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[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Orignial Raw 10 Cushion Foundation

Price / Amount : 38,000 / 13g
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

My Model Dog Ace has beautifully express the product I am going to introduce
Orignial Raw 10 Cushion Foundation

It has all the softness of a feather
Great for Natural Beauty!

In the summer I really get lazy,
Since I have very sensitive skin
If I do thick makeup it means that much cure and care is needed
I'm sweating and I don't want to do labor XD

In the hot summer I try to do makeup simple as possible
One of the ways to do it is by skipping all those bb cream 
and just use this cushion foundation as a base
I don't even need sunscreen because this one has SPA 50 / PA +++
This product is perfect if you fix your makeup often
This foundation blends in well

There are two color #21 and #23
If you consider yourself bit darker skin get #23
Normal and White skin get #21

Cap type button one push and it opens
Remember it's a cushion foundation
You mush remember to close it tight or it'll dry out
Listen for the click when you close it

I... personally don't like this pump
I have very sensitive skin and with this HARD and ROUGH pump
I might irritate my skin bloody red
Plus see those holes? 
It even eats some foundation on it's own
What a waste...

When I buy Pumping type foundation
I always didn't really like how the center is all moist and foundation already on the surface
All that moist is not so good for hygienic reasons
But Original Raw 10 Cushion Foundation is DRY!
Mold won't be growing in THIS foudnation
I really like that about this foundation
If you want foundation all you need is slight pressure

Foundation are usually dry but in this pic you can see the water and moist!
It does feel the water particles are not small enough for fast absorbent and detailed spreading.
So you might have to tap it on a little longer or you might get some
sponge mark

I'm not sure you can see the difference
See around the nose where there is shadow
I love the fact that it is light 
Just like the fact it is hard to tell the difference 
It is SOOO light that it feels like you didn't apply anything

This foundation is for people who like to do light makeup
and something Very Natural

It didn't have the whitening effect so to those who like to heighten your skin tone
This is not for you

Or you can use this foundation in the afternoon when your makeup go dry
This foundation is perfect to fix your makeup

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I have been blogging for half a year only, but I have received some good support from all over the continents. ^^ Recently I have been featured on Wengie's blog, and I have received a whopping amount of visitors to my blog. (Thanks Wengie once again!).

So I decided to help my fellow bloggers whom just started blogging just like myself, to spread the word of what they are doing, and to give them a helping hand to get more readers~ So please do have a look and visit their blogs, I am sure you will find something you like <3

I visited their blog and have read their posts, to give you bite size insights into their blogs, so join me on my journey to explore blogs today~


Gwiyomi, gwiyomi! I am sure you know the gwiyomi song! Gwiyomi style blog owner Ivy does Korean product reviews such as Etude House, Lioele, as well as tips to make your skin better!

Blog Owner: Ivy
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel Logs

"A blog for makeup reviews, tips and more."



Have a casual conversation with Xuvi as she brings you to wherever she goes, and shares with you whatever she does. Beauty and cosmetic product reviews will also help you with your shopping purchases ^^

Blog Owner: Xuvi
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Food Munchkins, Travel Logs
"Anything under the sun"


Whatcaught my eye was her beautiful and long hair! Check out her blog which shares informative product reviews, trend reports of ulzzangs and gyarus. Don’t forget to check out beauty tips that she shares along the way~ I really appreciate that, as it spreads the knowledge of how to maintain clearer skin!

Blog Owner: Neeka
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Random
"Hi! I'm Neeka, 19 and I'm from a Filipino-Chinese family. I like to read books and to eat! I am a hardcorecoffee drinker and super good in procrastination. I find Zombies cool. My blog contains every little thing that I like; asian stuffs, make-ups, fashion,and even my adventures!"


Clarie is a fellow Singaporean blogger like myself, and I think she loves Hello Kitty like I do (spotted the Kitty balloon!). Follow her on her trip to preview events, her weight loss journey as well. Want to know how to style certain pieces of tops, she fashion blogposts as well. Let’s get timelessly distracted haa..

