Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox] Sulwhasoo Mian Finnisher

After you wash your face and ready to star makeup what is your routine?
For me it is:
- Skin
- Lotion
- Cream (Moist cream)
- BB cream
- Eye liner
- Lip Gloss than lip stick
- Eye shadow and mascara
- Blusher
(Tell me yours comment below!)

However I found a product I would Love to introduce, that kinda change my routine.
I consider Skin, Lotion and Cream is the basic skin care for makeup, Sulwhasoo Mian Finnisher changed that.

Price / Amount : 90,000won / 80ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email : myteacupstory@gmail.com

Sulwhasoo mian Finnisher is good for the last product to use for your basic skin care.
Because it is not just a moisturizer but makes a barrior for your skin so that all that makeup all day long don't age your skin so much. Plus it makes your skin so beautiful that your makeup will shine on top of it.

Sulwhasoo, like always, this product is made with good stuff, like green tea leaves, ginseng roots, etc. The package look very like china pots. Very tradition look. LOVE IT!

pumping type!

Since it is used to finish off your basic skin care it is very light, and very moist, it is not sticky at all! No greasy feeling either. (I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!) 

[K pop star / Lady Fox] Brown Eyed Girls - Oasis Music Video, Lyrics, Good Song for the Summer!

[K pop star / Lady Fox] Brown Eyed Girls - Oasis Music Video, Lyrics, Good Song for the Summer!

Summer is comming and have to plan to go anywhere?
Remember that place is important but even more so is the people you are going with.
It can you your friends, your lover, your parents, your husband/wife, etc. but traveling is special not because of what is there but who you are sharing it with ;)

Brown Eyed Girls - Oasis, Music Video

Brown Eyed Girls - Oasis 

I am so busy this summer
Where ever it is, I don't think I can go
And horizon of the sky and the blue sea
are calling for you and I oh~

I'm really fine even in the city
If you can only be with me
I fwe can only share bean sundae together
that's all i need
While walking through trees with you
I am not jealous of anyone
You are my ocean, you my wave

When you hold me I can hear the waves
Complex events in hot summer
I mihgt forget them all

You are my forest you are my tree
When I'm with you I can feel cool wind
Staying in the city where everyone left
You and I will love each other

Yeah! come on yo!
Why aren't you pumped?
You and I are both happy, I would never leave you
Even trip to whole world is meaningless without you
I only need you, only if you are here with me
Even if I am alone in nowhere everything is fine

When night falls to this city
I would hold you hand and hold popcorn
and if we can watch scary movie
It's happy night!

When I pretend to be suprised and hold you tight
This night is the most beautiful night
You are my ocean, you are my wave
When you hold me, I can hear the waves
Complex events, in this hot summer
I might forget them for a while

You are my forest you are my tree
When I'm with you I can feel cool wind
Staying in the city where everyone left
You and I will love each other

My heart explodes and I'm flying
I don't know what to do

If you just stay with me
Where ever I am I will be happy
I love you

DRx: Essential Facial (Plus)

Few days ago, I made a visit to DRx Medispa for a quick facial session! :D
I know it's hard to believe but....ahem, it's my very first facial so I was quite scared of how it will turn out.

Before you read on, I don't have any pretty pictures of myself in this post so please don't panic and run away after you see my no makeup pictures lol. 

DRx Medispa has a different ambience compared to DRx Clinic (you can read my previous post on DRx Clinic HERE).

At DRx Medispa, they have warm lighting and soothing music so it is definitely a very comfortable and relaxing place for your facial.

After using a month of products from Derma-X range, they prepared a facial session for me to quicken the process to having the flawless face I wanted!

For this facial session, they did Essential Facial (Plus) on me!

Just as the name stated, this facial treatment is essential for the maintenance of a good complexion!
It consists of 4 steps.

1) Ultrasonic Cleansing 

Here, they use an ultrasound device to eliminate dead cells from skin's surface and loosen impurities, oil, blackheads and whiteheads within the pores.
After this, it will be easier for them to remove the impurities from your face, without damaging the surrounding skin.

2) Microdermabrasion (Only for Essential Facial Plus)

This involves the removal of superficial layers of the skin with a special machine.
This procedure results in clearer looking skin and if repeated over a period of time, gives skin a smoother texture and reduce fine lines!
DRx Microdermabrasion was awarded a 4-star "Must-try" rating by Female magazine.

3) Extraction

Many of my friends told me facial is so painful because of extraction! I was so scared of extraction so when the therapist told me "I will be doing manual extraction now." I was like "*o* noooooo."
I didn't turn out as bad as what my friends said even though I have to admit it's still very painful, plus this is my first facial, so I guess there are really a lot of clogged pores and impurities they need to get rid of.

