Thursday, June 6, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger / Lady Fox] Pyun Kang Soo Hundred Years, LONG LASTING MOISTURE!

I love moisturizing products, 
But more I use I realize how short the moisturizer last.
Well I found a product
(Something you all would love)
that has really, really, long lasting moisture!!!

Pyun Kang Soo Hundred Years has really
Proving it's ability to me XD

Price / Amount : 48,000won /  100ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

They got their name "Hundred Years"
From the story "Mermaid"

You all know the story of a mermaid who fall in love with a human
trade her soul for legs
(Not the Disney but the real story)
the prince married someone else
and she turns into bubbles
hoping after 100 years 
she can be reincarnated and find her love

Well Hundred years is made for the "mermaid"
So that she doesn't need to wait another hundred years
instead she could apply this product 
and make her scale-dry skin turn soft-skin

I found this very funny...

Now let's learn more about this product!
This product is very proud to presents that it is made with herb medicine
and used natural fermentation, 
Using high tech they made something that need a year of fermentation into
3 days fermentation!
#1 Using Bamboo for fermentation / 
#2 72 hours of fermentation but works like something fermentation for a year 

#3 Like making Herb Medicine they extract all the herb medicine!
#4 Using Hemb to draw out only the good stuff!

Every 25 hours using high tech, they give the change of a year
for 3 days it ferment like it went through a year of fermentation
Extracting all the good stuff into this product makes it 
very natural and safe for all!

Main Ingredient

Opuntia Conccinellifera
This plant can live in harsh and dry climate, has all the stuff for anti-aging
Houttuynia Cordata
This plant was used to disinfect scars and helps grow new skin cells.
So it is good for eczema and all types of skin problems
This is still mainly used for skin medicine
Trichosanthes Kirilowii Max
Used mostly to help body circulations and extract all the toxic inside your body.
It is known to give skin moist and has anti-wrinkles effect

Lysimachia Foenum Graecum
Keeps all skin troubles, irritation, sensitivity allergic reaction to die down
Keeps good blood flow for your skin to keep your skin healthy and well warmed
Also has a good scent
Sasa Veitchii
This plant lives more than 50 years, does well on harsh cold winds
It has the best effect for purification and any inflammation
Keeping your skin transparent and brightened 
Inula Britannica
Keeps your skin well circulated and healthy
Gets rid of unneeded toxic on your skin 
Giving your skin balance of color and nutrition

Don't your love the packaging?
It's not one of those cute and pretty packaging
you can see chinese characters on the sides making it "well designed"
I think it means soft river? In Korean it reads "Peong Kang"

I love pumping types~ and a good size too!

Since there isn't artificial scent there is almost NO scent!
I know there is some people who don't like herb medicine scent
but this has none of those too!

Very creamy soft, almost like very moist lotion or water lotion.
I love the fact you can see the there is so much moist!

Very creamy when applying
It feels like there is a very thin layer on my skin
Because of all those moist it feels very slippery and very water when applying
I like these types of water product
It helps to get all the cream even very detailed places

You can see how the colors even out
darker colors died down
and there is even bit of light reflection because of all the moist!

In Summer I hate any makeup that is bit sticky
Good thing this doesn't have any of that! XD

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