Blog Owner: ClarieCupcakes
Country: Singapore
BlogStyle: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel Logs
“Hello, I'm Clarie and my blog link is 'My Timeless Distractions'. I blog about little events in my life, beauty steals and purchases, outfits and sometimes travel logs. I hope to keep you timelessly distracted.


Cosplayers? Someone whom you can connect with! She loves cosplay anime events as well. Join Rachel as she attends sponsored events for new product launches, get a peek into what’s upcoming! Also see what she has to say about products via her product reviews. And if you found her familiar, that’s because she helped Wengie in her music video – Taylor Swift 22!

Blog Owner: Rachel
Country: Australia
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle
“A cute and fun wonderland for all lovers of fashion, beauty and adorable items!”


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Nars Pierre Hardy Blush Review - Boys Don't Cry

Hiya Lovelies!
A month or so ago i was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the winners of the Nars Instagram challenges and received the Pierre Hardy range. But as always, although i didn't pay for this little gem myself my opinions are 100% honest and my own. I'd actually been lusting over this blush for quite a while so i was quite a happy bunny when they contacted me letting me know i had won!

Both the Pierre Hardy blushes are larger than the regular line and are the size of their bronzers, you get a 13g of product  and a slight twist on the regular packaging with the designers name printed on the front. Boys Don't Cry is an absolutely gorgeous bold, matte, corally-pink-red (i really am the queen of colour descriptions, right?), but the beautiful gold shimmer pattern is just an over spray, making it perfect for all you matte fans!

It is extremely pigmented so heavy handed me has had to be very careful when applying this as it is such a bold shade, but as you can see in the swatches below it blends out beautifully. Considering the pigmentation i think it would work great on a whole host of skin tones as even my pale complexion can pull it off.  It’s a pretty much perfect bold summer colour.
As a limited edition collection it does have a slightly higher price tag at £30, but as i mentioned earlier you do get more grams of product for your buck. Its available through the Nars website but for all you students, you can pick it up from ASOS with 10% discount and free delivery.

Oh and i forgot to mention, i actually received two of these... So keep your eyes peeled for a little giveaway coming soon!

Whats your favourite Nars blush shade?


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Monthly Finished and Favourites - June

4 years ago, hail occurred in Singapore. 4 years later, on the 25 June, hail hit Singapore as well. I have always know Singapore to be one of the safest country from natural disasters because we are located near the equator - well, that's what we were taught in Geography, weren't we?

Anyhow, the crazy weather changes are one of the concerns of mine, are we overworking Mother Earth? Let's do our part and save Mother Earth, Gaia. Well, here are some ways I feel I have been helping to cut down on wastage of natural resources:
  1. Recycling of waste papers
  2. Reduced usage of plastic bags - if I don't need a carrier, I would return it back to the assistant
  3. Waste less food by ensuring I do not over-prepare food or over-order food 
What more can you do for Mother Earth? Let me know down below in the comments section =D

So last month's finished and favourites weren't shared, did you even miss that column? Hehe, anyhow I am back with my monthly finished and favourites for this month. Well, I wasn't able to select all 5 favourites but I really liked some cosmetic items this month!

The Finished
That's a crazy amount of finished products, because I wanted to clear out some of those small sized items which I purchased (Sebamed) or which I have received as samples from beauty boxes. 

Not everyone is going to like the scent of Nuxe's items, they have a unique scent which has abit of musky scent. I really like how it managed to keep my skin soft and moisturised till the next morning, before I shower and reapply. Well for its claim about 24 hours moisturisation, I am unable to vouch for it, but my skin feels soft and smooth after consistent usage.

Overall: 4/5 - good moisturiser, but not a price that I would want to invest in monthly (yeah, I use moisturiser daily, and it finishes really quickly!)

