Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cineleisure Challenge 2 (Food)

I was craving for Japanese food.
So I told Rachell, why not let's go for Japanese cuisines in this challenge?

And so we did.

We headed to Shokudo Japanese Coffee House.

In Japanese, Shokudo means Dining Hall.
I'm sure they got the right name as they have a huge variety of food, just like a dining hall!

They have Pastas, pizzas, burgers, cakes, waffles, kakigori, smoothies, juice...there's so many to name!

Just look at the menu. (P.s. I like menus with pictures so I can roughly guess how my food will turn out to be like xD)

After much consideration, I chose THIS!

Hotate Mentaiko Cheese Pizza

I swear this pizza here is MARVELOUS.
I thought it's a great idea for them to turn the usual thick pizza crust to an extremely flat crispy one, because I always like the crispy part of the usual crust! Now we can have THE ENTIRE THING CRISPY.

The serving itself looks super appealing.
A plus point for food that makes us salivate just from the sight~

Every slice of pizza has got a hotate (scallop), which makes every bite equal.
Don't you hate how some pizzas have unequal toppings on them which make some bites tasteless?

Also, did I mention I LOVE MENTAIKO?
Mentaiko is Spicy Cod Roe, if you haven't try it, please do!!!
The mentaiko brings up the entire taste to this pizza but is not too overwhelming.

I tried adding a little cheese powder and it made the pizza less spicy, and taste more like a usual pan pizza.

Of course, dessert is important to my meal haha!

Macha Kakigori

I'm a fan of Macha (Green Tea).

Honestly, the portion of this is very big!

Macha's best match is AZUKI BEANS.
I guess it's because Macha's a tad bit bitter, since it's a tea, and the sweet azuki beans help neutralize the taste and make everything bitter-sweetly perfect. xD

This Macha syrup is a little sweeter than usual, but it wouldn't make you feel sick of it after a few bites.
Also, YAY for the fine ice! I was so afraid the ice will turn out coarse and have hard bits that I have to chew on...ouch.

Overall, the meal was splendid.
Shokudo is definitely a good place for you to settle down and chat with your friends when you got tired from shopping as they serve many small bites too~

Apparently, Shokudo is the place where Rachell and I met with Noah for the very first time.
Haha up till now, Noah have no idea what the name of this restaurant is called!
I'll have to explain " Neh!! The place we first met!!!" and he'll go " OHHHH......"
So this should be the reason why we decided to go back to this restaurant! Many memories there too! :)

So if you haven't been there yet, and ALWAYS walk pass it without trying their good food, please do!

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Shokudo Japanese Coffee House
8 Grange Road, #02-06A/B
Tel: +65-6736 0971

Sunday to Thursday:
11.30am – 2.00am
Last order at 1.15am
Friday, Saturday & Eve of PH
11.30am – 3.00am
Last order at 2.15am

We also went to another Japanese food restaurant called Nihon Mura, located at the fourth floor of Cineleisure!
I think many might not know about this but if you want to eat Japanese Cuisine but doesn't like Ala Cartes, you can choose to go to Nihon Mura!

It is $25/pax for students!
I didn't know there's a Nihon Mura in Cineleisure until Rachell told me about it xD

The price is definitely worth it if you have a BIG APPETITE and don't actually go for the quality.
(Like, buffet foods are usually less fine compared to ala cartes.)

I don't know about you but I do prefer Shokudo more than Nihon Mura, even though one is sushi while the other is pasta and pizza.
Just thought I should share with you in case you had no idea there's a Japanese Buffet place in Cineleisure, like me! :B

Read what Rachell ate in Shokudo HERE!!

Also, vote for us, KITTY ON A SPACESHIP ~ :D

If you don't know how to... I have a guide HERE !

Exclusive Offer by ASK Cosmetics Inc.

Happy Weekend Everyone!  I sure hope your neck of the woods is warmer than mine.  Unfortunately the early blooming flowers in my garden have been hit pretty hard by the snow and frost.  Sigh.....

But good news on the horizon - I wanted to let you in on the April Promotion ASK Cosmetics is running.  They are offering FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING on all orders of $20 or more throughout the month of April.  The promo code you will need is my horse's name:  Montyv3.

Orders can be placed via the website/online shop, in which case you will need to enter the promo code in the comments box.
If you call in your order on their toll-free number (1-877-275-5566), please don't forget to mention the promo code as well.

This promo ends April 30th, 2012 and is open internationally.


