Tuesday, January 31, 2012


That day, I went to daddy's boss's place :D

I swear that place is gorgeous :)

Only managed to snap a few shots of the house (with my phone).
By the way, this is the living room and the pool.

JUST a corner of the house.
The house is so big. There's like a lift in it :O

Even their cherries are pretty lol.

So anyways, you should know my camera died so I can't blog with nice photos.
And yeah I'm not in a good mood recently.
Some people (yes psycho bitch) made me go insane few days ago, and then there's my dead camera, and then there's some personal issues.
Sorry to everyone following me on twitter for being such a bitch recently.

Here, a video of what happened today, taken with my phone.
And yeah please love me for making an effort to do a video despite being so...yknow.

Yay for peishi with swollen eyes and nose + her weird accent! -__-

A better photo I took this morning to clear that disgusting face in your mind lol.

Alright love y'all as always. ♥
bye xx

Lakme Color Crush - Yellow 05

I went shopping recently and my all time fav destination is 'Shopperstop' and 'Pantaloons'. Not that they have awesome stuff every time but at times i just love the stuff i get there. Otherwise being an avid shopper, i shop where i fancy *.*
And what took my fancy recently was this beautiful, bright, sunny and sporty color from Lakme from their Color Crush range. I couldn't stop my nail color addiction craving and went ahead....
Its an amazingly bright color with soft glitter. I have lots of nail colors with glitter some soft like shimmer and some really chunky ones. I particularly liked this for its soft glitter like shimmer and such a bright color. If it had chunky glitter it wouldn't have looked so great!

And packing is pretty too which i am so particular. Not that i am a beauty snob but then i love pretty and lovely packing. I love anything shiny and expensive looking and Lakme Color Crush is all that.. 
And today i wanted to share how this pretty color looked on my nails...

Base Coat - Konad
Primary Color - Yellow, 05 from Lakme Color Crush Range
Color for Dots - Black Regular polish from Konad (part of the Stamping Kit)
Dotting Tool - Nirus Nails and Beauty
Top Coat - Konad (part of the stamping kit)

Sorry even before i clicked pic of the original yellow nail color i went ahead making dots. *.*

This range has almost 25 shades to pick from and one is more funky, vibrant and vivid than the other. For some nail color addict like me its pretty hard what to pick and what not to. All the colors are very fashion forward and this range has french manicure shades too and all of this @125 INR each. Now that's pretty deal to ignore if you ask me!!
And this time instead of naming they numbered them. The one i bought is 05 *.*

Now on to what i particularly didn't like!!
The applicator brush as usual is kinda small and narrow when compared to Loreal and Konad.
For me i love to have the brush bit wider so it covers my wide nails fast, nice and easy strokes. Now with small ones i need to be patient and sometimes the color shows off as streaky though this one isn't that streaky.

Overall its a good product and i would love to try other shades from this range.
Rating - 4 out of 5

Will i purchase again? Definitely YES

Till next time...


Monday, January 30, 2012

Sponsored Post : Life does not rewind!

We only live once, so we all want to treasure our life and live life the fullest.
Of course, we have our ups and downs in life, different people uses different methods to cheer themselves up during their down times.

Some listen to music, some rant all their problems to someone, and...
Some people chose to take drugs to 'forget' their problems.

It's never a good decision to make use of a permanent solution to solve temporary problems. You'll definitely regret after drug abusing.. And yes, life does not rewind.

Recently, the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) are organising an Anti-drug Online Gaming Challenge on the ‘Life Does Not Rewind’ Facebook fanpage (facebook.com/lifedoesnotrewind) from 05 Dec 2011 to 26 Feb 2012.

A new game called " Escape from Drugs Land " is launched on their facebook page!
This game is created by three students from ITE college central.

Basically, the games are themed under " Life Does Not Rewind " and they teach players dangers of drug abuse by illustrating the harmful effects through the game play. :)

I'll explain how this game works and guide you through my own experience in this game :D

In Escape from Drugs Land, the player begins his journey on a game board, where the dice determines the number of steps he can take each time.

On every square is a quiz, drug information, refusal tip, word search puzzle, or mini game.
They show you different helplines in the game...

There's also some true or false questions, which I had learned what harmful things drugs will do to us...

And useful information about drugs that we might not know...

Along the way, you'll get to play mini games!

The player has to complete the board in the shortest time possible and his timing will be converted into a score.
For me, I scored...

01:10 !

Try the game and beat my score :D ~

Since "Life does not rewind" , you do not have the 'undo' function in these games , so you can't go back to the previous step and 'try again'.
This game (Escape from drugs land) have a challenge period of four weeks, where players can submit their scores in a bid to win ...

32 GB iPAD 2 ( 1 winner )


1 PAIR OF SENTOSA ADVENTURE PARK PARK COMBO PACKAGE *worth $150* ( 16 winners) !!!!!!

In life, once you have your choice made, you cannot 'undo' you choice and choose again.
Life does not rewind, so you have to make wise choices!
Think well before you act, and you wouldn't regret :D

Good luck!! ^_^

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Recent Favourites.

Been pretty long since I did a 'recent favourite product' blogpost. LOL
Basically, I don't usually buy stuffs every month, so I figured out that I should just do something like this. Hope y'all will like this as much.

So, here are some of the stuffs I recommend you gals to get.

First of all,
Melliesh bronzer and Dollywink Eyelashes.

If you haven't see my review and 'how to get small face with bronzer' post, GO READ LOL.
LOVE IT, you can get yours from shoponblog :)

Another product that I've been using almost everytime when I do my makeup, is ...

Kate's eyebrow powder palette.

It's like a two-in-one thing. You can soften your eyebrow and also use this to contour your nose :)
Got mine from Watson at $20.50 or something. Couldn't remember xD

Recently, I'd been doing a more 'darker' look, so mascara's pretty important.

