Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shine closing event.

Was out for the whole night yesterday for the Shine Closing Event ^_^

Reached vivo pretty early and waited for Joey and christina and steven AND THEY WERE KIND OF LATE. LOL

Got our cheesecake from Bakerzin and to Tangs for a makeover session by Shiseido.
Didn't do mine 'cause I'm already with makeups and falsies. A hassle to remove all of them.

So we got kindda late because of the ...ahem.. makeover and reached Golden Village at arnd 6:30.

Got to the theater and is FREAKING hungry all of a sudden , so i pestered everyone to bring me to the tea reception for food.

But before that , got something more important to do..


I actually told him that his mommy no want him anymore and brought him out for a walk at the tea reception LOL :D

Noms finish already and got back to the theater for the awards ceremony and then for CAPTAIN AMERICA.

I gotta say that the movie is NOT VERY GOOD , but not THAT bad. LOL

Just that i kindda dozed off at the middle part.

That's all for that night and i'll TTYS ;)


Saturday, July 30, 2011

FOTD - Fun Bright Youtube Inspired Look

Just like most beauty bloggers i absolutely adore watching Youtube Gurus and today was no exception. After watching a tutorial by BeautifulYouTV i had some serious Inglot envy. Inglot as far as I'm aware do not have an online store that ships to the UK. And where I've not had the time to travel to London to visit their store i do get a little strop on from time, I'm dying to try out their eye shadows! But while swatching my latest sleek purchase i found the Curacao Pallete had some shades that were extremely similar so i ran off to attempt this look! 


My camera is making the green a little brighter than it is in real life, sorry! The swatches will be a truer likeness.
Eye shadows and me have only been friends the last couple of months in the past I'd stick to one shadow if any and I've been desperate to try out some new looks! I absolutely love the colours in this.

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Sleek Curacao Palette - Green Iguana - Martini - 

Singapore Sling - Expresso Martini

This turned into an Eye of the day due to my skin being terrible and the photos i took reminded me i desperately need to use a pore strip, yuck! As you can see I'm no expert and I'll probably never be posting tutorials on here, but I'm learning! I'll also be uploading the swatches and reviews on the Sleek Curacao and Oh So Special palettes this week!

You can visit BeautifulYouTV's Youtube channel and watch the video i used to do this look here.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Oops i did it again...

The picture says it all! If you didn't already know E.l.f are having a massive 50% off sale this week which ends tomorrow at 1pm. I would of posted this a few days ago but I've been a bit poorly. I do not need any more E.l.f products since i have a love/hate relationship with most of them but i cannot resist a sale. So i decided to pick up a few repurchases of the products i love and some random bits and bobs. I've done a few posts on E.l.f in the past so i wont bang on.

So if you haven't had a chance to try this brand out now is the perfect time to do it :)

You can go straight to the website here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mac Haul

So this is a little late, but better late than never! I managed to take a detour on my way to a wedding last weekend to stop at Newcastle's Metro Center specifically to go to their Mac counter. Needless to say i was like a kid in a candy shop and had very little willpower over how much i actually spent. But it's not every day (or even year!) i get to go to one so i decided to well and truly treat myself. I've had some time to try out all the stuff i got and I'm pretty happy with it all (apart from one but I'll explain that later). So here's what i got and my opinion on them so far. I'll try to keep this short and sweet :)

 Powder Blush - Dollymix - £17
I love pink lips and cheeks possibly a little too much and I've been eyeing this blush up for ages! It's a sheertone finish and is like the name implies a little on the sheer side. Built up it gives a gorgeous pink flush to the cheek, although I think i still much prefer my favourite Benefit's Bella Bamba.

Heavily swatched and sheered out.

 Pro Palette Refill - All That Glitters - Beauty Marked - £9.50
This was the most exciting part of my haul for me. I've been wanting a Pro Palette for quite some time now but just couldn't justify the money. Like a dozey Magpie i was drawn to beauty marked, in the store it looked like a gorgeous black with red/purple shimmer. Unfortunately logic didn't kick in until after i purchased it even when i swatched it on my hand in the store all that went through my head was 'ITS PRETTY AND GLITTERY YAY' .... dumb ass. It's a velvet finish and is still pretty wearable but next time I'm at a Mac counter I'll definitely remember not to get over excited and loose my common sense. On the other hand All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl) is absolutely stunning, I've been wearing it nearly every day without fail, it definitely lives up to all the hype.

                                   All That Glitters                    Beauty Marked

Lovelorn & Lustering Lipsticks - Lustre - £13.50
Oh look more pink things... It's becoming a bit of a trend lately. Lustre finishes are on the safe side being quite sheer and since I'm not confident with opaque lips yet they work just fine for me. Please excuse the bad pictures i had to try and photograph them in the hotel so i could get a chance to try everything out! They are a little on the drying side though so a good lip butter and exfoliate is a must with these.

Lovelorn - Lustering

Paint Pot - Blackground - £13.50
I've not been brave enough to wear this out yet so top of my things to do list is to try to achieve a wearable smokey eye with this. I say "try" because i generally suck a smokey eyes but I'm dying to wear them more often. It's not completely opaque which i love and shimmer softens it. I really just need to get my bum in gear and get using this!

