Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blackbox: Inaugural Box

Subscription boxes have been in Singapore for quite awhile, and today I am going to introduce to you one of the newest box:

Black Box is a bi-monthly subscription box which provides you with at least five exciting gifts or surprises in your boxes to help you get huge savings. 

Not only is this box delivered to your home, it does not cost a single cent! All you need to do is simply subscribe to their box and you can await for your box of mystery to come.

Look out for lifestyle, dining, beauty, fashion and travel related topics that will be in your box! No wonder it is called Black Box, so mysterious and filled with so much surprises! 

Before you head on to subscribe and provide your mailing details, have a look at what I have got this month.

(This is not a sponsored post, but because I received it, you get a peek too!)
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Monthly Finished and Favourites - February

I hope your February has been a wonderful one! If not, fret not, as there are more months ahead. Always look ahead, not look back. People are not carefree and happy because they have no worries, you need to take a step back or choose to ignore sometimes.

With February having only 28 days, I did not finish a lot of products this month! But I do have more makeup favourites this month. Because it's the month of the Lunar New Year, I did do a couple more makeup than usual.

Come on in to see what I've got to say!
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Dupe Alert ♥ NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Vixen for Nars Volga Matte Pure Lipstick

Sometimes its pure fun and little excitement to find that what you bought recently is a big time hit somewhere and most of all you happened to get a dupe without even knowing !!
Jenny Smith, lead makeup artist at NARS, created the look for Dannijo's Jewelry Presentation in which she used Nars Volga Pure Matte Lipstick on Brunette Models.
Here's the pic from Dannijo Jewelry Presentation posted on Instagram recently ~

Now the best part, i own a dupe of this gorgeous dark hue and it is NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Vixen.
Here's pics ~

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Vixen is pretty much the closest dupe i found to Nars Volga Pure Matte Lipstick, except that Nars is matte and NYX is glossy. This lovely color can be build up by layering more for a much darker hue (i used 2 swipes in pic).
While NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils (currently not available on Nykaa too) cost around 425 INR, Nars Volga Pure Matte Lipstick costs around $26 and not yet available in India. So i guess i am pretty much happy that i got a dupe (atleast) for this gorgeous color that models rocked at Dannijo's Jewelry Presentation.
Click here to see more pics of NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Vixen

So do you own NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Vixen yet? Are dark hues your fav?
What do you think of Vixen?

♥ Sangy

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[Lady Fox / Top K pop Star] Girls' Generation - Girls' Genereation

Girls' Generation - Girls' Genereation.

I'm not playing a joke but this is actual their song. They look so lovely and young-girl-like-cute.
I've heard this song is originally an old song back in the 90's but remade by Girls' Generation.
'Well remade' said the original singer Lee Seung Chul
The song is lovely and cute not so much my favorite because I'm not so much of a fan of "TOO-Lovely"

Sad I couldn't find a HV music video. Although I feel it wasn't so long time ago they sang this song and reach top 3 in Show!(Korean Version of Billboard)

This is the best I could do...sorry. If I find a better version I'll load it up!(Eng Sub)
(I don't get why eariler MV of their album is in HD but not their second album...strange....)

Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation


The selfish grabber who said I was young
For some reason today he told me he loved me and kissed me
(OH!) My face got red and my shocked eyes got big

My nervous lips were blue like the waves
I couldn't say anything because I was so shocked
My nervous lips were blue like the waves
I could not say anything because I was so shcoked
While i was thinking whether should get mad or laugh

Don't make fun of me because I am young
I couldn't talk because I was shy
Don't make fun of me because I am young
Its just words that pass by

The selfing grabber who said I was young
For some reason today he told me he loved me and kissed me
I couldn't say anything because I was so shocked
While i was thinking whether ishould get mad or laugh

Don't make fun of me because I am young
I couldn't talk because I was shy
Don't make fun of me because I am young
Its just words that pass by
Even your small flaws seem to move me

I look like a fool but I don't know
I'm going where my heart is going
Don't make fun of me because I am young
Ohh You don't know me

