Monday, June 3, 2013

10 Things I've Never Told You

Instead of doing a monthly favourite, I will be sharing a little more about myself. Partly because I haven't had much things to share for this month, it is pretty much repetitive.. I don't want to reiterate things that you already know I like. There are some finished products, which I will do it altogether next month ^^

SO... After posting for close to half a year, I bet you might be wondering, who is this thesnowflowerrr person that is always blogging only her eyes, eyebrows and occasionally her lips. And if you are lucky, you even get to see an upside down face of hers...

But who is this person really? What does she do?...

So in order to prove that I am human, I am going to shed some light into my life... Lo and behold for the nice and not-so-nice moments. Please go ahead and laugh if you want, and share with me yours too ^^


1. I come from a nuclear family. In Singapore, you will probably only "leave" the house when you are married or when you are able to afford or own your own house. And owning a house here is very expensive~ 

2. I am a Chinese from Singapore, but I do get some occasional questions whether I have some mixed genetics from our neighbouring countries like Japan and South Korea. Thankful, because I feel they look beautiful hee....

3. My love of my life is probably music. I play the guitar, oboe, violin and the piano. The reason why I am exposed to so many instruments is because the people around me know how to play the guitar, so I picked up a handful of chords from them and learnt the rest online! Bought myself a violin lately and have been getting proper lessons as well. I was an oboist in my secondary school band (high school), and I play the piano since I was young! Well to sum it all, I enjoy making music and I teach music for a living.

4. Snacks I love are as such, calbee potato chips and jagabee, chocolate and anything unhealthy basically.

5. Recently I baked macaroons, and I succeeded. I enjoy baking, and I would bake whenever I could afford to spare time~ And I drew my own template to ensure my shells match, so if you are interested you could download the macarons template here ^^

6. Hello Kitty. I   l o v e   Hello Kitty. Can't explain how much I love her but she's been the reason why my pocket have always had a hole... To prove my love for her, I have a handful of Hello Kitty head cushions laying around in my room, and even ensured that my bedframe and bedsheets were Hello Kitty!

7. When I first started doodling makeup on my face, I only had lipstick. And through reading and watching of other beauty bloggers/youtubers, my collection expanded slightly to include lipstick, foundation to blusher. Everything that you need for the simplest makeup look ever. In my personal opinion, I have a lot of makeup already (it's never hitting pan), and I am thankful for that.

8. More about my skin alright, since this is pretty much all about beauty. I have a combination and acne prone skin. I have never had clear and flawless skin, and after all these while, I am still trying to combat acne. This mostly has got to do with my diet and my sleeping habit, I am having a little breakout on my chin area because I haven't been drinking much water and I am not sleeping enough.

9. I'd rather go out with no makeup than having to put on makeup lately. I only use makeup whenever the occasion arises, now I am so lazy that even if there's an occasion, I would merely apply some concealer on problem areas. Apply lipstick or liptints, and if I am feeling happy, an eyeliner~

10. You probably can guess this, I love Korean makeup and Korean dramas. I am now catching a few dramas - one starring Suzy & Lee Seung Gi, the other starring IU and another one which is called Monstar, starring Hyun Seung. Are you also a Korean drama addict, haa.. if you have never watched Korean dramas before, I would suggest you to try watching 49 days for a start - it is funny yet romantic in someway?!

Alright, I have come to the end of the 10 Things I've Never Told You, expected or unexpected? Haaa, I have let you peeked into my life, how about sharing something about yourself that I don't know? I know I have some friendly readers that have been commenting lately (but I removed Google+ and all comments are gone, boo =[ ).

SO I decided to tag some of you to do this ^^
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