Monday, June 10, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger / Lady Fox]Hera sun mate cooling mousse! Cooling Effect!

Summer is humid here in Korea
Hot and Stuffy
Sun is burning hot and heavy on my skin

It's all about sunscreen in the makeup world
and I have (yet another one) a sunscreen to introduce!

The reason I like this Hera sun mate cooling mousse is 
because is brings your skin temperature down! (how cool!)

I love the fact it is 
SPA 50 with PA +++ strongest sun protections out in the market
You know how you sweat in summer (oh come one everyone does!)
and the sunscreen just waters down with your sweat (ew)
and you end up lines of skin where the sunscreen is not applied?

With this product there is no such worries~
sun mate cooling mousse came out as "WATER PROOF"
so all the water splashing in the summer 
or all the sweat dripping down won't wash off your cream~

I long wanted something light and cool and less sticky product
that I can apply on my face and my body.

I don't cover up my all my skin in the summer (I'm sure you don't)
I wear hot pants and tank top and I don't want my legs and arms turn brown 
when I start wearing bikini XD that would look....strange....

This product is PROVEN to have reduce your skin temperature 
down 4.5℃ (40.1℉)

This is something I found amazing!
If you are well warmed from the strong sun rays this is something you'll need!

This is the tube, I think from the looks of it some kind of foam will come out

This product not only protects your skin from the sun but also has
Anti-Aging, Vitamin E, Antioxidant, Beta-carotene, Sun flower Oil
All the good stuff for your skin~

See? I told you so~
It DID came out as a some kind of foam,
One of my friend passed by and said "EWW what's that!"
If you thought this picture look disgusting surprisingly you aren't the first ones XD
(I thought it was cute am I weird?)

The Texture was very very soft and kinda like a pillow and no weight at all!
With this sun screen you can easily apply it after makeup and anytime on the day
because it is ABSOLUTELY light!

The color is bit skin color + beige
and bit of a scent but not that strong...I'm not sure what the scent is
All I can say it smells like a sunscreen XD

When you rub this on you can see water drops forming
and very very light so you can rub it on very detailed places
(between all the wrinkles and skin etc.)

When you use a strong protection sun screen
I hated....I repeat I hated the heaviness and the stickiness
I really hated it that's why it wasn't easy for me to have this
habit of apply sunscreen every 2~3 hour or so

Hera sun mate cooling mousse really became my favorite
I love how it steep into your skin
You can see how the light reflects!
I think it is because of all the moist

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