Don't make fun of me because I am young
(Yeah Eyeah!)
Don't make fun of me because I am young
I couldn't talk because I was shy
Don't make fun of me because I am young
Its just words that pass by

Don't make fun of me because I am young
I couldn't talk because I was shy (I couldn't say)
Don't make fun of me because I am young(Oh Oh Oh)
Its just words that pass by

Don't make fun of me because I am young

Nail of the Day

The last nail of the day has been quite awhile ago? Today I will share with you my favourite style of my nails - gradient nails

Step 1: Apply a base coat

Step 2: Pick a pink and sheer nail polish to create that gradient effect.

Step 3: Apply it to 3/4 of your nails, leaving the nails nearest the cuticle to be free of colour.

Step 4: Reapply the pink to only 1/2 of your nails. Make sure all layers of nail polish are thin, and not too thick (otherwise it will take forever to dry...)

Step 5: Apply only to the tips of your fingers, and you should get something like this...

Step 6: Using your favourite glitter nail polish, apply beginning from the tip this time around

Step 7: Reapply the glitter, only until halfway into the nails, and create thin wispy stripes near the center of the nails - this is to blur the line between the colour and glitter.

Once you are satisfied, apply your favourite top coat and you're done!

I really love this, and I took about half an hour to be done with the whole set? I smudged a little, but reapplying a tiny bit of glitter solves the problem! ^^

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Lady Fox / Top K pop Star] IU - Good Day

This is how Loen Entertainment explained this album:
The timid confession of an 18 year old girl
"I like you... what can I do"
The third mini-album [REAL] of IU, one of the top K-pop solo female singers with her outstanding emotions and singing, has finally been released. The title song "Good Day" is another work by the outstanding team 'composer Lee Min-Soo -- lyricist Kim Ee-Na'.
The lyrics of the song portray a girl who is in love yet too shy to confess her feelings, expressing the sweetness and uneasiness of a girl's first crush in a pure yet honest manner. No doubt IU's mind-blowing vocals and her timid yet cute performance will make the hearts of all male fans race for her.

In the music video of "Good Day", IU acts out the young girl, honestly depicting the excitement of a crush. The music video contains dramatic structures with lively touches, gaining attention as Chung Jae-Hyung makes his appearance as a music fairy who encourages IU.
Well, You know the overall story. Just watch the part where her notes shoots up into the sky. Seriously, she has a strong voice even in the highest notes this truely make her Outstanding singer in Korea. I can't leave out the cute (and somehow looks sexy) dance.

Enjoy~ this is the MV with Eng Sub (Unfortunatnly not HD if you wish to see it in HD scroll down, sorry no subs, though)

IU - Good Day

(Bird : I love you, Oppa)<- Only in MV (In her real song no bird's voice)
*Oppa means brother in korean, younger girls will call older girls oppa even though they are not blood related. It's considered cute way young girls show charm to older boys saddly not all boys think like that, just like the one in the MV

Why is the breeze so perfect today
Pretneding like I don't know, like i didn't hear a thing
Should we pretend to forget and start talking about something else?
Should we kiss so that we son't be able to say antyhing

My eyes fill with tear so I look up
I smile a little so that they won't fall
Why are you like this to me, What are you saying?
All the things we talked about have been thrown up inthe sky
The words I never expected myself to say as I cried
I like you Oppa, What should I do?

Was my recent hairstyle change bad?
Am I wearing cloths that don't suit me today?
Still pretending like I don't know, like I don't remember
Should I pretned as if nothing has happened?
Should I just say we should go out?

My eyes fill with tear so i look up
I smile a little so that they won't fall
Why are you like this to me, What are you saying?
All the things we talked about have been thrown to the sky
The words I never expected myself to say as I cried
I like you Oppa,
(sigh) What should I do?