This was part of a trial set that I purchased from our local Watsons, and it came with their body & face wash (which I loveee), and body lotion as well. I was pretty satisfied with all products except for these 2, as they didn't seem to work that well for me. These products are alkali-free and are great for those with sensitive skin, however they don't seem to lather up well and leaves my hair a little rough as well.

Overall: 0/5 - alkali free, but I don't recommend this at all

I received this trial sized sample from one of the beauty boxes, and it seems very similar to the Cure Aqua Gel which I used previously. Simply apply the gel with gentle circular motion on dry skin, to exfoliate the top layer of your skin. It leaves my skin very soft and smooth, especially those bumps and unevenness from blackheads, would have disappeared. Not all blackheads on the nose would be remove though, but this is a great and affordable product!

Overall: 5/5 - recommended, an affordable exfoliant for smooth and soft skin!

Curel carries a range of fragrance free products which are for people with sensitive skin. This is not the best hand cream but it is not the worst as well. Applying this on my hand was a little greasy, however the hand does not feel very moisturised after a few hours, I have to keep re-applying...

Overall: 2/5

A very light weight toner with a mild scent of berry, I really like how it doesn't leave any residue on my skin. My face feels moisturised after usage, unlike other toners which might make your skin feel tight. 

Overall: 4/5

This moisturiser has a stronger scent, and can act as a rich moisturiser or light weight moisturiser depending on how much you apply. If you apply too much of this emulsion, it can be a little greasy. This has a pricey tag, thus I would not repurchase as I believe I can get a better moisturiser at that price.

Overall: 3/5

All Laneige's products carries their signature scent, which is a light and refreshing scent. I really like the scent and how it leaves my skin moisturised. This leaves my skin moisturised and smooth, without feeling greasy. Apart from the price tag, I feel this product has done its part of being a light weight moisturiser, I might consider purchasing.. I am not sure. Convince me more.

Overall: 4/5

With a beautiful dewy finish like how Korean stars always have that sheen on their face, this sun block is one of my favourite sunscreen of all time. It carries the signature scent of Laneige and has a texture that is gel-like. This sunscreen is very moisturising and it doubles off as my moisturiser, and I am especially thankful when I have dry skin sometimes. I might repurchase this once I finish the rest of my sunscreens from various brands, and perhaps opt for another one with a higher SPF ^^ Just a caution though, the dewy finish might put off some people, as it might appear too greasy if you used too much. Check out my past review here~

Overall: 5/5

My favourite sunscreen of all time. Sadly, Bio-essence have reformulated this as a day cream with SPF 20, even the colour and texture seemed slightly different. So I might not be able to repurchase this =( 

Anyhow, you may read my other review on this product on how much I love it ^^ In general, this gives me a radiant finish on my skin, and helps to also conceal some of my uneven skin tone from dark eye circles and acne. Wonderful product.

Overall: 4.5/5

I have gone through a few bottles of this, and I must say this does a pretty decent job in keeping my skin matte for a few hours. Just like other products that help to keep your skin matte, they are only able to block the sebum until the product is unable to absorb them. Great option for teens with acne problem as it is an affordable and good quality product. But if you have dry skin, I wouldn't recommend this as it would dry out your skin further.

Overall: 5/5 

This is my 2nd bottle of Acne Clear that I have gone through, and I am already on my 3rd bottle. Although my skin has been pretty much similar to the last photo in my thorough review here, I am confident to say that I have been able to go out often without makeup (I used to use makeup to cover up acne a lot). Please read my detailed review to see the active ingredients etc. This is definitely an affordable option which works for many (even Shu Ann from ClickNetworkTv Tried & Tested recommended this, however in the tube form).

