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Korean Celeb Makeup Tricks (by Kakaotalk&KBS)

Hi readers!
I know I've been gone for a while now (I hope you missed me) I'm going through some things in my life right now that's been taking up most of my time. But here I am again, In fact I have so many blog post that need to be publish, I really want to share so many reviews of products so I shall do it one at a time!

Some of you who have Kakaotalk and are friends with KBS might have seen this already.
They shared some pretty good tips and some really cool products I really want to try out!!
I took a screenshot on my phone cause I really want to share these.

Did you take notes? Who doesn't want to be as flawless as Miss A's Suzy, f(x)'s Sulli and Victoria and Actress Shin Se Kyung!?!

One thing that stuck out to me the most was the UV protection! It's summertime so we have to be careful and protect our skin from those harsh UV's! Also that men likes moist looking skin. Healthy looking face and makeup looks attractive so don't get lazy and put some moisturizer ;)

I really want to try Face Shop's Face It CC (cream since it claims to be smudge free) and Etude House's  Lash perm Shockara( I've seen some awesome before and after pics with this product).

Until next time!!

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Food Review: A Trip to Seafood Paradise

Seafood Paradise is one of the most frequent restaurants by my family. We celebrate anyone's birthday here, and even on special occasions such as Mothers' Day, or Fathers' Day etc. Not to mention we are already a member of their Seafood Paradise Group, mwahaha.

Anyway, this time around I managed to snap some pictures before we eat. Usually, we would gobble down our food almost immediately - well that's because they are delicious!

I am not going to do it the TYPICAL review way, but rather simply by sharing with you images so you could drool at your computer while reading this. (yes! *evil grin*).


Salted Egg Prawn
Probably one of my favourite methods of preparing the prawn after cereal prawn is the salted egg prawn. A crispy and salted layer coated around a de-shelled prawn is exactly what you'd get. Sink your teeth into the crispy outer layer and enjoy the sweetness from the fresh and tender prawn meat. Ah, I am not good at describing. 

Sambal Asparagus
You could have your greens prepared in anyway you like, fried with sambal, or garlic, etc. We chose sambal, we love spicy food, and I would say the spiciness level is decent - nothing I can't handle, which means it is only probably at level 3 out of 5? Teehee.. 

Teochew Style Steamed Fish

Being Teochew, which is my dialect, we selected our favourite method of fish preparation.. The traditional steamed fish with soy sauce. After being there a couple of times, sometimes the fish could be overcooked, causing the meat to be tough. So it could depend on your luck, as their standard is not thaaat consistent for fish.

Fried Mantou and Chilli Crab
Last of all, which is the star of the night, Chilli Crab with golden and crispy Fried Mantou! Fried Mantous are basically "steamed" buns that are fried over hot oil, to give a crispy and golden outside but with soft and fluffy insides! Pardon my limited vocabulary for food, I am seriously not a professional connoisseur etc....

If you enjoy spicy food, or you would like to try what Singaporean's love eating, you should try this out. Do not look down on this crab, although we ordered 1 crab, it has claws that are almost as my hand! Also, you'll get fresh, sweet and succulent crab meat! 


For a meal like this, it would probably cost you close to SGD200, but I believe it might not exceed... And I would think that it is worth the time and money to eat here because I really do enjoy their food! For my subsequent trips there, I will also share some more food with you folks! 

If you have gone there, do share with me your views too!

Find out more about the Paradise Group chains of restaurants, as well as their store locations from their official website. (If you're wondering, this is not a sponsored review ;))


I hope you have enjoyed my visual dinner and feel full from it too, bwahaha!

Don't forget to share with me your favourite local dish or delights, because I want to know more about you as well <3

My Month in Instagram

Ello Lovelies!

Bit of a different post for me today! I think i may have only done these once or twice in the past, but as I've been a little less bloggy and a little more Intagrammy over the past month i thought I'd share with you some of my favourite things. I'm thinking of keeping these posts as a monthly thing, whatcha think? I rarely post about personal / lifestyle stuff so i thought this would give you lovely lot a little more insight to me and what i love other than beauty!
But don't you worry, normal beauty blogging will commence again shortly.

L- R

 1. Sugar Skull eBay purchase
2. Disney Shop Bargains
3. My favourite mani of the month: Barry M Mint Green & OPI Sparke De Triomphe
4. Cry Baby Tee present
5. My baby woof Star.
6. Oreos on fruit, AMAZING.
7. Mango and Coconut Bodyshop purchases.
8. I can't type when i am drunk...
9. Woof being a vulture

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You can find me at katiexlou


[Special Event]Shopping With Lady Fox

It's been long time since I wanted to do this... and Finally it's time I announce it XD

This page is for people who have once thought about 
I saw your review and love the product but I have NOOOOOO idea where to look!
I heard some online sellers sell fake Korean Product for more profit but there is no official offline cosmetic market to buy 
I wanna visit Korea and go Shopping! But maybe later (when I get free ticket to visit Korea ;P) 
I'm sure some of you may thought of this while reading my post
Sometimes even I find good products and realized there is no international seller
for you guys to enjoy the cosmetics, what a bummer!

