Saturday, June 1, 2013

Advertorial: Sassy Dream

Received some really adorable clothes from Sassy Dream the other day!

Really cute outfit - Paddle pop tank with Black suspenders button-down skirt. :)

Matched the two of them together because the black skirt really compliment the colours from the paddle pop tank top!
Paddle pop colours are so vivid and happy, I really love! :D

The button-down black skirt really helps to flaunt your waist line! Very flattering.

Paired this outfit up with a qwerky bag from Sassy Dream as well!
Hello Moustache Bag in Black!

Definitely one of the cutest bag I own now!!!

If you really like the clothes I wore in this post, do check out other lovely apparels and bags Sassy Dream owns - I'm sure you'll be in love.

Quote "PEISHI56" and get free normal postage. :)

Also, do look out for their co-manufactured Floral Dainty Romper with Ashincans.


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