If you are interested in improving the condition of your toe nails, our latest challenge is getting set up.  The Beach- Ready Toe Nail Challenge is looking for men and women alike who want to offer their digits down-under some TLC.  For complete challenge details refer to:

Thanks for stopping by.  Lisa M.

Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel ~ Onyx Sparkle

I am kinda risk-taker, while i end up falling flat at times i sometimes get some really kool stuff and kool people *.* !!
Well lets talk abt only kool stuff here for now *.*
So i did take a chance ordering this nail color - Onyx Sparkle from Avon. Looking at a brochure and ordering, sometimes is definitely risky. Many times the pics and the product do not match at all!!
So was the case with this color too...
Only if i knew its this gorgeous, i would have taken little higher risk and order more such *.*
So here's the swatches of this gorgeous color called Onyx Sparkle

It really stands up to its name, it has sparkle and such a fine one that its hard to make out. Sort of shimmer i would like to call, and a beautiful one. The sparkle is sort of holo, fine milled glitter which doesn't show off unless you want to see it particularly. Like in particular lightings it shows its true colors. Many times i observed it catches the color of the things around and reflect in its own way. Not exact reflection but a mix of array of colors and its definitely a pretty sight to behold.
See this not-so-good pic with bad lighting and see that sparkle/shimmer glistening in 'now which color did i say?' *.*

So what do you think of this beauty?
Un-doubtedly my fav now *.*

Till next time ......


Friday, March 30, 2012

FOTD + New Hair!

Ello lovelies!
So today i had one of those impulsive moments and decided to change up my hair.
Well originally, i planned to just do my roots and slap my usual red on top but noticed i had a slightly different Wella dye in the drawer and thought, why not?! If i don't like it i can always shove a semi on top!

Well... i kinda like it! 
Giving the porosity of my hair I'm not sure how long it'll last, but if i can find a good gingery semi i might be keeping this for a while. And inspired by my new hair i decided to give my Naked Palette another go. Its been sat unloved since i was first sucked in by the hype. Until now i couldn't never really get the colours to work on my pasty skin, but after today I'm sure it'll get a bit more use!

Benefit - Stay Don't Stray
Urban Decay - Sin, Virgin, Toasted, Hustle.
Urban Decay - Zero 23/7 Liner
Smashbox - Felt Liner
Inglot - AMC 67
MUFE - Smoky Lash Mascara
Revlon Lip Butter - Peach Parfait
Skin Food - Red Bean BB Cream
Elf - HD Powder
Collection 2000 - Lasting Perfection Concealer
Elf - Shimmering Facial Whip - Persimmon
Nars - Laguna Bronzer
   So when this fades do i keep it up? Or go back to my usual red? Or even try blonde, i really know know!

Vote for us!

Hello babies,

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In case you're wondering why we named it Kitty on a spaceship..
it's really really simple haha.
Pxdkitty = Kitty and speishi = spaceship!

Thank you and as a bribe, I'll be hardworking and blog twice as hard ! HAHAHA ♥

Hair Care 1 ~ Color Preserving Products

I have been there, done that!!!
Yes i did color my hair at home, got it colored at Salons only to realise its not my cup of Tea. Color Treatment involves lot of work later ~ Moisturizing the locks well; avoiding harsh blow-drying, regular shampoos, hot Sun etc etc...

So when you are planning for Color Treatment, remember to stock up on good Color Protection Shampoos and Conditioners. I thought most of them knew this, until later i saw my friend picking up normal shampoo and conditioner when actually she colors her hair frequently. Normal Shampoo is also harsh on color treated hair stripping away the color which leads to more and more coloring and also results in dry-coarse hair. Most or all of the Color Protectant Shampoos have UV Filters which is a must especially in Summer if you want the color to Last.

Hair Care 1 ~ Color Preserving Products

Pick color-preserving products like a mild shampoo and moisturizing conditioner, which build up the hair fibers that were damaged from coloring. Once a week, smooth on a deep conditioning treatment to restore hydration and promote shine.