So I decided to do a little event!
I want more people to know about Korean Cosmetic and try out good cosmetic products
(I realize stuff that is available internationally online is usually all the big companies)
(There are a lot of good stuff that small companies made!)

I...Lady Fox Myself
I'll go visit official Offline store
and buy the cosmetics you want!
I'll even put up pictures of me actually go shopping!
This blog is dedicated to write review so I'll be putting up pictures on FACEBOOK!
And maybe you can see bits of my life on Facebook TOO! ;)

Here are the rules :
1. You must join the Facebook Page Shopping with Lady Fox Korean Cosmetic Makeup
(This is where you can make sure your stuff is bought!)

2. You must Follow this Blog
(Your interest and encouragement is the reason I could do these events!)

3. Payments are done only by PayPal
(I'll tell you once you e-mail the product you want)

4. Be Active
(This is if you want to be ahead of the game when I do Special Events!)

I'll take your orders in order 
First come first serve! XD

There will be more special event to those who've order cosmetic through me!
So Keep Looking!
Happy Shopping


Just so happen to attend two different movie premieres recently and I didn't take a lot a lot of pictures so I'll just combine them both together.

Attended Smurfs 2 Global Premiere! SUPER LOVE the movie I'll love to watch it again when it's out!

There was an event going on before the movie so my cousin and I joined the fun and got ourselves SMURF BALLOONS.

My papa smurf! Free one so must take HAHA. I queued for nearly an hour and I lost papa smurf on the train on my way home. :'(

Was lucky enough to get a picture with the Smurfs mascots because they left very quickly.

Thanks to Churpchurp for the tickets!

Last night, Jayley invited Rachell and I to the premiere of 'The Girl In Pinafore'. To be very honest, I never thought Singaporean's songs are nice haha but I changed my mind after watching this movie.
We have talents too! :D

Bumped into Noah!

I have been getting really really lazy recently. I don't even do thick makeup anymore because it's too tiring and troublesome.

I used to dress up for events like this but now I'm just...throwing on any comfortable top and bottom and OFF I GO! xD Not a good habit but at least I'm comfortable throughout the show. I'll probably get lazier and lazier as days go by and not put any makeup for events like this anymore LOL.


The movie was pretty good so do catch it if you can~




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Share the Love: Junniku, InterestingCornerofMe, LilyNotLouise, GwennyGwen & EverythingAboutBella

Howdy! I have a few wonderful blogs to share with you all! Also, I want to feature Wengie who was the one that brought me about hundreds of new visits to my blog, so here's a special thank you to her (which I have not done so..). 

I first found Wengie's YouTube channel which featured a lot of Korean Pop makeup tutorials - which were to my liking! And I realised she frequents Singapore, and even participated in a contest conducted by Tampines One I believe? That's where I got more intrigued by her.

She's cute, isn't she!
If you enjoy watching Makeup Tutorials, Fashion Styling as well as Real Talks, you can find out more about her by visiting her blog here! Furthermore, the shout out idea was an advise which I took from her blog post quite awhile back. Wengie seriously have some good content going on - she provides advice for increasing blog readership, how to make your face look slimmer, as well as tips on skincare. So be sure to check out!

One of My Favourite Outfits
Recently she has been doing music videos, and her latest one is Ice Cream by Hyuna, which I found her dance ubber cute!! I really loved the floral pants outfit she has. And not forgetting how professional her videos looked. OK, enough of praising, just watch and you'll know..

Now now now, if you have missed out the first post where I introduced a few of the wonderful bloggers, do not forget to visit this page, because I am sure you will find someone new to follow ^^ Click here~


June is really cute! I have actually been following her blog for quite some time, and always posting comments on a regular basis too. She does great Korean cosmetics and beauty product reviews - so if you are into Korean products, check her out! I love how she swatches all makeup products to do a test for the cleansing oil. <3 her, do check her out!

Blog Owner: June
Country: Canada
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle
"A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog! My blog covers anything that I'd like to write about under the blogging sun.

I'm crazy about Korean cosmetics, and am a huge fan of Holika holika, Etude house, The Face Shop, Tonymoly 

and more! Hope I can meet more likeminded people through blogging~ "


Shedding the light of her life in Malaysia, as well as reviewing of products along the way. Reading her blog posts makes me know her a little more, and I really love her ideas of her postcard projects :)

Blog Owner: J-Mei
Country: Malaysia
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle
"My blog is about all the things that i like such as beauty, reading, travel, food and many more. "


I can't express how much I love this girl, if I could sum it all, LILY IS ALWAYS EATINGGG! She's always making me feel hungry, I can vividly recall her trip to the Blue Mountains, eek, feeling hungry already! She does awesome beauty reviews on beauty boxes, as well as her travel trips as well. I love her, and I believe you would too!! <3

Blog Owner: Lily
Country: Australia
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Food Munchkins, Travel Logs
"Beauty, food and entertainment! "


Are you interested to know more about Singapore? Gwen is a fellow Singaporean blogger, and she blogs about where you can eat in Singapore, as well as the fun stuff you could do here as well. Follow her as she brings you along with her photos around Singapore! Definitely check her out if you are planning to come to Singapore, so you could learn more about our sunny island ^^

Blog Owner: Gwen Wong
Country: Singapore
Blog Style: Lifestyle and foods
"Hello! I'm a fellow Singaporean who enjoy to blog about beauty and foods, but of course I blog mostly on my everyday life~ "


Honestly speaking, I almost mistaken her for a Korean! Bella does review on plenty of makeup and beauty items! I love how she takes photo of the products with swatches at the back of her hand, as well as on her lips (for example~). 

