Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Lioele Dollish Pearl Eye Liner, Those Tear Drops will Make Boy's Heart Weak!

When I ask boys when is the most flustered moments
"When a girl cries"
It was hilarious hearing them talk about girls crying
and they don't know if they should hold their hand
hold their shoulder or what to do
They get lost and want to do something to stop those tears!

Girls~ This is your chance
Get them to do what you want him to do!

How about do your eye makeup like you've just cried?!
Looking so sweet and so helpless
Making the boys wanna be the man and help!

The makeup product you need for this makeup look is:

Lioele Dollish Pearl Eye Liner

SHHH~~~ it's a secret

 Smart Ways of Using This Product

 Special Ways of Using This Product!

Well I got these pictures from the home page
Now let's take a look at this babe XD 

Price / Amount : 11,000 with ink eyeliner as one set / 5ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email : myteacupstory@gmail.com

I love the pink line in the middle making it look so sweet!

When you open the lid you can see this long pointer
I was surprised how long the handle is
It's not hard to use
Actually it was quiet easy

Very shimmering white and the pearl doesn't turn into a mass
Strong against water and tears XD
I love the sparkle :)

And you're done!

Very Sweet and Adorable!
Wait for me boys~ Here I come XD

Thx to "D" who thankfully let me borrow your beautiful eyes XD
(and skin)

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