Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 15 ~ Theme ~ Ocean / Sea

For this theme i just wanted the colors to show rather than showing a ocean or sea in the mani. Yep, i opted for simplest one *.*
If you see a ocean or sea from above(up in air), esp near a beach/island, doesn't it look like this??  *.*

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Some new products I bought.

My memory cards are broken. I'm so annoyed. REALLY ANNOYED.
I think my laptop's the cause of it. But honestly, without the two cards, I can't take any pictures. Which also means I can't blog.

That aside, I took some photos before both of my cards broke.
I bought two new acne products a few days back because of my crazy break outs.

People have been raving on and on about these so I thought I should try them.

Acne clear patch 36pcs for $7.90, Watsons, and Acne Clear Pimple treatment cream for $5, Guardian.

Anyway, I didn't really see them work on me. It's been three days or more and my pimples are still as bad. But still, I'll continue to use them to see if they help.

Also bought Maybelline's BB clear stick to try. Haven't really use it much so I can't do a review aout it yet.

So far I kindda like it for its quick application.

I'll try to fix my memory cards else I might just kill myself.


Day 14 ~ Theme ~ Swimsuit

I know i have been terrible at maintaining the schedule on posting but then i am trying to keep up *.*
Anyways here's my mani for the theme swimsuit ~
Can you spot???

I have 2 more manis to do and post, so am off to finish that....

Hope you like my mani...

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Monday, July 30, 2012

My Top 5 Foundations

Ello lovelies!
Foundations are probably my most loved item of makeup, so much so that at last count i have over twenty bottles of the stuff. I am forever trying to achieve flawless skin so up until recently I've been on a quest to find my perfect foundation, along the way I've found some that i really love. Although it hasn't stopped me from lusting after a few new ones lately, but no, no new foundation until September, hmph.

Estee Lauder - Double Wear Foundation
If for some reason all of my makeup disappeared, this would be the first thing I'd run in to town to buy. This is my second bottle of Double Wear in the shade Shell, and considering how fickle i am with foundations, that really does say something. Its a medium to full coverage foundation that for me works wonderfully over the top of a silicone primer, or one with a little slip. I have quite dry skin but with gentle exfoliating and a good moisturiser I've had no problems with it clinging to dry areas. I wont go on a night out without it, its long wearing and can survive a hot day, club or even a bit of rain! I just love it!

Skin79 - Hot Pink BB Cream
I'm on my third bottle of this beauty! I actually need to purchase my fourth one of these as a back up. It photographed below weirdly darker than it actually wears, it applies with a slightly grey cast but quickly adapts to your skin tone. It does only come in one shade though so it wouldn't be suitable for medium to darker skin tones. But its perfect for fairer complexion beauties that don't need a lot of coverage! Just be careful where you buy them from as there are sadly a LOT of fakes available online. Waaay back i did a whole review on this, you can check that out here!
Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturiser
I love everything about this tinted moisturiser, apart from the price. I really am dreading running out of this! Its a smidge darker than I'm used to for foundations, but as it is such a sheer formula it blends into the skin beautifully. Its lightweight, evens out my skin tone and has an spf 20 to fight against sun damage, making it absolutely perfect for summer. I'm trying my hardest to save enough to take on holiday with me. I did a Recent Rediscoveries post on this a little while ago, you can read that here.

Skinfood - Red Bean BB Cream

Now this one was a toss up between this and my Missha Perfect BB Cream. But in the end it came down to what I'd reached for the most! Again, it was another Recent Rediscovery post, as I've been trying to stop spending and use up a lot of my unloved products. I'm so glad i hooked this one out, it has more coverage than the Skin79 and has a lovely dewy finish. This will be the other holiday pick for me as it too has a decent SPF in. Check out the full review here! (Only one more old post plug, i promise!)

Nars - Sheer Glow Foundation

Now my skins soaked up a little sun my sheer glow has been getting a lot more love. Its coverage depends on application and could probably get near to full coverage out of it without being too cakey, although i feel the more you apply the less dewy the appearance. Again, (yawn) I've done a full review on it here, so i won't bang on as you've probably seen hundreds of sheer glow reviews! I just wish it came in a lighter shade, i wear shade Light 2 Mont Blanc as shade 1 was just too yellow for me. High end brands really should make more shades at both ends of the spectrum *shakes fist*.
So thats it! My Top 5 Foundations! And as far as no buys go, i think I've done REALLY well, no new foundation for quite a while now. Although i go to Florida in September, so I'm fully expecting to bring back a couple, or five. Oops!

