Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jealousness Diamond Beauty Lash JS-818 (Sponsored)

Today I'm going to review these Jealousness Diamond Beauty Lash in JS-818
I always been on the lookout for affordable, yet good quality lashes.
I was overly joyed when Imomoko sent these for me to review~

This is the first time I've ever heard of this brand "Jealousness"

The packaging is so adorable and nicely detailed.

Inside are 8 pairs of lashes!!

I was even more surprised when I started to really look and analyze these lashes.

Then I realized that these lashes were well thought of and designed.
Here's what I came up with...
-Natural looking design-
- multi-length, textured lashes blends with the length of your own lashes(helps with volume)-
-the spaces between the lashes is enough for your own to peek through
(making your lashes look fuller)-
-length is perfect for any eye shape-
-Clear strip doesn't hide your liner or eye-shadow-
-the band is really thin and very flexible making it easy to put and really comfortable-

Have to be careful not to pull on these when washing and removing the glue~
thats it!!

Now for the price:
$12.50 for 8 pairs!!!
that's like $1.50 per pair

Instructions on the Back

I love the multi-lenght design on these!

I don't think i've ever tried lashes these affordable with such good quality.
Definitely stocking up on these, For the price it totally beats the drugstore lashes and (cough)Daiso lashes I've been using ^-^

Over all I give these Lashes a 4.5/5 
Definately buying this brand from now on

Where can you get this?
  For those who live here in US,
Imomoko are located here in CA so shipping is super fast it only took 2 days~
No need to wait for weeks!
Imomoko has so many brands available,
 I already have my eyes on several products I've been wanting to try. LOL

They were also kind enough to give us a coupon code!!
Be sure to use it when you order!

What did you think about these lashes?
I really want to try Dolly Wink lashes to see if it's really the best like some people say.

Hope you enjoyed this post~
Thanks for reading!

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