Thursday, June 13, 2013

[Korean Fashion Makeup Blogger / Lady Fox] Fashion Item of the Week!

You know how I REALLY REALLY try to write a fashion post?
I know you didn't say it out loud but we can both agree it is not as good and informative like my makeup posts...

So I "Planned" a NEW and Better way to introduce you to fashion world as well!

To overall sum up I'll tell you what type of "Style" I am
I am very casual person but Just because I like casual it doesn't mean I only wear skinny jeans and T-shirts. There are many Lovely and Adorable ways to dress up casual. Just like most of my reader I don't have a  lot of money so I'll be going towards efficient way of dressing up instead of trying by a new outfit head to toe every time you walk out of your house! I also love Semi-Formal outfits too! It will be good for those who do presentation at school or have a job that allows free dress up! XD in work you wanna look professional and yet comfortable!
If you think you're one of my type or just interested in clothes and shoes and bags (I ADORE THEM!) I'll be posting something like this every week.

This will be the first post ever I did on Fashion so it will be bit leaky here and there but Trust me on this! I will get better. XD Pinky Swear!

White dress
Any simple design will do

The reason I love white dress, any color matches the clothes
White shoes or black would work even Red
Since it is summer you can always go blue, yellow and even orange
bags also go well

Sometimes simple is pretty and nice but it gets boring
I'll show you neat ways to play around with this white dress
With these long shirts you can bend them and tie it around the back or do a little not
It looks really cute, and it seems like you are wearking a shirt underneath
Really cute XD

If you like you can always wear different type of outer wear
Like Jean jacket, Leather Jacket

You can wear another dress inside
** the inner dress needs to be longer!!**
I showed lace dress as an example but you can try
different color dress underneath giving the dress a different style~

Or.. to make it even more simple
You can just accessorize
With a white dress
Use Bold colors matching bag and jewerly
or Bags and shoes
I don't like to do dramatic so I always say choose two out of these 
if you are going to match colors
Head Accessories, Jewelry(Earrings and bracelet), Bag, Scarf, Shoes

Hope you liked it!

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