Sunday, June 30, 2013

Share the Love: GwiyomiStyle, TheXuvi, Doysabell, MyTimelessDistraction & HeyLinni

I have been blogging for half a year only, but I have received some good support from all over the continents. ^^ Recently I have been featured on Wengie's blog, and I have received a whopping amount of visitors to my blog. (Thanks Wengie once again!).

So I decided to help my fellow bloggers whom just started blogging just like myself, to spread the word of what they are doing, and to give them a helping hand to get more readers~ So please do have a look and visit their blogs, I am sure you will find something you like <3

I visited their blog and have read their posts, to give you bite size insights into their blogs, so join me on my journey to explore blogs today~


Gwiyomi, gwiyomi! I am sure you know the gwiyomi song! Gwiyomi style blog owner Ivy does Korean product reviews such as Etude House, Lioele, as well as tips to make your skin better!

Blog Owner: Ivy
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel Logs

"A blog for makeup reviews, tips and more."



Have a casual conversation with Xuvi as she brings you to wherever she goes, and shares with you whatever she does. Beauty and cosmetic product reviews will also help you with your shopping purchases ^^

Blog Owner: Xuvi
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Food Munchkins, Travel Logs
"Anything under the sun"


Whatcaught my eye was her beautiful and long hair! Check out her blog which shares informative product reviews, trend reports of ulzzangs and gyarus. Don’t forget to check out beauty tips that she shares along the way~ I really appreciate that, as it spreads the knowledge of how to maintain clearer skin!

Blog Owner: Neeka
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Random
"Hi! I'm Neeka, 19 and I'm from a Filipino-Chinese family. I like to read books and to eat! I am a hardcorecoffee drinker and super good in procrastination. I find Zombies cool. My blog contains every little thing that I like; asian stuffs, make-ups, fashion,and even my adventures!"


Clarie is a fellow Singaporean blogger like myself, and I think she loves Hello Kitty like I do (spotted the Kitty balloon!). Follow her on her trip to preview events, her weight loss journey as well. Want to know how to style certain pieces of tops, she fashion blogposts as well. Let’s get timelessly distracted haa..

Blog Owner: ClarieCupcakes
Country: Singapore
BlogStyle: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel Logs
“Hello, I'm Clarie and my blog link is 'My Timeless Distractions'. I blog about little events in my life, beauty steals and purchases, outfits and sometimes travel logs. I hope to keep you timelessly distracted.


Cosplayers? Someone whom you can connect with! She loves cosplay anime events as well. Join Rachel as she attends sponsored events for new product launches, get a peek into what’s upcoming! Also see what she has to say about products via her product reviews. And if you found her familiar, that’s because she helped Wengie in her music video – Taylor Swift 22!

Blog Owner: Rachel
Country: Australia
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle
“A cute and fun wonderland for all lovers of fashion, beauty and adorable items!”


Do you want to share your lovely blog with everyone else? Simply submit the form below and I will post it up the following month! (If the response is really good, I might consider doing it weekly!).

Everyone will get their chance of having their blog being featured ^^


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