Sunday, June 23, 2013

IMATS London 2013 - The Pictures

 Ello lovelies! 

So yesterday i had the hard task of dragging my bum out of bed extraordinarily early (4am to be exact) and hop on a train to London to visit this years London IMATS show. Oh its a hard life.... ha.

This was my second year attending the event and last year for me was all about the shopping! This year i wanted to take in more of what the show had to offer and spend a lot more time watching and enjoying some of the magnificent artistry on show. Oh, and do a little shopping of course. Unfortunately this year my partner in makeup related crimes is currently working in Florida (i know, how selfish right? :P ) but luckily good ol' Mum stepped in and offered to come with me for the day. Thanks Mum!

Because of our super early train times we arrived pretty early and were near the front of the queue. We managed to get most of our shopping done by 11pm due to sticking more or less to my prepared shopping list. I really do not like having a budget lol. There were a couple of minor disappointments on the day, Bobbi Brown were only selling to customers with a pro card, which to me seemed a little silly. Secondly Nars only had a small selection of products on sale, although having their whole range on display. I think this was due to only having a relatively small booth so they obviously couldn't stock the whole range, but to make up for this the stock they did have was significantly discounted (around 50%), so i gots me some bargains! I spent my last few hours there taking in the stunning artistry on show and as you can see from the pictures, it certainly didn't disappoint! I even managed to see Terry Barber from MAC work his magic on the main stage, but due to camera fails I was only able to grab a quick Instagram pic of his work.

I'll be posting a separate haul of all the goodies i purchased on the day
because this post is already huge with all the gorgeous makeup i snapped, enjoy!

We don't have a MAC store in Southampton, so this got me a little excited to say the least!

Oh Parian Spirit, why you smell so good?

Karla Powell MUA doing her thing at the Crown Brush booth! I wasn't around for the finished look but if you follow her on Instagram you would of seen her pop art inspired masterpiece. I really do love her work!

I managed to completely resist Inglot this year....


LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! (My bad for the blurry pic, but they were amazing!)

So that's all my snaps for the day. How amazing are those looks!?

Did you go to IMATS this year?

Feel free to link me your posts/hauls, i love a good nosey!

Up next, the haul...


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