Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy theme park day

I rarely go out with my little sister alone because she's the youngest at home and I guess it's only normal for all of us to think she's STILL too young to head out although she's already 13. 
But anyway, we decided to have a quick sister-time at USS yesterday! :D 

It was good 'cause I can't find a friend to go USS with me though I really wanted to. 

So yay!!! 
Another good thing is that USS has this promotion going on so students like us get to have great privileges. And as kiasu as anyone else can be, GOT PROMOTION = MUST GO haha.

I HATE CROWDS and it's the weekday so there were lesser people around!! :D 
Who likes queues, who likes to squeeze with sweaty people?!?!

It's my second or third time at USS so I wasn't that crazy when I went in haha, since I've seen everything before already!! I remember I was soooo mad, running all around taking pictures like a tourist high on drugs wtf. 

HAHAHA BUT I STILL TOOK A LOT OF PICTURES though I wasn't acting like a tourist high on drugs. Light makeup for theme park day! :D

Oh and yes this is my meimei! :D We don't look alike. One reason is because I have makeup on and she doesn't HAHA. Another reason is because....WE ARE BORN LIKE THAT LA I DON'T KNOW WHY.

I thought my favourite ride was Transformers but I changed my mind this time round. 
I really like The Mummy!!! 
It really depends on the seat you get though. I thought Transformers was fantastic 'cause I managed to get the front row and everything turned out to be so realistic! This time I got the second row and it's not as good already. :(

Also sat the supposedly new Sesame Street Ride HAHA. 
What's up Big Bird and your flying spaghetti and meatballs! 

I have this weird habit of standing with my legs twisted like that HAHA. I think it helps to cover up my skinny legs. It's a good pose for people who have horrendously skinny legs though. xD 

Everything's expensive in USS so we decided to go take some pictures when we take a rest!

Damn step right, our pictures HAHAHA. 

Universal Studio's a really good place to snap nice pictures though. xD If you want to act like a professional photographer, you can go there 'cause every angle you snap, the photo will turn out artistic haha. 

Love when the park's about to close because all the rides will have the SHORTEST QUEUE EVERRRR and we can take the rides so many times. 

Anyway, our dinner at Ajisen, after the day at the theme park. 

And ending off with my favourite picture from this trip!!!!


My #YOLO moment (wtf) - Just sit in the middle of nowhere and attempt to snap an awesome picture. Genius sister and I *ahem*. 



Okay byebye! x

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