Thursday, January 31, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Pioom] Pioom Steam Cream, Moist Cream for all!

After you wash your makeup before bed, or when you wake up look closerly at your skin. Congradulation to heaven-gifted-skin if you have a moisty shimmering face.

I have a very sensitive skin, so even however clean I wash my makeup or if I myself every morning I find my skin darkened and dry, sometime pimples and redden skin is hear and there after washing off makeup.

If you have the same worries like me I'll introduce you a makeup you'll like.

NOTE: This Pioom Steam Cream is for skin that need moister, people who have rough skin, who is looking for products made for sensitive skin, to thouse who gets their skin red because it's dry.

Ingredients: Albutin(whitening), Soybean extract(Protect you skin from Melamin), Night bark extract(get rid of Exfoliate), Mountain tree extract(Antioxidant activity), Pomegranate extract(Helps Skin circulation flexible), Wine extract(Makes your skin bright and freshed looking), Water-soluble Collie Gen(Keep moist balance and tighten your skin), Cows with hyaluronidase Nate(transfer air to your skin and keep your skin moist)

I like the the smooth feeling of this, and also your skin hungry absorbs this cream that you have to keep apply it on until your skin finally filled its thirst

Does it look whiter? does it look Moisty?

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