Monday, June 3, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox ] It's Skin Smart Solution 365 Silky Sun Essence


I love June, not only because my birthday is coming around but because it's the start of summer. I don't like hot or sweat but I like the strong colors of summer. Like clear blue, yellow beach, dark green leaves, etc. 

My dogs and I would just sit and lay around enjoying the sun and just take a slight nap.

so warm and peaceful.....
But if you start thinking about your skin, summer isn't that pretty.

Skin cancer, sun burn is all caused by the sun rays
It became all too common, as pollution start destroying Ozone Layer that have been protecting us from dangerous sun rays.
If sun screen was used as to keep beauty long as possible 
(Or protect your skin from tanning)
Now it became a MUST for your health.

Now days many beauty professionals and doctors say use sun screen
every day, not just in summer but whole year round.

But to put on sticky stuffy sun scream all year round is not so easy.
It's Skin Smart Solution 365 Silky Sun Essence is light 
and easy to use every day.

The reason I like Smart Solution 365 Silky Sun Essence is because of it's main features

- Protects you from the sun
- Used natural ingredient to keep your skin relaxed 
- 6 wood plants to keep your skin moisturized 
- Free of artificial scent, artificial dye, animal products!
- SPA 50  / PA +++ (That's the strongest I've ever seen!)

It's is also safe for all types of skin even the sensitive ones
It is usable for 12 months

Price / Amount : 14,800 / 40ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

I love the cute size!
It will fit well in your purses

It's a tube lid so you can easily control the amount you want
I'm very clumsy and I survived, you can too.

Since it's a liquid type there's something inside
So before use shake it like 3~4 times.
The liquid texture will become richer and silky

You know how sun screen is rough to spread around your skin?
Well It's Skin Smart Solution 365 Silky Sun Essence is very SILKY
you can spread it well and detailed around your skin.

When I first spread this cream it felt moist and oily
But as it soak in it turn your hand very silky feeling.

Because it is so easy to spread you wouldn't feel icky using this product on other parts of your body. 

There is a bit of stickiness but not so bad.

Now to the most important part :
When using a sun screen the whiteness of the cream may lighten your skin
but it really is hard to apply make up on top and even if you managed to put some makeup it will crack soon...

This product didn't have any of those white stuff.
It's good for people who do strong makeup
But you will not get that skin whiteness effect.

Overall I love the fact how I don't feel stuffy wearing this.
and No matter how much you put this cream on top of another
It doesn't turn into a mass or feel stuffy. 
(Maybe you might feel the stuffiness at first but it slowly disappears.)

There's bit of a shiny effect.
Some may feel this effect kinda like oil
But this disappears as time goes.

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