Saturday, January 19, 2013

Elkurn Perfect Organizing Activity Repair

Elkurn Perfect Organizing Activity Repair Review

Price / Amount : 54,000won / 15ml
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Elkurn brought out Repair production and brought great attention. 
Using natural stuff such as Pulsatilla Extract, Earth Near extract, Fruit extracts from Basswood, etc.

Elkurn product did not use any coloring pigment and tried to keep it organic as possible.

If I comment about the texture of the cream it has a smooth and moisture feeling and above all when you apply it, you can practically feel the cream slowly absorbing on your skin. This product is usable all year round, because this product is very light. No need to worry about using it in summer, when it's HOT. This is why I love this product, I hate heavy makeup. 
Elkurn's product's strong point is that it is very absorbent and easily spread on your skin.  

Since it's a treatment product I carefully looked at the product's recovery ability.
After applied on the skin, it looked moist and the elasticity is better than other products I've used.

Con: it has a high cost but I feel this product is worth every penny.

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