Monday, June 24, 2013

So the weather has turned for the better

The haze in Singapore has cleared up slightly, it is around 50++, thank goodness. However wind directions might change and the haze might overshadow our sunny island anytime. So be prepared with masks and ensure you drink up gallons of water. I am sooo serious.

However in Malaysia, Muar has a shocking PSI of 700+, which I cannot imagine what the visibility would be like. That is a jaw-dropping figure! Please stay indoors as much as you can fellow Malaysian counterparts, drink more cold water and keep those masks on!

Anyhow, what have I been up to lately?

My niece arrived last month, and it has been an enjoyable time poop cleaning, backside wiping, getting pee attacks, and also giving her a special spa time. Oh why am I involved, oh well, we take turns to take care of her, her parents are of course roped in to do their duty too!

Did I mention I was learning the violin?

My exams are coming up in July and I hope that I could do a pretty decent job. Honestly, violin makes my arms ache. I crazy session of an hour practice was good enough to give me sore arms.

Why did I pick up the violin you may be wondering, well I guess it is my passion for music - I want to be able to learn as many instruments as I can! I am just greedy for more music. >.<!!

Thanks for reading my ramblings and look out for my upcoming tutorials:
1. Korean Eye Brow - How to Trim & How to Fill Them In
2. More Korean Inspired Makeup Tutorials
3. Favourites & Finished of June
4. More Food Munchingsssss

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone! Mid week is coming, hang in there! <3

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