Saturday, June 22, 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Let's Bloom

Although Singapore have been overcast by haze, it gave me some free time to also explore and play around with my makeup. I have been staying indoors as much as I can as the haze has cause irritation to my eyes and nose. Well, I hope the haze can go away quickly ^^

If the PSI in Singapore is so high, I honestly wonder how our Indonesian counterparts survive theirs. Stay undercover and hydrate up! Let us get through this together!

I love flowers and flower photography. I envy how these professional photographers are able to position the flowers and their camera angle, so that the full composition is so beautiful. And one of my favourite flowers are the tulips.. I drew my inspiration from these beautiful flowers...

Tulip Flowers Festival
If you are wondering why do I have some makeup tutorials in video, and some simply in pictures. That's simply because I would like to rotate the way I post my materials up. I am still not very comfortable with doing videos because I always find they look gritty and low-res. Anyhow, bear with me until I find a better way to do videos ^^

Here's my naked eye! It looks pretty dull and tired today, uhh.

Apply a warm gold onto your lids with shimmer

Do not go beyond your socket, and blend the edge with a clean finger

Now for that pop of colour to mimic the blooming tulips, apply a pink eyeshadow (I used my Sleek blush in Flamingo) to the other corners.

We want to concentrate more colours on the outer corner, so apply from the outer corners towards the inner half. Re-apply until you get your desired gradient effect.

After blending and re-application of the pink, this is what I got. 

With my favourite liquid liner from SANA, I extended the eyeliner from the center of my eyelids. Keeping it close to the lash line, and having the outer line thicker. 

Thicken the outer part of the line thicker to achieve a little wing.

With a shimmery lilac eyeshadow, I applied it to the inner corner and inner half of my lower lash line. 

Followed by a darker purple only on the other portion of the lash line, to create depth and gradient for my eyes. 

So curl your lashes and apply mascara and the look is complete!

Thank you for reading and I hope you like this makeup look! 

Try this for your prom or your dates! ^^

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