Don't say those kind of things
While looking at me like this
Is it that I'm chlidish? or is it that I'm slow?
This is unbelievable

Even though I'm crying, I smile
I block your way and I just smile widely
Why am I like this? Do I not have any pride?
All the things we talked about have been thrown up in the sky
The words I have never said
The words I might never be able to say again
I like you Oppa
* Aigoo mean opps
One, Two
*Here it comes!
I'm in my dream!
(It's too beautiful, beautiful day, Make it a good day, Just Don't make me cry)
In such a good day

Hope you like the MV! (Because I do) ┐

♥ GoFavor Giveaway Winners.... ♥

Unfortunately 2 of the winners didn't respond, so here i have names of next 2 girls who had maximum entries. Sometimes the hardwork needs to be paid too ..... no??
You can view the previous winners list here

Here's the list and the names ~

Hema Thakur
Marta Vieira

Send an email to me from the id on which you wish to receive the coupon code. You have 24 hrs to respond!!

♥ Sangy

♥ ELF Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick ~ Movie Star ~ Swatches ♥

One of the best picks from recent ELF haul is this Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Moviestar. To see what all i got from ELF click here.
Out of 8 available Gloss Sticks, I only picked two Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks ~ Movie Star and Sangria Starters. You can view the other available shades here .
And today i have the swatches of Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Movie Star to share with you all. Here's the pics ~

Normally Movie Star Gloss Stick is a transparent Reddish Pink. Like usual it didn't stay much longer on me as i somehow tend to eat anything and everything i apply to lips (arrghhh.... am i alone??). But here in pics i have used ELF Lip Primer (will do the review soon) and Gloss stayed on for a pretty long time so i have big hopes for Lipsticks now  ^.^
Not just that, the color looked much pinkier when applied (with primer) and covered my now current dry lips. I couldn't have asked for more!! ^.^
Priced at $2, these gloss sticks are a steal!! I can't wait to get my hands on some more shades.........

What about you? Have you tried ELF Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks yet?? Whats your favorite? 
You like the Movie Star?

 ♥  Sangy

♥ DualShine Giveaway Winners..... ♥

And the 3 lucky winners are ~

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners are picked randomly using Rafllecopter!

Dear Winners
Your email id's are being shared with the sponsor. Sponsor will get in touch with you directly to ship out the items.
Just pick 3 of your fav rings from the given and be ready :)
Also do send me your shipping address for backup!! You know where to email me .........

♥ Sangy

Advertorial: MDIS, School of Fashion and Design

Last week, I visited MDIS School of Fashion and Design with TypicalBen!
It was a fresh new experience for me, I have never been to any fashion studio before!

When I was younger, I made a notebook and drew lots of fashion outfit in it everyday. I adore fashion designing and have always wanted to try designing something I call my own, so I was glad I could give it a go at MDIS!

We settled down at MDIS's fashion studio with Mr Martin John Bonney, our lecturer for this crash course.

We were supposed to design our own outfit on paper, match the outfit with a head accessory, and then make our head accessory using newspapers.

Mr Martin took out tons of outfit sketches to perk our ideas up for the conceptualisation and development stage.
Look at the crazy amount of effort!! O_O Ben and I rummaged through these sketches and tried to get inspiration for our own sketches.

Mr Martin led us through the design process, step by step, making everything a lot less complicated than how it looks.

One thing I'm afraid of, is to draw freely. I was afraid I will mess up my work but Mr Martin assured us that there is nothing to be afraid of and we could always erase our mistake with an eraser and draw it again!

Still incomplete but you have to admit, it looks... not bad right?!

So here's my completed sketch, without the head piece.

It's very easy as long as we overcome our fear of messing the sketch up.

Mr Martin told me the dress I drew looked very soft and gentle, and the shoes I drew was kinda edgy, so I need an edgier and fancier head piece to balance out the entire design.

So that's what I came out with. I think it didn't fulfil the edgy criteria haha but I tried!! :X

Next, we got to make the head piece using newspapers!! Super excited for this part because I love any hands-on thing!

Half way done...

Mine on the left, Ben's on the right!

This is my completed work!