Dazzleglass - Love Alert - £16
Yet again i was distracted by glittery things, but this time it was a good distraction. Love Alert is described as a Raspberry Red with Red Pearl and i love it. It's a little stickier than Lustreglasses but the colour and shimmer are stunning. I'm glad my Magpie senses went off with this one!

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Light - £18.50
Apologies for the poor qualify picture underneath, Light was a pretty good match for me and my camera decided it really did not want to focus. Another item I've been eyeing up for some time now. Although i already own more powders than I'd like to admit i had to have this! I love having a flawless face but lately I've been trying to go a little more natural. This is perfect for setting my foundation or touching up during the day. So another thumbs up from me!

Should i really have splurged this much? Not really. But i really couldn't help myself. I think this is probably all the Mac I'll buy till around Christmas unless they release an irresistible collection (although judging by this years, they probably won't!). I'll stop blabbering now!

Ta for reading guys :)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Liquid liner addict?

Some people use the same look more often than others. I've always loved makeup but until recently I've not had the dosh to splurge on it so my collection was generally quite small. I mostly got all my higher end goodies for my Birthday and stuck to buying drugstore foundations and powders. I look back on nearly every photo of me and I've realised... I'm a full blown liquid liner addict. On a night out i wouldn't been seen dead without my thick black eyes, I'd occasionally pop a shadow on or change up my blush but the eyes were a must have. I've steered away from this recently since i realise how extremely repetitive it is and have to resist the urge to fall back onto my bad habits. But definitely having the money to buy more products has made this addiction easier to give up... And possibly started a new one.

(I'm also a little bit of a poser if you hadn't noticed.)

Do you have any beauty bad habits like this?
I'm sure i have many more that I've not spotted yet.


Sponsored post : Estee Lauder Event

There was this super awesome event held by Estee Lauder last Saturday !! ^_^

Was super excited about it and managed to persuade my parents to let me go in the end :B LOL

So , the day before right , I COULD NOT SLEEP 'cause i had difficulties finding my way there, and randomly, Joey told me Claire was going , so I'm uber happy and met up with her at clarke quay ! :)

And I must say she is SUPER cheerful and friendly !! I was afraid that she might be really creepy but its the complete opposite . keke. LOLWTF

Okay so this is the friendly+pretty Claire !! ^_^

Awesomest thing is Qiuting was there too !! :DDDD HOHOHO.

The forever cute and bubbly qiuqiu ^_^

Waited for a while and got upstairs to the place that the event was held.

Frankly speaking , I didnt know it's gonna be so nicely planned , cause it's a saturday, like you know, an off-day for most people.

There is a little tea reception thingy !!

And guess what??


And then the event started with a talk and we get to try out the products that are given to all of us in the mysterious looking navy blue pack you see previously. :D

Okay , anyways , Estee Lauder came out with this AWESOME *when i say awesome , i mean really , AWESOME.* product call the Idealist; Even Skintone Illuminator , which i will tell you why its super magical later this post. LOL.

Tried out the moisturizer and lipstick too !!!

After that , we get to take polaroids ! Super love my face after applying illuminator !! Near to flawless-looking skin , who don't want?!?!?! :DD

Deco-ing our frames for the polaroids.

Look at the four pretty ladies i took Polaroid with!! They are TALL+PRETTY omg i feel inferior standing beside them T _ T #stabsself lol

With pretty cherring and genevieve !!

And more qiuting !! ^o^



What is so magical about the illuminator ?

- Well , it instantly illuminates skin and is clinically proven to even skintone in just TWO WEEKS.
It gives you the skin all of us wanted!! Nobody wants blotchiness, acne marks , dullness , sun spots and dark spots!! I mean, i have tons of acne marks + dark spots + sun spots that I'm dying for them to go away ):

NOT ONLY THAT IT WORKS IN TWO WEEKS... it works almost instantly !! :D

NEW idealist even skintone illuminator INSTANTLY illuminates skintone and reduces the look of blotchiness for IMMEDIATE RADIANCE !!

It makes your skin brighter + more translucent look from the very first application !
And when you take photos , it will have this soft focus optics which smooth the appearance of skin's surface and blur out the imperfections and shadow!!

It corrects your colour and help neutralize the blotchiness , thus with more even skintone and it also instantly brightens your face!!

And in TWO WEEKS . There will be a significant improvement in the skintone and helps prevent imperfections from re-appearing !! HOW COOL IS THAT.

I was super happy when i realised the redness of my acne toned down after using this !!! ^o^!!

Furthermore , this is OIL-FREE and is a silky lightweight serum , and is super easy to apply.
It is clinically proven gentle and effective for asian skin ! :D


Some other cosmetics/products by Estee Lauder !
Super big thank you for the generous gifts :)

Really love this lipstick 'cause there's a slight plum smell ! Super suitable for lipsticks , love it ttm !

Okay that's all for this post and I REALLY LIKE THE CUPCAKE LOLLOLLOL.



You can redeem FREE samples of Even skin tone illuminator and try it out !! ~
omg so go redeem !! :D