4) Ultrasonic Nutrient Delivery 

From here, they use an ultrasound device to deliver the goodness such as PG vitamins and essential compounds into your skin!
They used Vitamin C on me for a firmer, younger skin. It is also known to produce an overal skin lightening effect and a more even skin tone!
And YES we can see the difference right after the treatment.

They ended off the facial treatment with a Therapeutic Mask.
MY FAVOURITE PART haha because after the extraction, you will feel like you really need something to cool your face down.
They applied this really thick and cold mask on my face and let me rest for a while. :D

This is how my face looks like, right after the facial.

There is no downtime after the facial - which means you can go out without looking like a complete clown right after haha.
However, your face will still be slightly swollen and have some slight red marks caused by extraction.

Within a day, they will all be gone!!! :D

I did the facial a day before filming and it was so smooth and flawless the next day it looks like I have no pores at all lol.

I am still using Derma-X products!
The biggest problem on my face will be my horrible forehead and as you can see from the picture above, it's pretty cleared up already, leaving just a few acne scars which will, hopefully, be gone very very soon!

If you're interested to consult the doctors and is new to DRx,
your consultation fee will be waived off when your mention "Peishi" while making an appointment!

DRx Clinic/ Drx Medispa is located at Tong Building (between lucky plaza and paragon in Orchard), 16th floor. :D

Thank you DRx for the very nice skin and I'll keep you updated regarding my skin. :D


Monday, April 29, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox] Aritaum Self Hair Tint and How to use them

[Korean Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox] Aritaum Self Hair Tint

For a while I've been think 'Korean people don't know about hair coloring products..' and I should thank Sunny, K pop star member of Girls' Generation, her colorful hair color really draw in a lot of interest in these kind of products. Thx Sunny!

Aritaum have understood this growing interest and brought out a coloring product Aritaum Self Hair Tint!

If we tried to just dye these color every time, it will damage our hair so much, and I'm sure Sunny didn't dye these color.

There are three colors,

Price / Amount : 7,900won / 2.5g
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email : myteacupstory@gmail.com

If you carefully look at these color, their pigment is strong.
Well, obviously in order to color it on your hair you need some strong pigment

Like all power type of cosmetic it gets everywhere.
These can be wiped off when landed on clothes but not on your skin
(on skin it takes like 2~3 days to wipe these off)

So get some news paper around your clothes and ready the following
Hair spray and curling iron 

Instead of using your fingers like when you apply eye shadow, try rubbing (You still will get some powder on your hands so use gloves)
Then Iron it to dye it
Because it is power you need it to stay on, and not get all over your face, use hair spray

See how the color have dyed on?
If you love it follow my blog to see updates!

Announcement: My Sales Corner

Hello and welcome to my blog! 

I have at least 80 readers a day at my blog, and have a total readership of about 9000 and counting! Just to thank the new readers and supportive readers, I have a small giveaway upcoming, about food! 

Also, I recently created a new tab or page, "My Mini Sales Corner", to sell off items that I have duplicates, do not use, or have "grown out" of. I will also be uploading some textbooks and books that I have in my stash (though not a lot, because I like to hoard books). 

So I hope you all will support my mini sales corner keke, and stay tuned for more exciting reviews, makeup tutorials and giveaways.

Since Mother's day is coming, you could get a gift for your mum or you can get something you like for yourself at a discounted price :)

Can I also ask for your inputs? 
Please help me by letting me know what you would like to read on my blog. Is it makeup tutorials, more reviews, travelling tips etc, by doing the poll on the right hand side. All I need is just 1 minute =)

Thank you in advance and have a wonderful week folks!

[K pop Star News / Lady Fox] Come Back! Secret Off to Saipan for Their New Album YooHoo, Teaser

Secret Off to Saipan for Their New Album YooHoo, Teaser

Cute four groups of girls have been abandoned in a island!
No I'm kidding, Secret have visited Saipan and did a shot for their new album 'Letter From Secret'. Having the beautiful Saipan as the background their Music Video story is about abandoned four adorable girls, making this Music Video, sweet, loving, adorable, charming and bright!
Album Teaser

For a Free Album Don't forget to visit Allkpop for Exclusive Give Away!
Here's the link : Click Here

Sunday, April 28, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox] Vicioni Extra Hydrating Sleeping Pack

I have very sensitive skin. Those who have read my previous posts may have noticed I have the skin of a baby. Soft when well cared for if just a day of lazy off my skin will go firing hell.

I have to be very careful what I use, so like me if you are looking for a sleeping pack that is not irritating and healthy(well, close to healthy) product I'll introduce to Vicioni's Extra Hydrating Sleeping Pack.

Price / Amount : 18,000won / 140ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email : myteacupstory@gmail.com

Plus this product has reduce the size to 1/10 of your hair thickness so that it is easier to absorbed deep into the skin.

