Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mini Elf Haul

 Hey guys! I'm currently over the moon at getting a new camera which means i can FINALLY start putting more time and effort into making my blog posts a bit more informative and interesting. To top it off i got two packages through the post today, one being some storage I'll post about later and the other being my exciting little brown box! And as i have a little time today i wanted to put up a little post on my latest E.l.f haul. 

As you may or may not have known E.l.f were generous enough to have a 50% off everything sale over the past few days for reaching 200k Likes on Facebook. The fact it was a whopping 50% off was a bit of a surprise as they have said in the past that they were unable to have those sort of promotions due to shipping and taxes from importing their stock from America. As you probably know already all of their products are extremely reasonably priced before their sales so after battling with the E.l.f website for about an hour i finally managed to get a little order done. Unfortunately at the time a lot of my favourite products were out of stock but as i needed some new brushes and felt like trying some new things i jumped on the offer!

What i got:
Liquid Eyeliner - Coffee
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - Coffee
Shimmer Pencils - Boldly Bronzed & Gunmetal
Dramatic Lash Kit
Nail Polish - Golden Goddess

Studio HD Powder
Studio Makeup Mist & Set
Foundation Brush x2
Studio Angled Foundation Brush
Eyeshadow brush x2

I know it's not the most interesting of E.l.f hauls but i have a ton of their products already and can't resist a sale! I'd like to do an Elf collection post as i have so much and review the products i love or hate in more detail as i feel they are very hit or miss!

Thanks for reading and I'd love to see/read your haul posts or videos so feel free to link me them :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sponsored Post : NYC shine festival Media Conference

Invited over to Scape for NYC shine festival Media conference !! ^_^

Okay before ALL the awesome words and what it's ALL about ...
I'll present to you.
My face. LOL

I was there at the media conference with Shuqing !! I totally forced her to wait for me through the phone 'cause I don't like going places alone #loneryetafriadofbeingalone

Please continue reading if you're a lonely teenager like me.
...Even if you're not , please continue reading for the sake of my face ;) lala~

Okay , did i mentioned that I WAS ALMOST LATE....again ? ):
Woke up late so i rushed and took the outfit hooked outside my cupboard. T _ T
Not a green day so i didn't wanna wear green that day #LOLEXCUSES
But you know, you've seen me in this outfit before , 'cause that post and this post , happen the same day... ^_^"

OKAY i shall go back to the point.

This is the warehouse at scape that the whole media conference happened XD

Sho dark inside i had difficulties changing my night mode and stuffs !!! T _ T

And here is the no match orange colour strap thing you saw on my bag.

So we were waiting for everything to start so we started camwhoring + checking out the hamper. #typicalkiasuaunties

ANDDDD woohoo , the NYC shine festival media conference finnaly STARTED :)

Snap snap , and here's the host for the day ! :)

There were pretty much performances in stall for the medias and they were really awesome :)
Talents makes me feel inferior. xD

Okay so ! They were talking about NYC shine festival that is COMING UP VERY SOON !
*tell me more tell me more!*
Alright-to , i can see that ALL of you are VERY interested already right ?? Okay i shall tell you what it's ALL about ^_^
Must read 'cause as long as you're a teenager , you'll confirm be interested !!! #sumpa


Shine Youth Festival is a platform for youths between the age of 15 (wah zhun zhun my age!) and 35 to indulge in their passion. The initiative celebrates youth's creativity and dynamism and encourages them to use SHINE Youth fesitival as the stage to demonstrate their energy and grow their skills and talents. Organised by the NYC (Natinal Youth Council) , steered by a commitee made up of representatives from youth organisations and executed by a Youth Organising Committee consisting of volunteers, the vibrant SHINE youth festival is held in the YOUTH month : JULY :D

This awesome event that features Crazy cool events and activities is presented by : Mascot Parade, O school , Singapore Street Festival , the Singapore Management University (SMU) and *SCAPE .

AND SO , On 2nd july , there's gonna be this cool + awesome + fun-packed event for teens !
If you're a #loner like me right , this , you must, JOIN.
OR , if you got a lot of friends , bring your friends along on 2nd july to this SHINE YOUTH FESTIVAL OPENING !!
AT *SCAPE , 2.00pm to 10pm !
It's gonna be super fun 'cause there will definitely be alot of teens hanging arnd BECAUSE this event's gonna feature..

DERRICK HOH , HE WEI JIAN . YES YES , the superstar dude you girls dying to see him !
GO there !! FOC event lea !! CAN SEE HIM *faints*


What's gonna happen there ?!?
Pillow fight competition !!
Photography workshop !!
EATING competition !!
COSMO YOUTH PARADE *will tell you about this later this post!*


Aiya , Basically , the month JULY .. Is all about FUN FUN FUN FUN ....... *cough* for YOUTHS like YOU and ME !! SCREAM HOORAY !

And then , they brought us a cool *poop-tsk-poo-poot-tskkkk* performance!

BEAT-BOX !! And Juz-B singing , they have CRAZY nice voice X_X

After that , they presented another cute+cool group of girls dancing + singing !

They also brought us some cosplayers on stage that day !

It's okay if you didn't see those masked riders !

There's gonna be an event JUST FOR YOU on 2nd july !

COSMO YOUTH PARADE 2011 by Mascot Parade Ltd ! ^-^

This year's theme is "Cosplay I luv" , COSMO Youth Parade 2011 encourages youths to show their talents through action , and loudly demonstrate their love for GAMING , animation , manga , tv and movies !!

Somemore , if you love cosplay , and you cannot afford cosplay outfits , they got provide for you to try out and hang out with those cosplayers !!!
Super fun one CANNOT MISS THIS !!
There are 400 costumes for you to try 'em out !
There will be showcases of airbrush tattoos and card game tournament TOO !


Come on down on 2nd july , 2pm - 10pm and *SCAPE for the fun fun events !!

Alright , then after the whole cosplay cute things , we have smu students bringing us the dance !

And ...



And then we go for food , and camwhored ! XD

Shine opening festival on 2nd july , 2pm - 10pm at *SCAPE .

Not to forget that this WHOLE of july is FUN-PACKED with different cool things happening the WHOLE MONTH from 2 july to 31 july !! :DD

2 JULY : Opening event

6-9 july : master classes (dance)

8 July : The BIG GROOVE PARTY (dance)

10 July : The Big Grove Showcase Finale (dance)

10 July : Muay Thai

24 July : Come Together - The best of SSF bands and Rap artists

29-30 July : Asia Global Bellydancing Competition

16-17 July : SMU - Car Foam Party

19,21 , 26 july : SMU - SMU Gives back

18-24 July : SMU - Ballooning Blitz 2011

30 July : SMU - Insiprar

So packed with events !! :DD Happy little youths in singapore aren't we !?!

More info on !! ^_^

Join the 2nd july event and I may be there too ! :D

ALSO !!!!!! I forgot to mention about their cool facebook game that they launched during the media conference !!

It's a pretty fun game where you have to kill all the zombies and monsters to get all the way up!

Fastest player win CRAZY COOL prizes like IPAD 2!!!
And many other attractive prizes to be won ! :D

BYE !! :D