Overall: 5/5

One of the most affordable options for teens, this toner cost me around SGD 2-3. This can be a little drying if you have dry skin, it might be due to the alcohol content in this. Decent toner, but I decided not to go back to get this because it can be too drying for my skin, which often swings from dry to oily =(

Overall: 4/5

When I received this, it really reminded me of strawberry puree, with strawberry seeds as their scrub beads. I enjoy the scent of this, however I do prefer a thicker concentration of exfoliating beads. 

Overall: 3/5

The Favourites

Although I did mention in my thorough review that I found this not to be long lasting and slightly sticky, I really enjoyed using this because of the shade. A beautiful berry shade, that is great for gradient lip or full lips. Check out my full review on MicaBeauty products here with swatches as well ^^ And if you are interested to find out more about MicaBeauty, check out my visit to their studio here.

Overall: 4/5

Check out this beautiful quad from Majorlica Majorca, it has very light and natural shades which are easy to blend and pigmented. I love using the lighter shades as highlight shades, and the brown shades are great for creating depth for the eyes as well. Beautiful shimmery shades which do not have large glittery particles. My go-to-palette lately when I just want a little eye shadow.

Overall: 5/5

This small pot is pretty expensive, at SGD19, which I am thankful to have receive it from one of my beauty boxes. Although it is a very small pot, a little bit goes a long way. At night I love to apply a thicker layer so that it can deeply moisturise those dry lips of mine. Decent moisturiser for your lips but I believe there could be better and cheaper alternatives such as Nivea & Vaseline. I use this over my lip tints as well.

Overall: 3.5/5

We have come to the end of my Finished & Favourites. Did you know I had to retype this entire post with Blogger did not save it for me =( Aww... Anyhow it is finally out! 

Don't forget to Share Your Blog with me and my readers, I will personally read it and share some captions of your blog as well ^^ Simply fill up the form on the right hand side of the blog and be patient, your blog will definitely be out. The first post is coming up real soon after I post this! :D


    Body sizes

    It has been a while since I wanted to touch on this topic but I don't know where I should start, and it's also a pretty sensitive topic - given my standard of English - I don't think I will be able to write out how I feel and what I want to say exactly.

    That aside, here is what triggered me to write this post.

    How insensitive some people are.

    I'm 153cm, 32kg. I look horribly skinny and I can't grow fat for whatever the heck I eat.
    Because of this, people tends to assume that I'm someone who doesn't eat a lot, or in worse cases, some people thought I starve myself just to maintain this skeleton figure I have.

    Because of that terrible misunderstanding - most of them thought I am suffering from ANOREXIA.

    I know I'm not the only skinny people out there who gets exposed to all sorts of negative comments about our body figures, which is why I'm writing this post to let other skinny people know THAT THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

    First of all, people take the word ANOREXIA / ANOREXIC way too lightly.
    I have friends who likes to call me anorexic as a joke and I'll just smile and try to brush it off because I don't want to appear as a petty freak but truth is - IT FCKING HURTS.
    Being able to joke about this shows how they don't think it's anything serious at all, and most of them don't even know the meaning of anorexia or anorexic, and just throwing the word around simply.

    Here's the actual definition of it - from wikipedia.

    Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction and irrational fear of gaining weight, as well as a distorted body self-perception. It typically involves excessive weight loss and is usually found more in females than in males. Because of the fear of gaining weight, people with this disorder restrict the amount of food they consume. This restriction of food intake causes metabolic and hormonal disorders. Outside of medical literature, the terms anorexia nervosa and anorexia are often used interchangeably; however, anorexia is simply a medical term for lack of appetite, and people with anorexia nervosa do not in fact, lose their appetites. Patients suffering from anorexia nervosa may experience dizziness, headaches, drowsiness and a lack of energy.


    It's more like a mental problem which hence causes a change physically.

    Being skinny DOES NOT mean that person is anorexic. How much do you know just by looking at his/her appearances?
    On top of that, what if a person really happens to have anorexia? How will he/she react to your 'joke'?

    On the other hand, why will some people suffer from anorexia anyway? BECAUSE OF INSENSITIVE PEOPLE who teases skinny people about how FAT they look when they actually really aren't. 

