Monday, June 3, 2013

[K pop Star / Rainbow] Rainbow Come Back! Rainbow Sunshine MUSIC VIDEO

Bringing Rainbow Syndrom as their new comeback album I love their song, sweat and jolly. I feel it fits perfectly with the joyful summer!

I could go on and on and put up Music Video and lyrics but like always I'm more into their clothes and fashion than their music. XD

Their concept is cute girls doing naughty things, I'm really not an orange type but I like they boyish (comfortable looking) clothes.

Than there is the cheer leading clothes (Those are wearable if you are long legs or you are a cheer leading team :/ Something I both don't have )

Than is the white floppy skirt. If you are teen or young 20's here something you can wear for your boyfriend, he'll love your sweet lovely style.

Lastly it's the summer look. Something wearable on the beach!

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