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♥ Pout Perfect ♥ contest ~ Open Internationally ♥

  1. You must be a follower of Lipgloss Affairs (via GFC)
  2. Bloggers can do a blog post if they wish but preferable method is tag 'Lipgloss Affairs ~ A Beauty Blog' and post your entry pic on FB . Make sure its visible on Lipgloss Affairs FB page timeline so everyone can view it.
  3. Participant needs to have an FB Account that too a valid one. Every particpant's FB page will be checked, if found fake, the entry and the participant will be blocked even for all future giveaways and contests.
  4. One single person can post upto/max 5 pics. But every pic needs to be on a theme, so pick your caption well. Catchy Caption may help you more!
  5. Pic should be of good quality( only Lips NO FOTD's), and mention the product used (ex ~ Revlon Colorburst Hazelnut etc.,)
  6. Open Internationally, contest begins on 1st Nov 12.00 AM EST / 10.30 AM IST and ends on 1st Dec 12.00 AM EST / 10.30 AM IST
  7. All the entry pics will be re-posted on the blog however none of the pics will ever be used for any commercial manner. 
  8. This is not a Voting system Contest, though comments and shares are acceptable; Pls do not try to spam in any manner.
  9. This is not a sponsored contest, and i have every right to reject any entry if found picked from another blogger.
  10. Though you can tag me and let me know what you'd love to get; its solely upon me what i pick. However as mentioned earlier winners will get the announced amount worth Lip Products (only)
Following details are must, so enter through Rafflecopter and post pics on FB ~

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 ♥ Sangy

Makeup Tutorial: Bronze Goddess Smokey Eyes

This theme is somewhat inspired by the Brown Eyed Girls' Sixth Sense music video. Something more subtle and suitable for daily wear, suitable for work and partying as well. 

Let's get started with our Bronze Smokey Eyes ;)
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Relaxing with a cuppa - L'etoile

You don't know how much I LOVE pretty little cafes.
No crowd, no noises - Exactly what I've been yearning for.

Visited this place that is inspired by the indie cafes in Japan.

L'etoile Cafe
106 Owen Road 
Singapore 218953

It's located near Farrer Park MRT station. About 5 minutes walk from there!

I think they used to open only on certain days but now, they are open daily.

We got up to the second floor because there were more seats upstairs.

Super comfortable place to be in. Lovely place to just sit down and chill a bit.

Sat there the entire evening with my bestie and talked about everything.

They have hand-writtened menus!! Amazing enough. I wouldn't be THAT patient to draw everything out.

One thing I dislike is that I have to picture how the food looks like in life, since there are no actual pictures of the food on the menu.
I'll definitely prefer seeing pictures of their food on the menu instead. :(

You can gauge the price of their food from the picture above!

Their coffees are about $4 and above.

I ordered Macchiato to perk me up a little. I woke up at 5am that day for school!

Macchiato is actually espresso + milk :D It was pretty good. That small cup kept me awake up till now O_O

The food I ordered was...

Smoked Duck Sandwich - $13.90
It's not very good. I was expecting something a little more unique.

Pan Seared Dory - $16.90
I tried a bit of this and I find the fish REALLY tender. Yum :D

Some pictures taken at L'etoile.

My face. In your face.
Did really really thin makeup that day. Lazy day. Bum bum bum~

It's pretty fun to explore everywhere just to look for hidden gems like this because I'm really bored of the usual places that we always hang around at.

Outfit of that day.

Sit down and have a cup of coffee with your friends. You'll probably prefer doing that after a while :D.

Anyway, I'm super thankful to have a friend who is willing to help me snap any picture, anywhere! Thank you Wanteng :D

Love y'all.

Got dry hands?

Q:  My hands always get dry and peel in the winter.  What can I do to prevent this?

Your skin becomes dry when it loses two things:  its natural oils and water.  To remedy this, you need to pay attention to how you wash as well as moisturize them.

