Thursday, January 31, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Pioom] Pioom 2NE1 Secret Whitening Cream

Have you heard of 2NE1?

This was the most normal like cover picture I could find, I'm not a big fan of Crazy, over the edge unique, Sorry 2NE1 Fans!

They are group sings make of 4 girls. They are Hip Hop girl group with powerful sound and music. They all have unique fashion type that is unique as in Lady Gaga unique but I feel this cream does not relate really to their performance.

Secret Whitening Cream has whitening ability, if you are girls who wished their skin was whiter this is the product you want.

If this whitening cream makes your skin white, it must be full of chemical, not good for sensitive skin.
Nope, this product is special because of it's natural ingredients that even sensitive skin could use it.

Ingredients: Arbutin(whitening), Gold extract(clean your skin tone and whitening), Garlic Sat Mrs. bacteria(This is use to make alchole, balance your skin tone and tightens your skin), Squaw Alin(this is from shark, Keep your skin moist), Peony root extract(Anti-inflammatory), Snail slime extract(Whitens your dark skins), White Willow Bark Extraction(Skin Trouble Care), Adenosine(Activates your skin's growth)

This product alone cleans your moles and make your skin brighter and gets all your wrinkles gone, making this a mircle product of science for woman.

I don't know if you can see the difference Left is not applied Right is applied, sorry about the picture not clear enough

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