My head piece was really easy to make so I didn't spend a lot of time completing it.
Ben, on the other hand, had a crazy head accessory to work on!

Mr Martin helped us a lot with our creations too!

Ben's creation!! Turned out really good!!

My head and I. I call it...Sally. Say hi to Sally lol.

Sally and her sketch!

The final step was to SPRAY PAINT THEM!

Rolled up my sleeves and spray painted the entire head accessory with silver paint!

YAY!! Done!! Super satisfied with my work because it's my first time doing this. :D

Picture with the very nice lecturer, Mr Martin John Bonney. Thank you for your time and patience!

I'm glad that I went for this workshop!! It was very beneficial for all of us vain pots who are always having a hard time mixing and matching different clothes to wear. I picked up quite a bit of fashion tips!

I want to open an apparel shop of my very own...maybe it will be good for me to go for more lessons!

MDIS School of Fashion and Design offers Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion Design, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion Marketing and Branding, and also Diploma in Fashion Design and Marketing!

If you'll like to learn more about MDIS School of Fashion and Design, you might want to check out their upcoming open house!

Thanks for reading!

Week 4 of ASK Cosmetics Skincare Challenge

Upon reading Leslie's initial email (sent in Jan 15th, 2013) I just knew she would be a great candidate for the ASK Cosmetics skincare products.  This is what she wrote, you can see from the before pictures that her hands look terribly rough, dry, chapped and painful.

For the past couple of years my hands have became extremely rough. I believe it started after I had my first son. I started washing my hands more frequently and I guess using off brand/cheap hand wash my hands started cracking and become rough. I have since tried using different brands of hand wash and nothing seems to help. I even have tried different hand lotions to try and get them back smooth. At first the lotion seems to make them smooth but after it dries my hands are back to the way they were.

My hands are so bad they even crack and bleed around my knuckles which are not as bad as the palm of my hand and around my fingers. My two boys and my husband tell me when I touch them that my hands are so rough that it scratches them. Which is a horrible feeling for a mom to not try and touch her children. I still do I just put lotion on my hands real quick and then touch there face or arms.

The biggest challenge is when we go to a store and I have to hold my sons hand to cross the road he refuses because first he thinks he is a big boy and second he always tells me that he doesn't like the way my hands feel. My husband well that is a different story about my hands being rough.

My hands are getting cracks so much they get a little sore at times, if that makes sense, especially when my knuckles start to bleed. When I bend my fingers it gets little sore because as you can see in the pictures that is where the cracks are the worse on my hands. Also, I have a Himalayan cat which I pet all the time. I think I could be her brush because every time I pet her I get a lot of her hair all over my hands. Her hair just sticks to my hands.

I would like to take this challenge because I would love to have my soft hands back. Not only for myself but also for my family to tell me I have soft hands and they would love for me to touch them. Most importantly for myself and not to suffer anymore from crack hands that are so rough and bleed. But also to feel good again about myself. A woman loves to be pamper and this would be my way of pampering myself!

Thank you,  Leslie
A great update (sent in Feb. 24th, 2013) and fantastic results after 4 weeks of applying ASK Cosmetics skincare products.....
Photo taken after 4 weeks for using the products
Hi Lisa,
I have uploaded week fours hand pictures for you to look through. I am just amazed that in four weeks my hands are looking great! I am truly loving these products and I can't wait to share the news to my family and friends about them. I have just had rough hands the past couple of years and now in a few weeks my hands are finally getting back to the way they should be. A big thanks to your company. I will update you in another week.
Thank you,  Leslie
 Week 4's Progress Photos taken and sent in by Leslie
For the "Healthy & Enhancing Skin Care Challenge 2013" sponsored by ASK Cosmetics, all participants were provided with the following products including detailed instructions on how and when to apply them for maximum results:
Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser for gentle cleansing,
Revival Skin Conditioning Milk for moisturization without waxes and silicones,
TIPS for Toes - our secret weapon against cracked, bleeding, painful areas!!  It works like magic.