Sunday, June 30, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Orignial Raw 10 Cushion Foundation

Price / Amount : 38,000 / 13g
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
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My Model Dog Ace has beautifully express the product I am going to introduce
Orignial Raw 10 Cushion Foundation

It has all the softness of a feather
Great for Natural Beauty!

In the summer I really get lazy,
Since I have very sensitive skin
If I do thick makeup it means that much cure and care is needed
I'm sweating and I don't want to do labor XD

In the hot summer I try to do makeup simple as possible
One of the ways to do it is by skipping all those bb cream 
and just use this cushion foundation as a base
I don't even need sunscreen because this one has SPA 50 / PA +++
This product is perfect if you fix your makeup often
This foundation blends in well

There are two color #21 and #23
If you consider yourself bit darker skin get #23
Normal and White skin get #21

Cap type button one push and it opens
Remember it's a cushion foundation
You mush remember to close it tight or it'll dry out
Listen for the click when you close it

I... personally don't like this pump
I have very sensitive skin and with this HARD and ROUGH pump
I might irritate my skin bloody red
Plus see those holes? 
It even eats some foundation on it's own
What a waste...

When I buy Pumping type foundation
I always didn't really like how the center is all moist and foundation already on the surface
All that moist is not so good for hygienic reasons
But Original Raw 10 Cushion Foundation is DRY!
Mold won't be growing in THIS foudnation
I really like that about this foundation
If you want foundation all you need is slight pressure

Foundation are usually dry but in this pic you can see the water and moist!
It does feel the water particles are not small enough for fast absorbent and detailed spreading.
So you might have to tap it on a little longer or you might get some
sponge mark

I'm not sure you can see the difference
See around the nose where there is shadow
I love the fact that it is light 
Just like the fact it is hard to tell the difference 
It is SOOO light that it feels like you didn't apply anything

This foundation is for people who like to do light makeup
and something Very Natural

It didn't have the whitening effect so to those who like to heighten your skin tone
This is not for you

Or you can use this foundation in the afternoon when your makeup go dry
This foundation is perfect to fix your makeup

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