Really like this SANA mascara as it lengthens and volumnizes your lashes really well. :)
Not sure where to get it, but you can try BHG or SASA :D

Lastly, double sided eyelid tape.

It's my secret weapon *lol* to get that parallel eyelid.
My eyelid is toooooo puffy for ANY eyelid tape to work, and this is the only eyelid tape that worked on my eyes. So I LOVE IT.
According to my cousin, this will not drop out even if you sweat, but most of the other brands will.
Got this from SASA at $4.50. Expensive but works for me, so I'm gonna get more :D

That's all. Alright, bye xx

K-Color, Nicole by OPI

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lovely people.

Like I said we camwhored quite a bit at Bugis Essensuals that day xD

Stole all these photos from Rachell! ♥ ^_^
So I'll start off with a "Beauty and the 'beast' " photo wtf.

Makes me wanna get a friggin DSLR :(

I have no idea why I look so happy and little retarded. I swear Noah have this hidden talent.
(To take a perfect shot of people when they are mad effing ugly.)

Ending off with my favourite photo ! :D

HEHE. Rachell looks like my big sister here. xD

Okay love y'all ! ^_^

Review: Rohto Eyedrop

Many asked me to review on the Rohto Lycee Eyedrop that Rachell got for me from Japan.
I can't bear to open it, so I bought another type of Rohto Eyedrop (Not the lycee version) ,that is available in Singapore, to review on.

I don't know if it's really made in Japan but they wrote "Osaka Japan" so ya, maybe it really is lol.
But unlike the lycee one, the packaging is not pretty, not pink, not shiny, and not full of Japanese words.
They are both by Rohto though.

If we don't compare it with Lycee version, the eyedrop is in a cube shape, and its a SCOREEEE because most eyedrops are ugly in those typical bottle shape xD

I had tried Complete's eyedrop, and the cheap eyedrop.
I really like Rohto's eyedrop compared to the other two as it really refreshes my eyes. :)
It doesn't sting, and doesn't have that prickly feeling in your eyes.
Feels damn normal, and a drop on each eye can last me the whole day.

LOVE how it makes me feel like I have no lenses on ! :D

Btw, these are just my opinion, not sure if it will work on everyone, but I love it.
It's...I think $7.90 for an eyedrop :)
You can get this from Guardian/Watson/certain optical shops ! :D

BYE loves. xx

Friday, January 27, 2012

Avon Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Perfect Plum

I was introduced to Avon my by old friend. I generally wouldn't have picked up but when my friend insisted i gave in. She has a good collection of products from Avon ranging from lipglosses to nailcolors. Well she is in love with Avon!! Her reason - not pricey and at same time range of colors and shades to choose from is vast.
I couldn't disagree!!
My friend gave me this Avon Glimmerstick Lip Liner in Perfect Plum saying that i should try this first before i go for pricey lip liners. Hmmm..... i naturally had to try.

    Swatches - LipLiner - Avon Glimmerstick in Perfect Plum
                     Lipstick - Loreal Paris Color Riche 712 Pourpre Milla

When swatched the color is gorgeous. Its Perfect plum color but sort of dark. Though matte the color  is absolutely lovely and stayed for quite long time than i expected. In Looks its quite slim and nice packed. Color stripe at the bottom of the liner makes it easy to pick up from whole lot of bunch (well thats incase you have too many like me *.*). 
Its a retractable liner which i particularly love as i hate using sharpners but when twisted too much you will run the risk of breaking the tip. Well i was trying to see how long it is and i broke it hehehe *.* 
What i particularly quite not liked is its too matte for my taste and the liner tip is quite thin and delicate unlike the ones i have from Jordana and Maxfactor.
Other than that its a lovely product to try and definitely not too pricey. Easy on budget which makes it easy to buy more in various colors.
Rating - 3 out of 5

I normally like to fill my lips with lipliner dab and fill up with lip color and again finish off with outlining the lips with liner. This way it stays pretty long for me with very few touch ups. 

What do you do to make your lipcolor stay longer???


Philosophy's Hope Springs Eternal... Deep Sea Revitalizing Mask

I wasn't planning on doing a review for this product just yet,but after using it again i just had so many good things to say about it. My mom and I share a love for Philosophy products, however i don't really use their skin care stuff only their bath and body products, but my mom is a big fan and uses their products regularly. The first time i saw this in her shower, i couldn't help myself so i tried it and was amazed. the product has a yucky seaweed green color-like something you'll find at the bottom of the ocean. it has a gel like consistency and smells like axe or a men's pefume, but not as overpowering. what i found out about philosophy skin care products while poking around my mom's stuff is that they have a strong chemical like smell, Hope in a Jar to me smells like chlorine. like most philosophy products, it is a bit pricey for me, a 5oz one ranges from $25-$30+, so for the meantime i'll just use my mom's ^___^

"Natural marine extract rich in antioxidants helps revitalize and protect skin, minerals from the deep sea help condition and refresh skin, sea salt provides gentle purification to help renew skin."

~~directions on the back say: apply to clean skin from hairline to bustline. massage. leave on for 5 minutes then rinse. use as often as you like. ~~

 i used this product in two ways:
  • in the shower i let the steam open up my pores and then i apply this as directed.
  • when my skin feels dull, i put some on and leave it on while doing stuff around the house then rinse. 
after using this product my skin feels healthy and nurtured. actually once i rinse this product off i can feel that it settled into my skin and leaves a thin layer of moisture. in other words i feel like i'm not rinsing anything since it stuck to my skin(in a good way), like a light barrier . i feel happy and my skin feels happy since it gets some nutrients. i read somewhere that this actually has  over 250 minerals and antioxidants :) i will definately keep using this product. Love it!!