Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why Korean Makeup So Popular?

 Why Korean Makeup So Popular?

When you search the Internet you for tip about makeup or makeup products Google show you other popular search and you often see ‘Korean Makeup’. Where is Korea? And Why are their makeup popular?


 File:Korea (orthographic projection).svg
Korea is a small peninsula surrounded by China and Japan. It’s a divided country of North and South and is still in Cold War.

Korea is very famous for K-Pop
Last few months Korean singer PSY song “Gamnam Style” made an unbelievable record on YouTube.
Of course has a lot of tourist that comes to shop for Korean cosmetics.

This is many paces in Korea where tourist come to shop! :)

So, why is it popular?

1.       Korean makeup is cheap.

If designer brand lipstick is around $20 to $35+ Korean brand lipstick is around $4.72+. One designer brand lipstick is the cost of 5 of Korean brand.

2.       High Quality

Korean cosmetics show a high quality in ingredients and effect after use. Most of the top Korean cosmetic brands such as The Face Shop, Skinfood, Missha and Innisfree cosmetics contains natural ingredients. When it’s all about health many favor such products. After use you can defiantly see the difference and how quickly Korean cosmetics takes effect on your skin. The number of revisit to Korea and the fast growth of cosmetic industry which is more than 12%, prove their Quality.

3.       Cute & Pretty Package

I can’t ignore the cute product packages whenever I pass them.

4.       Korean Makeup “fresh-looking, chiseled face, flawless and translucent skin”

Just the other day, I read a news article about PSY’s “Gamnam Style” back dancer’s makeup draw in more western people attention about Korean Makeup.  If you have seen their music video it is understandable. Korean believes beauty is “fresh-looking, chiseled face, flawless and translucent skin.” And surprisingly Korean cosmetics are always making more products that when you use it, it does look like you have a natural face. That doesn’t mean you can’t express your inner nature with these products. You can easily apply few more products and you can express your sexiness, cuteness, saucy, etc look.

This Ad shows their mascara product make your eyelashes abound and sexy
This ad shows their product is natural
I made this blog to introduce you to more Korean cosmetic product and Korean ways of makeup tips. I dearly hope you'll all enjoy it!

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