Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feature Your Blog & Share the Love Yo~

Recently I have been featured by Wengie for her routine shout out for fellow bloggers. And I am so thankful that she shared my blog and even spent time to read the contents on my blog!

So I would like to thank her for this shout out, and would also like to share about her blog with my fellow readers. 

Wengie does makeup tutorials, sings, and performs in music videos (which you totally should check them out!). I am subscribed to her almost every social network she is on, because I love her Korean-inspired styles. 

Do check out her blog here:

Also, I am willing to do a shout out for anyone of you whom have just started blogging as well. So fill up the form here and randomly selected blogs will be featured every month ^^ (or week even if response are great!). 

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