    There are people who are born to be skinny, and no matter how hard they try to grow fatter, they can't.
    Just like how fat people dislike being called fat, skinny people dislike being called skinny either.

    I don't get why that is to everyone, fat people will be hurt when disgusting insults are being thrown at them, but skinny people wouldn't.

    To add on, there are many fat people who tried really hard, risking their lives to become skinnier just to fit into nice dresses.
    It is not a nice thing to hear, and me, too, will not want ANY of them to go through any miserable times just to be skinnier.

    However, just because there are many many news about fat people trying too hard to become skinny, are you neglecting the skinny people who are trying too hard to become fatter?

    It's good to console people who needs consolation but pulling others down just to make oneself feel better isn't a good way either.

    There are many people out there, especially on the internet, pulls out ALL the disadvantages of being skinny and how disgustingly ugly it is to be skinny instead of fat.


    Even though it's sad and you don't want fat people to kill themselves due to their strong desire to be skinny, you do not have to bring in skinny people and insult them.

    Isn't it funny how you're trying to save their lives but at the same time, trying to kill another?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say how GOOD being skinny is AT ALL - I just want people to know how difficult it is for skinny people to have to suffer from all these insults. People NEEDS to know how much it hurts for us as well.

    Not EVERYONE wants to be skinny.

    Lastly, it's not good to be TOO SKINNY or TOO FAT. We all know, I'm sure about it.


    If we have a choice, who wouldn't want to look perfect? 

    Who wouldn't want to have a figure similar to a VS model?
    Who wouldn't want to look good and feel confident?

    It's not easy - but your insensitivity and ignorance aren't helping either.

    Thursday, June 27, 2013

    [Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Etude House Color Pop Sparkle Tint Lipstick!

    If you have to choose between
    Lipstick Lipgloss and Tint
    Which one will you choose?

    I know this is a hard question because if you line them up
    they all have their strength and weakness

    Lipstick is the history of beauty~
    We'll never give up on lipstick XD

    Lipgloss is for people who like sparkle and moist

    Tint is for people who want strong color

    Of course I could go on and on~
    How about a product that have them all!

    Etude House Color Pop Sparkle Tint Lipstick

    These are the five colors of Color Pop!

    The product ad say that this color pop has :

    Hybrid Gelling System
    so that it will last longer and have light reflect
    So that it is easy to do more detailed colors

    Botanical Moisture Wrapping System
    Keep your lips moist!

    Check out their product package!
    #1 Fashion Pop #2 Sunny Pop #3 Vita Pop #4 Coral Pop #5 Swing Pop

    Price / Amount : 8,500 / 7g
    If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
    email :

    I love their brush
    These shapes really helps when you try to control the amount

    The actual color is very close to this picture below

    #1 Fashion Pop : For people who wants clear bright red
    #2 Sunny Pop : Those who want a red less strong than #1
    #3 Vita Pop : Those who love Orange!
     #4 Coral Pop : Those who have pale skin may find this really helps your makeup look natural and health XD
     #5 Swing Pop : Those who like light colors but have yellow or darker skin color

    Well since it has bit of tint I wanted to check how well they cling on to your skin
    #1 cling to your skin the best and get weaker as number goes up!

    What I love to do with these~
    Gradation Lips!
    Just apply it in the middle like the pic than do the lip thing.. say pop pop pop!

    (this is #1 Fashion Pop)

    #1 Fashion Pop #2 Sunny Pop #3 Vita Pop #4 Coral Pop #5 Swing Pop

    This product is very moist even it has bit of tint
    I use this often when I want gradation lips
    After I put on pop like in the pic I apply darker color on the middle again
    and smear it with my lips
    Than your lips may look so cute!

    Like this
    First apply #4 
    Than apply #1 only on the middle parts
    Smear it a bit
    And you're done!

    Which color is your style?