Friday, June 7, 2013

Perfect Tips & Toes with a little help from Nailene

After seeing so many different, stunningly modern variations of the "Classic French Manicure", I can't tell you how excited I was to try one for myself.  Knowing I had two awesome polish shades, which would compliment each other famously, I began the manicure with much enthusiasm. 
Base Colour was 2 coats of O.P.I.'s From A to Zurich and the tips are Rich Sapphire by ASK Cosmetics Inc.

I can't begin to express how much I enjoy working with O.P.I.'s nail lacquer.  The application is so smooth, and the brushes are so easy to work with.  This shade is by no means a strong red, but rather a muted shade that has sophistication to it. 
You can read my review/swatch of this gorgeous shade right here.
 I've had this sitting around anxiously waiting to be used, so today was the day.  The idea is ingenious, but would they leave a clean, French mani look?

The instructions are well labelled on the back of the package.

So, as you can clearly see, I didn't manage to place the strips straight across the ends of my nails.  In addition, my nails have a squoval shape, which makes the end effect look slightly different than if you were sporting square-shaped nails. 
At this point - Rich Sapphire by ASK Cosmetics enters the scene. 

Yes, it looks messy, but wait to see the final result.

Wowza!! The strips have been removed and a good, healthy coat of ASK Cosmetics Top Coat has been applied for extra shine and long-lasting wear.
I simply love the effect! 
My final comments on this product by Nailene:
These "strips" were super easy to work with; stuck to your nails "like glue"; held their position extremely well; were very easy to remove, and they didn't allow the contrasting tip shade of polish to run. 
Each package holds 96 strips, so well worth the money you pay as you can do manis and pedis several times over.
Just a bit of trivia today......
Did you know...the French manicure isn't actually French? It's a product of old Hollywood and the pain of actresses needing to change their polish for every wardrobe change. Who knew?
Do you prefer the classic version of the French mani or do you like to change it up a bit like I did?
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