Options to Choose from ~

L'Oreal Paris Color Protect Protecting Shampoo - 200 ML
Price ~ 130 INR
Available ~ UrbanTouch

L'Oreal Paris Color Protect Protecting Conditioner - 180 ML
Price ~ 150 INR @ UrbanTouch, 142 INR @ StyleCraze
Available ~ UrbanTouch , StyleCraze

L'Oreal Professional Expert Vitamino Color Protect Shampoo -
Price ~ 475 INR
Available ~ StyleCraze

Sunsilk Keratinology Sun Kissed Color Therapy Shampoo - 200 ML
Price ~ 200 INR
Available ~ StyleCraze

Sunsilk Keratinology Sun Kissed Color Therapy Conditioner - 200 ML
Price ~ 200 INR
Available ~ StyleCraze

Matrix Biolage Color Care Shampoo - 200 ML
Price ~ 190 INR
Available ~ StyleCraze

Matrix Biolage Color Care Conditioner - 196 ML
Price ~ 285 INR
Available ~ StyleCraze

Best Deal  ~
L'Oreal Color Protect Protecting Shampoo 200 ML + Conditioner worth 80 INR free
Price ~ 123 INR
Available ~ StyleCraze

Till next time....


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recent Rediscoveries: Elf Shimmering Facial Whip

 Ello lovelies!
On a bit of a mission to curve my spending I've decided to start a little series. Recent Rediscoveries is my way of sorta "shopping the stash" if you will. Over the past two years I've acquired a bit of a collection of makeup goodies and some don't get the love they deserve. So in an attempt to save my pennies I've decided to hook out some of my unloved products and give them another bash!

Last year i went on a little bit of an Elf binge when they had their 50% off sales. I've also been getting into cream products lately, with the weather warming up i thought it was the perfect time to give this another testing. As their name implies the Shimmering Facial Whip is just that, shimmery, so it won't be to every ones taste. But having quite dry skin and being a bit of a glitter addict its not exactly a problem for me!

The only shade i have is persimmon, but its available in 7 shades in total if pinky hues aren't your thing. In the tube and first swatched it does look a little scary, but it sheers out pretty nicely. I honestly wasn't expecting too much from this but I'm really happy i dug this beauty out, as it looks gorgeous on the skin!

Priced at £1.50 its extremely affordable too. The website implies this can be used on the eyes and lips too, i personally wouldn't put this near my eyes but funnily enough my Mum confused this for a lip gloss and said it looked lovely! Ha!

The only downside is i really want to buy a few more...

What are your favourite cream products? Have you tried these?


Up to town with bitches.

And Noah HAHA.

Ah yes, I'm tired of his face lol.

We helped film Noah's video.
Let me tell you, actually right, Rachell's like the 'backstage' person. Damn hardworking and help Noah to film and give ideas omg.

And I'm like the calefare la.
Honestly I'm quite unwilling to be in some of the parts 'cause I look retarded. Yknow I wanna stay in my CLASSY IMAGE ahem ahem.

Since I'm too short to help Noah film, I'll be at the side camwhoring.

I hate it when I'm taking photo and my grass hair decided to be evil.

Oh yes, I wore lower lashes! (And I lost one side while removing my makeup T _ T )

We met Danial at Scape coincidentally!

HAHAHAHAHAHA btw, idk if this idea was also given by Rachell or what, but I turned around and they told me " Eh Noah gonna roll on the floor. " HAHAHHAHA WTF.

HAHA omg. Apparently, he chose a spot full of -cough- bird shits -cough- on the floor.
And Danial was like " ROLLING IN THE SHIT~~~~~" hahahhahaha omg. Damn epic.
Wait for his video!

Then we headed to Mandarin Gallery *I think* , and we got a cake for Danial! (Actually not me la, I didn't pay for it lol.)


Oh I think Dee Kosh made him trend in Singapore today haha. Awesome shit.

That's all for today~
But I still have more of my camwhore shots to share lol.

Love y'all bye~ ♥

Are her nails ready for the "big day"? You decide....

All of the participants in the ASK Cosmetics Bare Naked Nail Challenge have been doing a fantastic job of applying the products according to the instructions.  This in itself is extremely important for success since T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner is very different compared to all other nail treatments on the market today.  It does not wash off, it does not "sit" on your nail, it is not a nail polish-type hardener, it is not simply a cuticle oil.  It is a lot more than that in one little bottle to apply in one simple step.

The very first person to contact me about the challenge was Maaike from the Netherlands, desperate to improve her nails for her upcoming wedding in April.  ASK Cosmetics rushed a challenge kit to her so she could get started as soon as possible. 

Now, everyone likes to look their absolute best for their wedding, and we all know that a bride's hands are often the center of attention.  Therefore, I am so thrilled to show you how much Maaike's nails and cuticles have profitted from T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner and the challenge kit items.

Here is the photo sent to me in January 2012:

In order to chart her progress and document the changes through photos Maaike started a blog.  A picture is worth a 1000 words as the saying goes, so have a look at the latest photo she posted.