Why it happens.....  The air in a harsh, windy winter climate is often dehumidified, which means it doesn't just pull moisture out of the environment but your skin as well.  Using indoor heaters has the same effect.  In addition, people tend to wash their hands more often during cold and flu season, and exposure to harsh soaps and solvents can strip your skin of its oils.

Wash carefully.....  Try to only cleanse the palms of your hands and rinse well, as soap residue is drying and irritating.  Choose a mild soap (without any harsh surfactants) if possible.   Advice:  If you are not using the ASK Cosmetics Hand & Nail Cleanser, then opt for a mild glycerin soap as glycerin is a humectant, which means it will bind water in the skin, thereby helping to reduce water loss.

Soothe your skin.....  Moisturize your hands immediately after washing them.  A good practice is to apply moisturizer after wetting and drying your hands first as the purpose of moisturizer is to lock in the water that your skin just soaked up.  At night, give your hands a good lengthy wash in warm water, towel dry, then apply your moisturizer.  Cover them with cotton gloves to lock in the ointment and wear them overnight.  Advice:  If you are not using the ASK Cosmetics Skin Conditioning Milk, then try shea butter or oil (almond or jojoba) for your night-time moisture treatment.

What you need to know about these products......  ASK Cosmetics' Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser, which is 98% milder than any baby soap on the market and formulated using succinates rather than sulfates (harsh, irritating surfactant from the salt family of chemicals).  It's gentle enough to bathe a baby, yet strong enough to get off the toughest dirt and grime from a mechanic's hands.

For optimal moisturization I would recommend the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk, which contains the 5 most important ingredients one wants in a moisturizer, among them hyaluronic acid.  It can be used head to toe as an all-over moisturizer.  Formulated without waxes and silicones it does not leave your hands (or body for that matter) with a waxy feeling and it does not strip your hands of their natural moisture factors, rather it enhances them.  An added benefit:  the Skin Conditioning Milk does not leave a "silicone glove" on your nails, which is one possible cause for yellowing, dry finger nails.

Healthy, natural, enhancing skin care does get any easier than this.
All ASK Cosmetics products can be puchased at their online shop or by calling them toll-free at 1-877-275-5566.
Enjoy the rest of your day, Lisa M

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SIREN and Update

Hi everybody! I apologize for the lack of post, I swear this is the busiest year of my life and I am not even going to school at the moment. Time just seem to pass faster, things get in the way and I feel so tired all the time from work. Also something heartbreaking happened, my dog/bestfriend developed bone cancer and passed away. It was really hard and it still hurts even now, but i know that he is watching over me from a better place. I have been taking pictures for blog post but never got the time to write about them so watch out for a bunch of reviews and other post coming your way! Also I will be having a Giveaway next month! YAY! One more thing that I have been working on is...... dun dun dun...

I made a small online shop! Just opened today!
I hope you check it out.
(click me)
<3 p="p">

thanks so much!

♥ Myriad Vintage Shopping Pass Giveaway ♥

Today i have another lovely and exciting Giveaway sponsored by lovely Ashley of Myriad Vintage.

About the Sponsor ~

MyriadVintage owner, Ashley is a graduate student studying business, with an appetite for Vintage Fashion. It all started when she was a child, tagging along with her mother on random thrifting trips. She would tweak items with simple sewing to suit her taste, and has grown quite a vintage collection over the years. Her hope is to share her finds with others all over the world. All items in her shop are quality standout pieces, and can be styled with other vintage items, or paired with modern apparel and accessories for flaire. There are always new items being added so check back often!
Visit her store here ~ Myriad Vintage

MyriadVintage invites you to use this month's discount code: MVINTAGE for 10% off your purchase.

And use that discount right away if you find something exciting already ^.^
Also she is giving away a shopping pass to one of my lovely friends.... enter through Rafflecopter ~

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Goodluck Beautifuls

♥ Sangy

A newly discovered company with innovative technology!

Products that make you smile......

