest, cannot break one!"
So we started singing...



The first station of the Amazing Race that we decided to go to is Bukit Panjang Plaza's Starbucks!

You don't know how insane we were wtf.
We were waiting for our turns to complete the task so we ran around, holding imaginary pistols and hiding behind pillars HAHA I know I know..

The first task was to memorize a passage, and piece the scrambled sentences back into the passage that we memorized. 

Off to the next station, Bukit Panjang LRT!
Pardon me, we got too engrossed to the Amazing Race so we forgot to snap some photos!

Next station was to spot the difference! I swear this station is craycray hard.
We have to spot the differences among lots of HDB flats within 5mins!

After that, we ran down to Junction 10!!
Junction 10 is just in walking distance from Hillsta :D
You'll reach there in about 5 mins~

In this station, we have to complete a crossword puzzle given to us!
Then we gotta do something to impress the station masters to get us bonus points wtf.
Guess what we did!!!! ( I'll tell you later ;) )

After this, we headed to Phoenix LRT!
Apparently there were some weird-looking numerical figures thrown on the floor and we have to name them from 1 - 10!
In this station, we said jokes to get bonus points LOL.

The last station was Teck Whye Food Centre!
We need to use the pamphlet given to us and find as many adjective as possible in 3 mins!
After that, they presented us with an answer sheet, that will bring us to our bonus station.

SMART ME -cough- found our way to the bonus station!
In this station, we got to add up all the bus numbers.




We sang "Payphone" and did some VERY dramatic dance moves lol.
I think the station masters got pretty freaked out.

HAHA it was really on random and we never plan the dance moves at all! #TelepathyAtMaximum

So yes, we got back to Hillsta Sale's Gallery and counted our Hillsta money.

"We confirm win one la, $3100!!!"

And then some group passed their money from behind us.

"Erm.. $3200."


*flips hair* Just kidding~

By the way, here's a few shots I got from Hillsta's showroom!

Look at the bed up there! Awesome or what!
So awesome that I HAVE TO DO THIS....


There's a huge mirror downstairs as well so.....

Mirror-ception xD

There are food prepared for our empty tummies!!

And that's all for Hillsta's Amazing Race!
Good to run about once in a while xD

Thank you Hillsta for coming up with such event for us :)
Do check Hillsta out! I find them really special compared to other luxury apartments because they came out with three different types of houses.
Townhouses (Landed property)
SOHO (Office-like home)
& Condominium!

I'll blog about Club Avatar real soon so... wait for it! HAHA.

P.s. You'll see me with the same outfit three posts in a row... O_O

My Top 5 Lipsticks

 Hiya Lovelies! 
Another of my "Top Five" posts for you today! I had real trouble when picking products for this one as I’ve really been loving lip products lately. Now, i have quite a small lip collection as they are something I’ve never been too confident about and "Back 2 Mac" has made my collection lean rather Mac heavy. So to put it bluntly, i couldn't pick just five from all of them, so i narrowed it down to my top bullet form lipsticks. That's not cheating, right? And it also gives me the chance to do another lip related post, bonus!

So yes three of them are Mac, but considering half my collection is Mac, its not that bad! But yes i really do need to branch out with my lip products. And don't worry; I’ve got my eye on some new pretties as we speak!
Mac - Pink Burst
This was a little hidden gem i found at my local Cosmetics Company Outlet late last year. Sadly it was limited edition and google tells me if was from a spring collection in 2010, but I'm hoping it'll get a re-promote at some point because i think it’s an amazing shade! It’s a blue based pink that is perfect for my pale complexion and its chock full of fuchsia glitter. Love! I also love that although it’s full of glitter it’s not at all gritty, as rough lippies are one of my pet peeves. It has great pigmentation, wears really well and makes my teeth look whiter, which is always a plus. I'm just shocked I’ve not heard much on the blogosphere about this shade.

Wet 'n' Wild - Don't Blink Pink
So i love to watch the odd beauty YouTube video and the Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last Lipsticks kept reappearing in favourites and hauls from the USA. So of course i went on the eBay hunt and bagged two for just £3 each, and i am SO glad i did. Don't Blink Pink is probably the brightest colour i own, it really does pack a punch in the colour department. It’s completely opaque with one swipe and leans towards the matte side, which I’m really loving lately. I also find that because it’s a slightly drier formula it wears AMAZINGLY, i feel confident that i don't need touch ups every 10 minutes. And even though it is a drier texture it doesn't really dry my lips out. For a $2 lipstick they are gorgeous and i am really looking forward to picking up a whole load more on holiday.
Mac - Rebel
Now this one gets a lot of love online, and for good reason. Rebel was my favourite shade to wear over the colder months last year. It’s a purplish berry shade that would work well on most skin tones and my lip swatch really does not do it justice. It wears a lot darker on my pale complexion than it appears on camera which is why it’s my winter love. So although it’s not been getting much use over the last few months it really does deserve to be in my top five, it’s a real stunner of a shade.
 Revlon Lip Butter - Peach Parfait
Meet my "lazy" lipstick. This has probably gotten the most use over any lip product in my collection because it is just so easy to wear. Its sheer enough to apply without a mirror without fearing looking like a clown, but adds just enough colour and shimmer to give a sort of "my lips but better" effect. I was a bit bummed at first at the pigmentation of it, but the sheerness of it makes it wearable with nearly anything which is why it has its place constantly in my handbag!

Mac - Costa Chic  
If summer was a lipstick it would be this one. Costa Chic is a gorgeous summery coral colour that i wish I’d purchased sooner. For some time now I’d be avoiding corals like the plague, convinced that on my fair skin it’d give me that tangoed glow that everyone dreads. But how wrong was i? I absolutely love this lipstick! I normally pair it with Nyx's Pinky Lip Pencil, purely because i don't own a coral one yet (not to self, eBay!). My only little niggle is i wish it wasn't a glaze finish, purely because it leaves me on the hunt for matte corals that are just as flattering.

So that’s my Top Five lipsticks!

What are your favourites? Let me know!