What are your favourite foundations / bb creams?!


~ Lingerie Wash Bag ~ Why * What * Where ~

I am one lazy bug around, while i love to have things neat and tidy all the time; i often look for ideas to get the work done fast and in a flash. More so when there's a kid to take care of with all his antics!!
After all i need time to pamper myself, blog and read too *.*
Ohh, did i mention what i have been reading lately??? I will soon ... *.*
Now on to the post, hope you remember how much i was in love with the lingerie bag, while some may find it utter waste of time or a silly excuse for being a lazy a**, i find it rather amusing and cool item which just saves my time. Why am i doing this post again?? Well there are more options on the site now, and you don't have to shell out 299 INR if you find it unreasonable. Find your purpose and get the right one, so let me help you ~

Note ~ Click on the links to go the page

Why ~ No crushing No tangling , they come out washed the way you have folded in the bag. But its lil more in cost than the other one, but then the picture itself is good enough to talk about the quality.

What ~ Perfect for padded and underwire bras, washes 3 at a time. Needless to say perfect for non-padded and non underwire bras, and any other fine and delicate lingerie too.

Where ~ Zivame

Zivame Lingerie Bag

Why ~ If want to check how it works, its probably the best option. Its cheaper than the earlier one.

What ~ Perfect for non-padded and non underwire bras, and any other fine and delicate lingerie.

Where ~ Zivame

Zivame No Tangles Washing Net

Why ~ Anyone can buy without a second thought. Its super cheap !

What ~ Perfect for all the fine and delicate lingerie, slips, silk/satin or other camis.

Where ~ Zivame

I personally loved the Zivame Lingerie Wash Bag. Looks and quality do matter most to me. And i prefer a one time investment than buying often. I have used this quite a number of times by now and i must say every lazy girl should own this and besides why do we have to spoil our delicate hands and lovely manis??
And i ordered No Tangles Washing Net recently. I love the idea of taking so much care of my other lingerie too, besides i hate the way the slips get entangled and losing patience i at times just pull them apart(uhh, i know but i seriously have less patience *.*)
So i feel am all blessed, not running everytime to wash my fine lingerie with hands esp in this cold weather! What about you???

You still need reasons to order than to love your hands??

Do you have better ideas??? Would love to know ....


Sunday, July 29, 2012

~ Yardley English Rose ~

I ordered this facewash from Urbantouch. If you haven't known yet, am a big fan of facewashes, ever trying new ones(though am picky) i love the newness and freshness of a new facewash always. Why haven't i craved about any facewash till now?? Because i was never so much in love with any till date, and i love this so much that i am always happy washing my face with it(other case am a lazy a**). Its just not the fragrance but also the softness of the skin it leaves behind that i love. 
And this deo was picked by my husband, surprisingly i long forgot that this deo was my fav too 5 yrs back...

So what are you loving currently??
Am almost done with this facewash, do you have a fav one? Suggest me *.*


Friday, July 27, 2012

Updated: Makeup Storage

Its been a long, long time since my first ever storage post and its all changed pretty drastically since then. The time where everything fit into a little set of drawers has well and truly passed. Since my last post, i invested in an Ikea Helmer but after a while found that a little cramped so decided to splash out on a larger, more practicablestorage solution. If you'd like to see my previous post click here.
My set up is slightly awkwardly placed in the corner of my room which has made it a little more difficult to photograph. Firstly, I'd like to just say... Black furniture is never a good idea. It is a dust magnet and i find myself nearly constantly dusting. I now understand why my mother is so opposed to ornaments and having things on display, just gives you more to dust! Little rant over...

All my hair, makeup and beauty items are stored in this corner of my bedroom so they can be reached easily from my desk. I don't actually do my makeup in my bedroom as my Mum has her "dressing room" with a big ol' mirror that i like take over. The small pink plastic drawers hold random samples, nail polish (i don't have a huge amount) and false eyelashes. The large white drawers are my Alex which holds the entirety of my makeup and has room for quite a lot more. Two of the larger bottom drawers are empty currently and one holds all of my "backup" products. The black shelving unit is an Ikea (dust magnet) Expedit, its a pain in the ass. Its a bit empty as i was currently packing for a few days at the boyfriends house but it holds all my hair, body and skincare bits, with a few drawers spare at the bottom of the unit.