Caribongo is the name of a company I discovered in Naples, Florida on a recent photo shoot for ASK Cosmetics.  At first I was drawn into the store by the plentiful racks of white T-shirts with really interesting designs on them.  All the time thinking to myself – why are they all plain white without any hint of colour whatsoever?
Upon chatting with Andrea, the sales manager, I found out a lot about the company’s unique technology.  Caribongo’s shirts are printed with specially formulated inks, changing an ordinary design into something magical.  Their business card reads:  Step into the sun and watch the fun!


Not only do they sell T-shirts for all ages, they also offer this technology in jewellery and nail polishes as well.  You can find out a lot more about this company on their website right here.
The first swatch I did looks like a frosty mauve in the bottle and it is supposed to turn red according to the lid.  Recommended coverage – 2 coats.
Result – Instantaneously when exposed to the sun polish shade becomes more intense.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it red, but a very luscious mauve with a reddish undertone.  Even the polish bottles change when exposed to the sun.
As it was a wonderfully sunny day I couldn't work fast enough to get great shots of this polish in its original state as light mauve, then the sun-activated version, which BTW was supposed to be red but looks a lot more like a deep pink shade, very beautiful nevertheless.
The second swatch was on my right hand looks like frosty coral in the bottle.  It, too, is supposed to turn red according to the lid.  Recommended coverage – 2 coats. 
Before sun-activation and you can see the shade it will turn to in the sun on the top of the lid. 
This manicure immediately turned far deeper, more intense almost to a red, but not quite. If you take your hands out of the sun, the polish shade gets lighter returning to its original shade very quickly.
In my next segment I will show you the T-shirts I purchased as X-mas gifts for my nieces and nephews.  My only regret is that I didn't buy more.  Once I saw for myself how quickly the jewellery and T-shirts change their colour, I was quite impressed. 
As far as the polishes are concerned - photographing this technology was a huge challenge.  No sooner had I set everything up, the polish bottles AND my nails started to alter their shade.  At that moment I needed four more hands to help me get the shots I wanted.  However, I hope that you will check out this company and their unique technology.  Any of their items would make fun gifts for young and old alike, I'm sure.
What do you think of this technology?  Have you seen it before?  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this blog post.  Comments are always welcome.  Bye for now, Lisa M.

What's in my wallet?

You have been requesting for the "What's in my ..." posts/videos so I'll start off with one of the most important things in my life, MY WALLET.

Honestly, I didn't want to do any of these posts because they will turn out really boring but since you asked for it.... might as well! :D

Oh yes, I got my formspring back up! If you have anything that you're dying to know, ask on my formspring! BUT, I won't be answering the repeated ones, sorry!

I was checking my formspring the other day and realized a lot of you asked about my wallet!

It's from Victoria's Secret!! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH.
If I'm not wrong, it should be about $166.
Yes, it's my OWN money - before you leave nasty comments.

This is how it looks like inside!! HOT PINK. NICE.

Here's what I have at the front compartment.

My preferred card for Seoul Garden. I won this from their contest back then and I have no idea if it's expired or not. Probably expired lol.
Two Starbucks cards. One from a friend and the other I won from another contest HAHA.
Blue Timezone card. Cineleisure gave it to Rachell and I. (Anyway, it's empty -_-)

At the compartment for cash, I threw in some movie passes from Cathay :) Just in case.

I'll skip the money part LOL.
More cards inside - I/C, ATM card.
Kopitiam card and The Face Shop card a friend gave me.

I have a lot of rubbish in my wallet.
Some name cards that I keep, tickets from Disneyland/other events.
Loyalty cards from some froyo shops and random vouchers!

Aaaaand I put my coins at the back LOL.

Boring as hell because my life is boring as hell.

Anyway, I'm looking for a hair sponsor!
Contact me - if you're interested.

B-Y-E :D

Sunday, October 28, 2012

♥ Love Kills Boutique Giveaway Winner... ♥

And the Winner is ...........

Marine Rose Decena 

Congrats Girl.... Pls respond to my email within 24 hrs. 
And to everyone else, thankyou for participating... I have more giveaways lined up, so fret not ^.^

Have a Lovely Day ahead.......

♥ Sangy