Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hello hi hey !
Wait! You don't have to thank me for blogging. Hahahahahaha~
I'm studying half way and thought I should still come and say hi!

No I was just being childish.
Just wanted to post this photo up.

100% raw from my phone though.
Tried out my new bottom + upper lashes so I merely did my eyes and no face makeup at all.

I may be busy but I will still reply to your formspring questions. ^_^

See ya ! Bye ~

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spa Magik Skincare Review

Ello lovelies!
A little while ago i was sent a box of goodies to try from Spa Magik / Spa Find, it was over a month ago and I've been meaning to do this review for a while. I'll start off by saying just because i was sent these does not affect my opinion at all, all my opinions on these are honest and completely my own. The package included their Mild Exfoliant, Delicate Boosting Mask, Salt Brushing Sachets and their Acne Treatment. They also sent me a super cute tote bag which I've been lugging my uni books around in lately. The Acne treatment i won't be reviewing, simply because i don't have acne. But to save waste I'm donating it to a blogger friend who does suffer from time to time, so when she reviews it I'll be sure to link it here! Anyways, enough rambling!

I've got to admit I'm a little bit of a snob when it comes to skincare. I honestly wasn't expecting much from these but I'm glad to say i was pleasantly surprised! I'm EXTREMELY fussy when it comes to facial exfoliants, i like the exfoliating particles to be very fine but also to be enough of them to give my face a good scrub. I used to sneak my Mum's St Tropez Body Polish (even though it's not meant to be used for the face!) and have been disappointed with every exfoliator since. I was delighted when i first used this product! It's fine and not at all scratchy, my absolute favourite type of facial exfoliator. 

The Delicate Boosting Mask works wonderfully too. It's aimed at dry/sensitive skin so was perfect for me. These two have been permanently in my bathroom for the last month and used 3 - 4 times a week I'm that impressed. I feel like the mask really does help to soften my skin and the two together are brilliant combo! 

Salt Brushing! I again wasn't very excited when i first saw this product. It wasn't till i actually used it i sort of remembered it... This product in it's full size comes in a large blue and white tub and i remember this being one of the products i was 'banned' from using as a teenager as i had a habit of using all my Mums products! It's quite a coarse salt scrub so using this gently is key for me. I suffer with a bit of congestion on my left arm and this has been great for tackling that! I'm in love with the scent too!

Overall I'm really impressed with Spa Magik! All their products are now paraben free and have allergen free fragrances which is great for us sensitive skinned girls!

The products aren't pricey either! The mask and exfoliator are priced at £7.75 each and the full sized 500ml Salt Brushing Scrub at £13.40 which i think is pretty reasonable. I will 100% be purchasing these products, which is a rare thing for me to say! I've really noticed a big difference in my skin while using these and am keen to keep up the results.

These can be purchased online here on the Spa Find website, or alternatively online on both Debenhams and the John Lewis online store.

Are there any Spa Magik products you love? Let me know!


Singtel MioTV at Naumi Hotel

*Quaff Gong Cha*

Miss me already ? Hohoho.

As promised , blogpost about Singtel MioTV ! :)
Got to Naumi Hotel that day with Claire + Hong Peng + ShuQing.

We were there to watch certain TV series.

-Once Upon A Time
-2 Broke Girls
-The American Horror Story
-Hart of Dixie
-Happy Endings

I personally LIKE LIKE LIKE 2 Broke Girls and Once Upon A Time.

Okay so photos now.

With ShuQing!

Into the room ~

And the first thing we see is....

Coffee , Tea or ME? LOL ok lame.

With Xueling
And Jasmine.

With Nuffnang In-charge , Huiwen.


The bathtub...mad chio too.

And so are these.

I guess its worthed a few photos IN THE BATHTUB since we can't actually enjoy it WITH WATER. D; haha. LOL

Then its show time!~

Hungry? Its okay, you can devour my food, there's always space for you to IMAGINE! ^o^Y

More plates for you :)

Can also match it with a cup of chamomile ~

Also imagine that the exterior of the hotel is ...

Like this.

Okay byebye~
Oh and thank you nuffnang and singtel for this little treat for my eyes and tummy xB

Btw , I KIND OF screwed my paper one :( So I'm quite down over my paper one now.
But no point crying over spilled milk too, so ganbatte neh for the rest of your papers~ :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Random Ramblings.

LOL I'm crapping some weird shits off my phone again because I can't on my lappy to blog.

If I on, I swear I will be so engrossed that I will forget there's actually ENGLISH O LEVELS for me to study tomorrow (๑◕︵◕๑)~~

Here are some out of date photos in my phone! xD

The other day, we went to Sakura for daddy's birthday!

Oh it's practically half-heaven there because there's SO many desserts!! Omnomnom ~~

Sad thing is that their food all DAMN SWEET. -__- like sugar foc like that!


The black sesame one is Cho oishii one!

Big ass scallop!

Ohoh, yesterday, I went to Naumi Hotel for the Singtel MioTV event. Will blog up the photos from my cammie when I'm free.
Meanwhile, some photos I tweeted/preview hahaha!!! :D

Will blog up nice things really soon.
Sorry if i haven't been blogging. Super stressed out by my o's even though I don't seem like I am on twitter.
Follow me as I update 24/7 there!~xx
Do study hard , all the o's candidate! Don't be like me!

Bubzbeauty exit ~

Friday, October 21, 2011

DREAM COLLECTION for Hands and Nails by ASK Cosmetics Inc.

Have you always dreamt of having gorgeous hands and nails?

Well, wait no longer.  We are staging our second contest giveaway called "The Dream Collection by ASK Cosmetics Inc." which is running Oct. 1st - Nov. 15th, 2011.  The prize package includes: 
*  2 bottles of TIPS Nail Conditioner - to protect, fortify and replenish the lipids in our nails;
*  1 bottle of TIPS for Toes - to tackle the thicker, tougher issues our toenails present;
*  1 Contour Nail File - uniquely designed to seal the ends of the nails for better growth;
*  1 bottle of ASK Revival Nail Polish Remover - to remove polish and treat nails all in one;
*  1 bottle of ASK Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser - to clean without stripping lipids from hands;
*  1 bottle of ASK Revival Skin Conditioning Milk - to boost the penetration of TIPS and hydrate from within
*  Bonus - we are including a DREAM lapel pin to round off the giveaway.

ASK Cosmetics Inc., an all-Canadian company with its headquarters and production in Burlington, ON, offers their products via The Shopping Channel in Canada and on QVC USA as well as through their online shop.  Find out more about us at:  Like us on Facebook to receive up-to-date info and first dibs on all exclusive offers.

To enter all you have to do is go to our blog page at and leave a comment about one of the blogs or about the contest.  Your name will be entered, but please remember to leave a contact address in case you win.  If you are not a blogger, you have the chance of entering this contest giveaway by sending me a message to stating you would like to enter this DREAM COLLECTION Giveaway.  The lucky winner will be announced via Facebook and informed of their win on Nov. 16th, 2011.  Good luck to all participants!

Another Sugarpill EOTD!

As you can tell I'm still loving my Sugarpill goodies! Just thought I'd upload another look i was messing around with! Excuse the terrible eyebrows, they are definitely in need of a wax! When i attempt this look again I'd probably pop some Bulletproof through the crease to blend the blue and pink a little bit better. But I'm really pleased my skills seem to slowly and surely be improving. Practice really does make perfect!

Products used:Nyx Jumbo Pencil - Milk
Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette
E.l.f Liquid Liner - Black
L'oreal Volume Millions Mascara

If you have any Sugarpill looks please leave me a comment!