Monday, June 24, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Innisfree Eco Pencil Set! Korean Style Makeup

I think I'm in a time in my life when everything seems to go lost
I'm working on as a Pet Beautist and yet trying to find some time in my life
to try breeding pups.... however there is so much to learn!
Things just pill on and on and it's one of those days 
I just don't feel like doing anything.

I think I might be Makeup Holic!

Today I'll be introducing yet another Eye makeup product!
I love the color concept this eye pencil has~
They took colors from plants that is going extinct!
This is set 1
You could find other sets of colors for eye makeup~
Nature Gold / Nature Coal / Natur Brown

The product package is made eco friendly~
and has 4 free system which means
they made this as safe for the skin as possible

I love the flower pictures

On the back of the pencils it says
Smooth Drawing possible!
Thick color Eyeliner~

The pencil feel soft but they are very stiff you gotta draw them real fast before they dry up! or they would turn hard and it's hard to spread them.
This also means it last longer and those pearls will not fall

Gold : almost white! I love how there are thick pearl Perfect for underlines~

Coal : Almost Orange! This also has soft colors and a lot of pearl making it cute for underlines~

Brown : Pearl is less than other colors but I like the dark colors

How to Use These Color~
Korean Style Makeup Tips 

Use Gold pencil to do the underlines

Use Brown Pencils to do the doted parts for a soft eye line

Than use the Coal color for overall highlight!

Do you like how it turned out?

Leave a comment below and let me know~

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