If you have enough space i highly recommend the Alex, its a bit pricey at £85, but its sturdy, doesn't look too shabby and holds more makeup than i could ever expect to own. Like mentioned before, the two bottom drawers are currently completely empty and there is a lot of spare space in other drawers, which to be honest is a bit dangerous because i just can't shift the urge to fill it! haha!
I probably should have tidied the drawers a little before jumping in and photographing everything, oops! These little drawers were a bargain at £5 from Wilkinson's but similar drawers can be found all over the high street and online. They are perfect for storing smaller items that don't warrant an entire drawer of the Alex. Oh and I'm a bit sad and keep stickers, or palette coverings to pop in the front of drawers, not sure why!

A little peak in to the top "indie" drawer!
On an odd note, my brush collection seems to have REALLY expanded, although i haven't splashed out on brushes since IMATS which is slightly confusing! I certainly don't need any more!

I can see myself keeping the storage for a good few years, but the layout needs tweaking because I'm constantly changing it, never happy eh!
Hope this post has covered any questions as it has been requested a couple of times. But if you do have any, don't hesitate to drop me a comment and ask!

Thanks for reading!


Black and Gold nail tutorial

 Nail tutorial!!!
I wanted to do black nails for soooo long but my black nail polish dried up and I didn't have the time to get a new one :(

Here's how you can get this design!
It's really simple so I'm sure you can do it as well.

Start off with base coat.

Base coat: Nail Tek nail program Foundation I - $28

Apply a nude base colour.

Now you're ready to start doing your nail art!
Nude polish: Sasa - $2.50

 Cut two strips of scotch tape and tape it on your nail as shown!
I advice you to paste the scotch tape at the back of your hand before taping on your nails. The scotch tape might be too sticky and it will pick up the base colour you painted!

Paint over the scotch tape. Wait for it to dry and peel off the tape!

Black polish: Sasa - $2.50

 Apply glitter at the line area if you want to.
 Glitter gold polish: Sasa - $2

Of course, you can change the colour combination as much as you like! :D

Apply top coat after you're done!

Top Coat: Seche Vite - $25

Murua temporary tattoo! :D :D

 Hope you like this, and tweet me a picture if you happen to try out this design! ♥

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Transformation from embarrassing to amazing, healthy-looking toe nails

As many of you know ASK Cosmetics has staged their first ever Beach-Ready Toe Nail Challenge, which is coming to an end after running for approx. 12 weeks now.  At the beginning participants were asked to submit weekly updates of their progress accompanied by photo documentation.  Various age groups, professions and toe nail conditions were represented in this adventure. 

One challenger, who I met at a social media conference in March, is an avid marathon runner.  She heard me talking about this upcoming event and inquired if this may be something that would help her toe nails.  Absolutely, was my answer!

We can all imagine who much wear and tear a person's toe nails have to endure if they are pounding the pavement in socks and running shoes day after day while training.  Well today, I am so pleased to show you Dorothy's summary of her Beach-Ready Toe Nail Challenge experience.


As the challenge ends I must say that I am very impressed with the product and will continue to use it.  I'm also going to get one of the nail files you demonstrate online -- they look wonderful.

Here's what happened to my nails:

  • yellow colour -- gone!
  • brittle, flaking edges -- gone!
  • ridges -- not gone, but greatly improved!
  • the little toes were like "bunches of nail" -- now look like real nails!
  • dull, overall colour -- now healthy!
  • thick nails -- not gone, but getting better (suspect they will look better as new nail grows in)!

Compared to a few weeks ago, my nails are much better and I really appreciate learning about, and using, TIPS.  I was very impressed that the product did not require any work.  Just wake up, apply in less than two minutes, and off I went with my day.

Thanks for introducing me to TIPS.  I have spent years being embarrassed by my toenails and now I wear open-toed shoes ALL the time.  As an added bonus:  I applied nail polish this week and my new, smooth healthy nails enhance the look of my polished toes, too.


