Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Etude House Color Pop Sparkle Tint Lipstick!

If you have to choose between
Lipstick Lipgloss and Tint
Which one will you choose?

I know this is a hard question because if you line them up
they all have their strength and weakness

Lipstick is the history of beauty~
We'll never give up on lipstick XD

Lipgloss is for people who like sparkle and moist

Tint is for people who want strong color

Of course I could go on and on~
How about a product that have them all!

Etude House Color Pop Sparkle Tint Lipstick

These are the five colors of Color Pop!

The product ad say that this color pop has :

Hybrid Gelling System
so that it will last longer and have light reflect
So that it is easy to do more detailed colors

Botanical Moisture Wrapping System
Keep your lips moist!

Check out their product package!
#1 Fashion Pop #2 Sunny Pop #3 Vita Pop #4 Coral Pop #5 Swing Pop

Price / Amount : 8,500 / 7g
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

I love their brush
These shapes really helps when you try to control the amount

The actual color is very close to this picture below

#1 Fashion Pop : For people who wants clear bright red
#2 Sunny Pop : Those who want a red less strong than #1
#3 Vita Pop : Those who love Orange!
 #4 Coral Pop : Those who have pale skin may find this really helps your makeup look natural and health XD
 #5 Swing Pop : Those who like light colors but have yellow or darker skin color

Well since it has bit of tint I wanted to check how well they cling on to your skin
#1 cling to your skin the best and get weaker as number goes up!

What I love to do with these~
Gradation Lips!
Just apply it in the middle like the pic than do the lip thing.. say pop pop pop!

(this is #1 Fashion Pop)

#1 Fashion Pop #2 Sunny Pop #3 Vita Pop #4 Coral Pop #5 Swing Pop

This product is very moist even it has bit of tint
I use this often when I want gradation lips
After I put on pop like in the pic I apply darker color on the middle again
and smear it with my lips
Than your lips may look so cute!

Like this
First apply #4 
Than apply #1 only on the middle parts
Smear it a bit
And you're done!

Which color is your style?

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