Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heart-warming Acts Despite the Haze

The PSI has broken the record made in 1997, and now it is a record high of 371 just yesterday. As I am typing this, the PSI is 367. 

Visibility is low, and the air is choking. 

However, it has allowed more kind acts of fellow Singaporeans to resurface on the social network. I personally have come across a few amazing people as well. 

Just to shed some light on some of the kind deeds.
1. Giving masks to the elderly by a group 
2. Offering rides for those who are stuck at Potong Pasir MRT due to the breakdown of the train

Well, I am sure there are more going out in the public which are not publicised. Great job Singaporeans, we will definitely get through this haze together! Even the Government have offered masks to policemen and security guards at the Istana Park and I believe elsewhere too. McDonald's, KFC and some other restaurants whom offer delivery have also stopped their delivery crew from working in this terrible weather. 

But let us not forget about those construction workers, whom most of them are foreign talents, may be still working in such a terrible weather. I hope and strongly believe their responsible companies would take responsibility of their staff's health, just like how my brother's company is providing fruits and ordering food for them so that they do not need to travel out for lunch. 

On the other hand, there are some mercenary people whom are hoarding masks and selling them at soaring prices. I hope these people will not exploit the vulnerability of fellow Singaporeans. 

PLEASE GO AWAY HAZE, you are giving me breathing difficulties ._.

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