Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side.

I've been getting really busy lately. It's the school holiday, and I guess it's good that I'm keeping myself busy with things that I can't be busy with when my school reopens.

Being busy is great though. I get to be distracted so I won't be annoyed by things I shouldn't even care about.

Anyway, some pictures I took after snapping some pics for adverts. To compensate the lack of updates!

Tried on new lenses! Still like grey lenses more than any other colours!

So what am I busy with recently?
I'm preparing for something really huge! I hope all of you will like it as much as I do because I haven't get to sleep for like two nights already. I have to blame the lack of sleep that is screwing my temper up.
Can't tell you what it is now but please keep close and wait for it!!! :D

I've been watching a lot of movies and shows online to keep myself entertained, besides being busy over that big launch! I don't usually do that yknow. Usually I'll just scroll through Twitter and Instagram the whole day haha.

Did I mention I got my ring light? HAHA It has been quite some time already, that explains the ring of light in my eyes. This is the first time I use my camera to camwhore under the ring light.
I COULD SEE MY PORES before I edit the lighting wtf.

Anyway, I bought bobo the other day at Bugis!!! :D Always wanted one to hug to sleep (despite having a dozen of plushies on my bed already wtf)!

NOW IT'S MY BESTFRIEND. Maybe we can make the BFF tag together or smth. :D JKKK LOL.

Thank you for reading!! :D Grateful to have all of you around.


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