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Acne Prevention and Cause

Acne is everyone's common enemy. They come and go as and when they like, and how can we prevent the repercussion of a crazy acne outbreak. Furthermore, what causes acne?

What is Acne
A skin condition that is otherwise known as acne vulgaries, which gives us pimples on our skin. These pimples can be found anywhere on our body and at any age.

When sebaceous (oil) glands attach to the hair follicles which are stimulated by puberty by elevated levels of male hormones (androgenic hormones), acne is formed. Our skin naturally produces sebum (oil) to moisturise and protect our skin. However excess sebum production will clog the hair follicle, which will gradually enlarge and produce a bump. The wall of the enlarged follicle may rupture to allow bacteria and normal skin bacteria access into the deeper layers of the skin, ultimately producing inflammation.

Different Types of Pimples

  • Whiteheads - oil that breaks through the surface and remain under the skin and are very small
  • Blackheads - caused by accumulation of melanin pigment in the oil, or when the oil is oxidized and changes from white to black. clearly visible but is not caused by dirt. Scrubbing your face vigorously will not help. 
  • Papules - visible on the surface of the skin
  • Pustules - clearly visible on the surface of the skin, caused by inflammation, and are usually red at their base with pus at the top
  • Nobules - clearly visible on the surface of the skin, they are large, solid pimples. Painful and embedded deep in the skin
  • Cysts - very deep inflammation which are clearly visible on the skin. They are painful and filled with pus. Cysts can easily cause scars!

Acne Causes
There are various factors that cause acne, and a key trigger for acne are hormones. Acne typically begins around puberty when an increase of steroid (androgenic) hormones causes an increase in the activity of sebaceous hair follicles.

However if acne continues to persist beyond the age 25 or 30, it may be due to other factors: heredity, stress, diet, certain medication, thyroid, vitamin deficiency, or other endocrine problem chronic irritation and bacteria can also play a role in acne. Acne are mostly a cause of a combination of several factors. 

Some other factors that you might even neglect!!

  • beauty routine - make sure you remove your makeup entirely before bed
  • cell phone - keep it away from your face or regularly wipe the screen
  • touching your face - i am so guilty of this...

10 Tips to Prevent Acne from WebMD

  1. Keep your face clean - wash your face twice a day
  2. Moisturise - I read somewhere, that your skin produces more oil because it is lack of moisture, so you do not want to skip moisturiserrr...
  3. Try an over the counter acne product - I personally resolved my crazy acne outbreak with an over the counter acne product ^^ 
  4. Use makeup sparingly
  5. Watch what you put on your hair
  6. Keep your hands off your face
  7. Stay out of the sun - sunrays will aggravate acne
  8. Avoid greasy and junk foods - drink more water and avoid fried food especially
  9. Exercise - they help to purge out the toxins when you perspire~
  10. Relax and chill - stress causes acne, so take a chill pill and do something you like 

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