This photo  (click on link) is after using ASK Cosmetics' products for 8 weeks.  What a tremendous transformation! 

We wish you all the very best on your wedding day, Maaike.  Keep up the great work with your nails as you have achieved great results.

FYI - ASK Cosmetics is looking for people who would like to transform their toe nails into "Beach Ready" ones.  If interested send me an email to:

Take care and thanks for checking in today.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nail Care 1 ~ Base Coat Basics

I am a Polish Lover, so you can imagine how much crazy i would be buying those gorgeous colors and trying out. All is well till the cuticles show up dry or damaged or that nail chipping or even that yellowing of the precious nails!!!
Trust me i am sharing my own shocking stories here and also the tips and ideas i come across while chatting up with friends or reading someone's else story *.*

So today it is Nail Care -
Dark polishes can stain nails, so apply a base coat to act as a barrier for your natural nail before lacquering up!

P.s - Don't be lazy and put that base coat on!! *.*

Dark color i am rocking right now ~ Avon's Matte Nail Enamel - Black as Night
Base Coat ~ Avon Nail Experts Smooth Beginnings Base coat

Till next time.....


Who likes getting compliments on their nails?

Bare Naked Nail Challenge - Progress to Date

Participant - Heather R.

Hi Lisa,

I thought I'd sent photos last week but apparently I didn't - probably got started and then distracted.
Here's what's going on with me up to today. I have nails! Not only do they look good from the front, they look good from the back - I can see my nails peeking up behind my fingers.

This is something I'm not used to - when I was in high school I had great nails but I haven't been able to grow nails of decent length since I started keeping them short after my son was born. He will be 29 this year.

Needless to say, I'm very pleased. I'm getting comments on my nails from people - my boyfriend is one, suddenly he needs his back scratched every time I see him. Yesterday I had my hair cut - I go every 6/7 weeks- and the hairdresser I've gone to for the past 10 plus years remarked on my nails. She said she's never seen my nails look this good. She and the girl who shampoos both said they're going to look into TIPS because their nails take a beating at work.

I'm a happy camper!

Thanks, Heather

Near the other island.

My title got a bit step not?
LOL actually I wanna put " TO VIVO!" but it's kindda... yknow.

I was actually late...
Long story short, I waited for Noah at Vivo.

Apparently, Vivo City is QUITE big and I'm very lazy to walk around the entire place alone, so I decided to just explore the places nearer to the MRT.

First stop, definitely, CANDY EMPIRE wtf.
I see the kiddish side of me there.

(Not really but still..............)

NUTELLA & GO !!!!!!!

-- I specially made the Me gusta face skinnier so it looks like me lol.

I didn't buy it though.
'Cause it looks big in photos, but small in real life.
AND it's $3.90, quite expensive for such a small packet.

So after walking around in Candy Empire, Noah is still not here -_-

I went to National Geographic.
I think the people there look down on me and think I'm not those 'geography' or studious kids so they followed me around the whole shop.
*wipes sweat*
Super stress so I went to the water area upstairs and have le #foreveralone moment.

There's so many couples ( and ah nehs ) behind me.
Go everywhere also stress.

My artsy photos of Sentosa and the ships.
There's this uncle, he purposely stand SUPER near me when I walk over and shoot these photos.
He prolly is a #foreveralone and thought I wanna be #foreveralonepartner with him omg.

Wait until sun set and finally Noah came.



He got his new perfume btw.

So after getting bullied for a while, we went to look for dinner!

Settled down at The Chicken Rice Shop.


We called for the double set meal thingy for 2 at $21.90 !

Fishball soup! It's their Soup Of The Day I think.
Doesn't taste like the ordinary Fishball soup though.
There's this 'cuttlefish' kind of taste in it.

Roasted Chicken or something.

Steamed Chicken! This is so yummy!! 'Cause the skin is super tender. Nay part is they served us Chicken Breast meat and I hate it.

The whole set of meal!! Quite a lot and it's damn filling.

I didn't eat the Kueh Pie Ti though...
You know why?

Noah stuffed one whole Kueh Pie Ti into his mouth and I was like...

And he took ALL 4 and stuffed them into his mouth one by one wtf.

And yes! We finished everything :D

We went upstairs to the water area after the meal.

I have fat face T _ T I HATE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY they always make my face look so flat and fat and ugly.

HOHO I like this self-timed photo!

'Cause I don't look over-petite there lol.

Ending off with an artsy photo by Noah.

And an artsy photo by me lol.


HAHA love y'all.