~ 2 New Lippies ~

My friend got me these and i seriously love 'Maybelline Watershine Lipstick in Lacquered Brown'. Its very different from the shades i have (i mostly own pinks and the ones from same family) so its a pleasant change. It looks natural when swiped only once and very lightly. And i haven't yet used 'NYC Petal' so no comments on that yet but its smells nice so i am eager to try ...
Well more on that and the swatches later, for now i just wanted to share what i got *.*
* Maybelline Watershine from India and NYC from US.*


Day 13 ~ Theme ~ Favorite Water Animal

Here are my mani pics for this theme ~

That doesn't look like a fish though, something between a fish and a jellyfish?? Hmmm lets for a sec imagine its a pretty mythical creature *.*

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Office lady me.

I'd never picture myself in an OL outfit before because I'm definitely not that style.
Guess who is an Office lady today lol.

I feel like a man in a bandage skirt and heels.

I rarely wear heels because they hurt soooo bad. Especially those killer heels (like the one I'm wearing in the instagram pic above!)
But if you like killer heels, you can get them at Jipaban as well!
That pair above is from Jipaban :D

But if you're a person who prefer thicker heels, this one is for you!

Thick Platform Heels!!
I really like this because it's so comfortable to walk in, and most importantly, it gives you HEIGHT!
Pardon those vessels on my feet. I walked in the killer heels for the entire day T _ T 

If you're not a fan of anything that gives you height, get the Ruth Combat Boots!!

I like this too. It's always good to keep a pair of simple boots in your shoes collection because they match almost ANY clothes you wear :D

Anyway, here's more of my formal outfit for school today.

I know it's hard to believe but this is my first time wearing bandage skirt wtf.

Like my dusty pink sling bag? :D
From Jipaban as well~

Been soooo busy lately :(
I'm sorry I haven't been posting much and thank you for your support till now, despite the half-dead blog T _ T I am very touched.

Promise I'll get back with something good when I'm less busy. x

Before any more dumb fcks judge how I wear my bandage skirt again, LOOK AT THIS PICTURE.

Googled as told, and there are different ways to wear it.
I'm sorry if you're a freaking outdated hag. Just wear your zip at the back if you aren't happy with the zip at the front. Because..

You can refer to the comment below, I replied on a comment.

I'm just trying to prove my point that IT IS ALRIGHT TO WEAR IT AT THE FRONT.
I said this is my first time wearing a bandage skirt, but I never did mentioned that I don't know how to wear it.
Are you trying to say it's your first time drinking coke but you don't know how to drink it?

I know some people wear the zip at the back.
To me, both sides are absolutely fine and it really depends on how you want wear it, or how you want to match it with your top.

There's no such thing as "OMG YOU WEAR IT THE WRONG WAY."

You can't wear a long skirt as a tube dress?
You can't transform a pair of earrings into your own hair accessory?

Well, maybe your brain is just that dead but then again,


Furthermore, it's not like I flipped the entire skirt inside out and wear it.

This will be the last time that I'll be talking about this.

Save yourself the humiliation, come on.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Future Posts + A Little Bit Of Summer!

Heya Lovelies!
Just a quick little update post from me today. If you're from the UK you'll probably, like me, have spent the last few days basking in the glorious sun. Sun, in England? I know its normally a myth but the weather is just plain gorgeous! So with my week off work I've been spending my time having a good ol' catch up with the bestie and relaxing in my slightly fail paddling pool! I say fail, because its one of those that "inflates itself", well it does if its on a flat surface... So mine is nicely propped up by a lounger. But it does the job!
I thought I'd also take today to talk about things I'm planning to do in future with the blog. I'm planning to carry on both my Recent Rediscoveries and my Top 5 posts and work my way through a lot of my unloved collection, that way you get a chance to see products that may not be the current hype, but are good, old favourites. And after a little request I'll be doing an updated storage post too, as it has drastically changed since the one i posted back in the first few months of blogging.

But what I'd love to know is, what would you like to see?
What posts interest you the most? And if there any any specific topics, brands or products you'd like to see covered?
I really appreciate every single person that reads my blog and would love you to have some input.

Of course I'll still be buying the things i like and sticking to what i love, but if you lot can point me in the direction of new goodies or things i may not have considered, thats great!

Hope your all enjoying the fabulous sun!