Blog Owner: Bella
Country: Indonesia
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel Logs, Random
"Hi! I'm Bella. 21 years old. I blog about almost everything that happens in life including random events, beauty and fashion purchases, nails and outfit of the day, make-up, as well as products reviews! :) "


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How to get rid of frizzy hair.

I face this huge problem for my hair as well....


I will love to get rid of dry, frizzy hair either but frizzy hair seems to love me very much! It doesn't want to leave me at all, no matter how much I've tried to push it away from me lol.

As many of you emailed me regarding messy, dry, frizzy hair, I decided to just do up a post for all of you! 

Although it's almost impossible for me to get rid of the frizziness in my hair, there are some ways I've tried that managed to tame my hair and make it less frizzy. 

1) Hair Treatment (Salon's)

This is the MOST effective way although it doesn't last very long. 
I love the result from hair treatments because my hair looks almost near perfection after it lol. 
SMOOTH + MANAGEABLE + NO FRIZZ which is exactly what I've always wanted! 
It will usually last me for about a week! 

I went for a shoot for my shop a day after I did hair treatment and as you can see from the picture above, my hair looks really smooth and frizz-free!

I do my hair at SALON VIM - and I've been loving their PRIVY HAIR TREATMENT because I swear (not because I'm sponsored or anything) that is the most AMAZING treatment I've ever done. 

Nay side when it comes to hair treatment in salons is the high maintenance as you will have to go back regularly to keep your hair frizz-free but it's also the most effective way to keep your hair smooth. 
I haven't try any other ways that works better yet so if you're desperate - this is it.

2) Hair mask

I use KAO's Essential Damage Care Hair mask as it's one of the best hair mask that I've been using even before I got a hair sponsor haha. 
Probably one of the most promising hair masks I've used. On top of that, it smells really yummy haha.

Anyway, hair mask is the way to go if you have a tight budget but want to have nice frizz-free hair.

The way you use your hair mask is very important as it affects the result! When I started using hair mask, I apply a little bit on the ends, clip all my hair up and wait for about 10 minutes before washing.

That didn't really work out so well (although it still works to a certain extent). We all know how stubborn frizzy hair can be at times!!

Now, I'm using my hair mask EVERYDAY. I'm sure you're not recommended to do this but my hair is quite dry so I do this daily. 
I apply hair mask after washing my hair with shampoo (I'm using Redken's Extreme Hair Shampoo given to me by Salon Vim) and I'll wrap my hair with a shower cap. Usually, I will leave it there for about 10-15minutes, depending on the time I have. (If I'm in a rush I'll just wash it off like conditioner HAHAHA) 
After that, I will wash the hair mask off using COLD WATER or room temperature water, depending on what you like to call it haha. NOT the heated hot water. 
This helps to keep the goodness in your hair!!! 

3) Hair Serum

Salon Vim gave me a bottle of L'Oreal's Mythic Oil so I've been using that for quite some time already. 

I apply it every time after I wash my hair and before I head out of my house. 
If I were to blow dry my hair, I will apply it before and after blow drying!

And lastly, if all else fails.... EMBRACE THE FRIZZINESS LOL.

Thanks for reading and do let me know your ways of reducing the frizziness in your hair, if you have any!

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] The Face Shop Face it Velvet Skin Primer, Best product from Blind Testing

Name : Face it Primer Velvet Skin
Origial Price / Amount : 14,900 / 30ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

I love the amount!
Most Primers is in small amount I liked how much there was inside this bottle
I don't use a lot of primers
If I use them I usually mix it with cream foundation
However I felt this is a good product to start
If you are not use to using primers

Pumping type
Good to control the amount XD

The texture was very soft
It wasn't those creamy type of primers.
To those who have use creamy type of primers may now how those cream feels heavy
and could melt and go matty.
The Face shop Face it Velvet Skin Primer Doesn't

This product felt like skin so it clings to your skin well,
and it feels like a soft thin layer is covering your skin 
instead of having a heavy thick cream coated your skin XD

When I applied this on my skin I like the clean feeling afterwards.
If felt good :)

Applied / Not applied

I'm not sure if you can tell the difference!
I felt my pores have been covered well and my skin feels so velvet silky

This cream has no oil so it is great for those with oily skin
This product may not be for dry skin people
I heard some dry skin people felt too much tightening after few hours of this cream
I think the tightening is from all that pore covering this cream has

I suggest dry skin use The Face Shop Moisture Fitting Primer
(I'll be writing this soon)
It's the same line but for people with dry skin

Where to Buy