It said it had got ride of chemical commonly used in cosmetic. (Love it even more!)
No preservatives, No artificial colors, No artificial scent, No talc, No silicones, No mineral oil, No steroids, No ethanol amine

I don't know if you can see all the pictures on the left, it is the ingredient used for this product. I can see they used a lot of whole grain and fruit. The product is made so NATURAL, Healthy for your skin XD

Not tested on bunnies! and Natural Origin

I like this jelly like texture

It is like a watery jelly so it spread all too well.

Not applied/ Applying / After Apply
I love how the moist and sparkle skin stays even after use.
Doesn't the skin look so healthy and pretty?

Before / After
See how it enlightens your skin?
Makes your skin look clean and well cared for!

[K pop Star / Lady Fox] Wonder Girls - So Hot English Sub HD MV and Lyrics

Do you need some self-esteem?
Well, you'll get some while listening to this music

Please ask me who is Go Soo Young?
and who is Ha Ji Won
(You can find they are mentioned in the lyrics)
Go Soo Young is a famous women in the cosmetic ads.
You'll see her face quiet often
She is famous for her beauty spot on the nose.
Ha Ji won is another famous beautiful star
Especially her legs (I WANT THOSE!)

Wonder Girls - So Hot English Sub

Wonder Girls - So Hot 

Why do you keep Staring at me? eh eh
Am I that pretyy? e e
Even if I'm that pretty, if you keep staring like that
I get little embarresd e e

Whenever I walk past ah ah
The guys turn their heads uh uh
I can feel the hot attention
What can I do? e e 

I'm so hot, I'm so pretyy
I'm so fine, I've go so much charm
I'm so cool, I'm so awesome
I'm so so so hot hot

The gazes that are always directed to me e e
The guys who constantly follow me e e
I should be used to it by now
Why am I still so nervous e

I want to live a quiet life e e
Like other girls um um
My mom's to blame, she made me this way
My llife is so tiresome

I'm so hot, I'm so pretty
I'm so fine, I've go so much charm
I'm so cool, I'm so awesome
I'm so so so hot hot

I'm so hot, I'm so pretty
I'm so fine, I've go so much charm
I'm so cool, I'm so awesome
I'm so so so hot hot

Everybody's watching me
Cause I'm hot hot
Everybody's wanting me
Cause I'm hot hot

All the time everywhere this spotlight keeps following me
It follows me whenever I go to restaurant stree cafe night club
How much older do I have to get?
To cool down this popularity

My sexy eyes are like Go Soo Young
My beutiful legs like that of Ha Ji Won
I can't help it, I think everyone likes me oh no
Please Leave me alone
Still the boys be loving me
Girls will be hating me
They will  never stop 
Cuase they know I'm hot hot

I'm so hot, I'm so pretty
I'm so fine, I've go so much charm
I'm so cool, I'm so awesome
I'm so so so hot hot

Get me a time machine.

Took the time machine back to the 80s the other day.
Went filming for Shigga Shay's upcoming MV "Limpeh" :D (actually didn't really help much haha just sit there and watch show wtf)

I was supposed to be there very early and Cho's time is supposed to be there a few hours later than me HAHA but I *ahem* asked *ahem* him to accompany me over at my time and he did. :D YAY!

Took quite a bit of pictures in my phone O_O
I didn't even realise and I think it's gonna be quite crazy for me to instagram all of them so I decided to post them here instead.

Back alley where they filmed and I watched show hahaha. All of them are soooo hardworking one lol filming MV isn't as easy as what you thought. :O

Also a picture of me just in case you miss my face already.... HAHA.

And then a picture of the very nice custard bun at Swee Choon. I WANT ONE NOW.

So...I'm gonna post all the pictures and you'll just enjoy all of them okay.

I doubt you'll read what I type here anyway. And I think you've already skipped this part, looking at all the pictures now. TOO MUCH.


Don't ask.

Support Shigga Shay's new MV when it's out okay! :)

Ending off with some pictures with..

Shigga Shay and two photobombers behind HAHAHA.

Weiliang :D

And Tosh :D


After that, Cho and I went to meet up with Jan and Hao for dinner at Sakura, which was on Hao hehe.
THANKS FOR THE DINNERRRR. And I didn't take any pictures 'cause I was too tired to whip out my camera to snap any pics. :'(

THANKS FOR READING and I have no idea why this suddenly became long enough to be a blog post lol.


Monthly Finished and Favourites - April

This month, I managed to clear a couple of my favourite products. And please keep on reading if you are interested to know what are my favourites as well as finished items of the month!

Well, when you finish these products, it just means that you get to replenish and buy new ones! Teehee, I am trying to finish all the products that I have bought before I get new items, because I have piled up quite a lot of beauty and skincare related items due to the Watsons Sale that happens ever so often. 
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

[Korea Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox] Etude House Minime World Travel

[Korea Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox] Etude House Minime World Travel

I love this product! Most of all because of the package. XD

These the types I'm not sure if you can see their scent!

 These are water type, basically can be used anywhere on your hair, body, etc.